Wild West Coast Food and a Wedding!

Photo heavy!!

We got a super sunny day for travelling on Friday!
Perfect for a late picnic lunch!

You always have to stop for a view!

And a drinkie at Jacksons!

We arrived about 5pm and set up a little camp!
The bride to be did the rounds before going off to a family dinner.

Getting ready the next morning!
Amber did in fact ring me early Friday to ask me to put in the green frock!
But she wore the orange!
She just had to decide which cardigan...

G looking fiiiiine!

She went with the black!

I couldn't resist taking a pic of these two old dears!

It's a Silver Shadow!

The day started out bloody cold, but by 11am it was frigging steamy hot!

An incredible amount of people were dressed up; apparently that's the way it goes at this particular festival!

The Hokitika Ukelele Orchestra!
Amber loves this shit.
I'm relativley unmoved by the uke.

Post wedding photos!
Our gorgeous Liz!

We poppped back to the campsite to drop off all our warm clothes that were no longer required, and spotted this lovely young lady....she co-ordinated beautifully with the Zombi!

G had a tie change!

Amber wanted to try hu hu grubs, the NZ equivalent of the Australian witchity grub.
No thanks!

It didn't taste of anything, apparently.

My favourite group costume of the day!

We spotted this dude on our walk into town for some camp supplies...

And also found these frisky fellas!
The streets of Hokitka were teeming with drunken, crazy looking peeps!
I didn't get particularly drunk, but enjoyed seeing all the totally wasted people staggering around.
I read this morning that there were 66 arrests!

Love this Art Deco building!

And then a costume change for the evening!

Liz was still dragging that enormous frock around at 6pm...

Ah, womance!

It was a fabulous weekend!
We might just do the festival next year, we had such a good time!
And fairly sober, too!
I was a bit put off by the amount of people who were there just to get completely fucked up, I must admit.
I mean, drunk and merry is one thing, but so blotto they can't remember anything is another!
We stopped for coffee in Arthurs Pass on the way home, and were amused to see a van pull up outside, and about 10 people, and their rubbish (including 2 condoms!!!) spilled out...
5 minutes later one of them was puking in the gutter whilst we laughed and pointed......as you do...
Another one staggered into the cafe we were in, and confessed to us that he didn't remember even getting to Hokitika on Friday!
O dear!
Showing my age?!
In a good way, I hope!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

What a great place to have a wedding! Ya'all looked just mighty fine in all yer finery! ♥

Vix said...

Oh my goodness what a glorious weekend you had! You looked magnificent, I swear that picture of you in the fur collared coat with your hair up is the most delicious photo of you ever!
Amber looked fab in the orange frock, I bet she'll be reluctant to hand it back.
What a amazing effort with the fancy dress, the Adams Family blew my mind.
Congratulations to the lovely Liz!!
Can't wait to catch up proper!
Hooray for not being too drunk and in as bad a way as the totally blotto folk.
Love you!!

Lucy Nation said...

Oh wow, a visual feast! I LOVE that floral dress you are wearing with the orange and rust flowers against a black background. SO many other things too, the cardigans, doc Martens, orange floral dress, yellow tights and G's orange knitted waistcoat - FAB! Looks like you had a ball xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Looks bloody fabulous. Although I think those old dears are my favourite! Apart from you of course

Hannah said...

Such a coolvenue, lot of festivals people tend to get annihilated which is rather silly, you look fab and those old dears are lovely! x

Louise said...

Wow, what fandabbydosy photographs. That scenery where you stopped for the picnic is beautiful, and the festival looks grand. I love the photo of the old gals in their furs, and trust you to find the frisky fellas you sex bomb. :-) xx

VainGlorySinner said...

What glorious weather! Absolutely perfect for a picnic in the great outdoors of new Zealand! Such perfect and stunning views.. you lucky lucky ducks!

I love the Addams Family group too although I bet some of them were sweltering in all the black under the sun!

Look at you cocking legs with the local drunks! That weekend sure looked a hell of a time! xxx

Frugal Queen said...

I want to be you for a whole day xxxxx I love your life xxxx

Sue said...

I love that this post was photo heavy!!! What a fabulous weekend away and the brides dress was gorgeous!!! I have people that take the piss out of me because apparently I don't drink, I tell them I just don't do drunk!! I quite like remembering what I have done!! At my age it's important!! And I don't mind the odd drink I'm just not into making an arse off myself. You off course looked totally splendid in front of the silver shadow, looked like it was yours mam'. My fav photo is the two old dears rocking their furs especially the one in her mobility scooter.

karensomethingorother said...

Yes, in a good way, Helga. Puking is for teenagers.

Loved the photos, they were so fun! The scenery shots at the beginning were so beautiful it made me want to weep.

Are you a hippy at heart like I am??? I'm beginning to think so...

The Grande Dame said...

Oh Helga I just love your first outfit with mustard tights, hair bow & bag! That bag is fantastic! Looks like a super stylish weekend all round, great photos here :) That fur trimmed coat is inspiring me!

Pearl Westwood said...

Wow what a fab event!! I love everyones costumes especially the Banana LOL!

Shewearscrazywell said...

What a lovely fun event!!! Love it. hearts, Janna lynn

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my darling Helga you've given me the best trip back to enzed in aaaaaaaaaaaaggggeees!!!!!! I am so fecking dripping over your yellow box bag and myriad costume changes and your picnic!!! You're a savoury tart like me, bring on the pickles, stinky cheese, succulent antipasto and I'll lick your plate for you! G is looking magnificent and hurrah for the orange frock!!!! Amber looks gorgeous and I love her ink:))) xoxoxoxoxoox

The Spooky Dolly said...

the post may be photo heavy - but every single one is freakin awesome :)

Anonymous said...

The bride is beautiful! I knew Amber would end up in the orange dress. The scenery is fabulous and the costumes are, uh, memorable.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That was an adventure! I enjoyed that photo album.. what fun and frivolity.
I want that yellowy box bag of yours!!

Your outfits = tres cool.


Annie said...

What a great weekend! Every-one looks fantastic. The two dames with the fur stoles are definitely rocking the Advanced Style look!

I voted green, but Amber looked fab in the orange frock.

Anonymous said...

great photos on your post. i enjoyed looking at them. what an idea to have a wedding at such a festival, and i also adore the adams family. i might suggest that as an idea for a teacher group costume next year at carnival. it seems like you had a great weekend, and the beautiful views made me think back of the great time i was traveling in new zealand. i hope you're having a good start into the new week.

delia hornbook said...

Wow what an amazing trip and wonderful photo's and memories. That scenery with the mountains is breath taking. And that art deco theatre WOW that is stunning. You all looked gorgeous love G tie and tanktop. Liz's dress was beautiful and how classy and stunning were those to old ladies bless their hearts they certainly know the meaning of old school Glamour ;-) dee xxx

Ronnie (RR) said...

Fab photos, so glad your friend decided on that lovely orange dress. You all looