Vanity and Vines-Part 1

So, we arrived in timely fashion at Pegasus Bay  on Friday afternoon, anticipating a splendid lunch........and we weren't disappointed!
Jo knows the owners and staff, so we schmoozed our way in.....

....and were seated in the most gorgeous setting with menus in hand!

The wine quickly followed.

The little cups in front of us above contained the most delicious chilled watermelon soup...OMG, it was divoon!

This is zucchini flower stuffed with marscapone and gorgonzola......I don't even like gorgonzola, but the marscapone over rode it and it was farking heavenly!

One of the husband/wife winemaker team came out to chat with Jo.

Here comes lunch!!!

A platter of the most marvellous porportions, laden with all manner of delightful, mouth watering goodies!


Then Matt (Mr Winemaker) took us off into the cavern of voluptuous winey delight so Jo could taste some new brews....if I can call new and nearly ready to bottle wine a "brew" !
He very kindly included my philistine self, and I happily guzzled my way through everything he handed me!!!
Their pinot noirs are TOO DIE FOR good, by the way!

This is my serious wine tasting face.
I, of course, swallowed everything I was given.
That's just the kind of girl I am.
Jo had to be sensible, and use the spittoon, as a) she was driving, and b) she needed to be professional!

And then we had to leave and make our way to our evenings accommodation....

I am wearing:
Frock-50's, Madame Butterfly's
Hat-60's, $1 at that Camelot Costume Hire sale I went to last week
Belt-garage sale
Tights and sunnies-crochet queen Sarah
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's beauty case, opshopped
Earrings-sweetie Vanessa
Necklace-70's blingtastic, opshopped!

On Jo:
Top-garage sale
Shoes-opshopped (in San Francisco)
Tights-Primark (in the UK)



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Holy macaroon!! Do they allow you taste wine intravenously? Cos I'd be there like a shot I would!! I would ya know!! Food looks bluddy sooper dooper!

Miss Claire said...

Ah, such a glamorous lunch, ladies!!! You both look so fancy and chic. Of CORUSE you swallow everything you're given! Meow. xxx

MistressCatgirl said...

Looks like you two had fun. The restaurant is gorgeous. Chilled watermelon soup is delish and very refreshing. My husband and I had it at The Strip House, an amazing steak house in Las Vegas. Best steak of my life.

You two ladies look absolutely fabulous and lovely.

Max said...

You both look divine! I'm off for lunch at pegasus in a few weeks, hope they still have the watermelon soup it looks delicious x

Max said...

Ps part 1?!!!! Looking forward tp pt 2 (post wine imbibing shenanigins in those gardens?!!)

Frugal Queen said...

You have a lovely life Helga, all that sunshine, lovely friends and wine xxxxxxxxxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh you did make the hat work!!!!! You are amazing.
The earrings look delicious!!!
Delicious is all that food, wow!
Oh oh and Jo looks amazing too!!!
What a great day you had.
Part 2 sooooo excited to see.
Love v

The Grande Dame said...

Oh you both look wonderful! I adore your hat & your eyes look great! That food is truly mouth-watering... Yum!

Sue said...

More, more, part two now!!! What a gorgeous place.

Sara said...

You are utterly fabulous! I'm in lust with everything you wear; love your blog to bits. :D

Kitty said...

You both look so gorgeous, perfect for such a lovely setting. I'm afraid I'd have been with you on the guzzling front though, LOL!!!

Ronnie (RR) said...

That food looked yummy, and both your outfits. Loving the hat and bag you had. SO glad you had a nice drink or two!

pastcaring said...

Now THAT is what I call a very good day! Pegasus Bay is a wonderful name too. And ooh, a wine bottle chandelier? How fabulous!
You and Jo look the business - Jo all chic and streamlined and sexy, you divinely floral and flirty and behatted. The perfect pair!
Food looks delicious, the setting is beautiful, and it's nice to know the wine was good. Of course you swallowed - it would be rude not to.
Looking forward to Part 2! xxxxxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

So much to say, you both look gorgeous, the food looks divine, I really like the idea of chilled watermelon soup, mmmmmm! The location looks amazing too

Lucy Nation said...

Oh my word that meal looks amazing. It's making my mouth water! Lookin forward to part II xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

my fig and date yoghurt is looking rather unappetizing now... that food look heavenly! You both look heavenly too, Jo is uber cool xxxxx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Jo is so chic!

And you, of course, are hot and fabulous.

Misfits Vintage said...

My LAAAWD you both look utterly DIVINE! I think this is the first time I've seen Jo in anything than black/white/red - she looks GORGEOUS and of course you look SPLENDID in your exquisite frock and HAT and look at you both in yellow tights... it's like a darling yellow legged posse!

The food looks gorgeous, the wine could probably tip me right off the wagon and Pegasus Bay? Best name ever. Except perhaps for UNICORN MOUNTAIN.

Love! Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

AMAZING! Two fabulous ladies, enjoying a fabulous looking lunch in fabulous outfits - magnifique! I simply adore your hat & necklace.

Vix said...

What a fabulous day! Check you girls out! How splendid you both look and I'm totally in love with your mustard tights! That hat is just insanely fabulous and that bag is amazing.
Mmmmm, Gorgonzola! That starter looks delicious. I love Pinot Noir along with every other variety of wine in the world.
Love you!

Megan said...

What a fabulous place for a lunch. Gorgeous.

I love Jo's hair. So chic.

mycherryblossomtree said...

Omg what an absolutely gorgeous place to eat! The view from your bench was glorious! I can't believe they have cushion pads for the benches.. luxury! Most places I go just leave you so sit on the bare bench!

You both looked fab! xxx

VainGlorySinner said...

Argh.. the above comment was mine! xxx


You are both quite a show stopper, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Brilliant place, food, and YOU.

señora Allnut said...

Everything looks fantabulous and both of you are specially gorgeous, wearing yellow tights!
Love your hat in an insane manner, so summery decadent!

liz said...

Reminds me of Eddy and Patsy's trip to the winery on "Ab Fab"...only, a lot classier! What an amazingly beautiful backdrop, sigh!

Krista said...

This is my kinda day! OMG what a beautiful serene spot! You both look beautiful!!!! The food is making me drool and the behind the scenes tour, how cool is that? Jo really does have the hook ups huh :) I gotta have a looksie again, this place is just so breathtaking!

Fiona said...

What a beautiful place and the food looks to die for. How lucky are you getting a private wine tasting? (I deffo would have swallowed too btw)
Honoured that you stopped by my blog, forgot to tell you that my hairdresser calls me Mrs Slocombe, (he's a dirty bastard) and I am also a big fan of Dame Edna, like you I see.

karensomethingorother said...

that was a very fun tour! I feel like I enjoyed it along with you. You looked fantastically POSH! Lurv the hat.

Anonymous said...

For a lady who lunches, you certainly know how to do it right. It's a beautiful setting...which no doubt does wonders for digestion.

La Dama said...

Oh you wine bellezas!
Love Jo's little green/mustard outfit.
What a glorious view!
I would of guzzled all the wine and not to mention food.
Always love when you wear your gorgeous dress out.
That hat is fantastisisma!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I am LOVING Jo's style. Wow - she's a beauty. You look great too Helga (of course and as usual). I adore your hat!


Dashfield Vintage said...

I am SO envious! Firstly you guys look fantastic, secondly you're at a vineyard and thirdly I have always wanted to try stuffed zucchini flowers. YUM!

Hannah said...

Oh my not sure what looks more delicious you and your friend or that grub, you always eat the most decadent looking things, such a lovely setting as well! xx

vintage_kitten said...

What a beautiful place to spend the day.Looks like fun.And you both look amazing.That wine looks so yummy.and the food too.yummmm olives.

Daniel said...

F ucking hawt*
A wesome
B oodielicious
U ber sexy
L ick the grapes"
O h jawsus you're fab
U gh Ewww Ekkk ya' rock
S exy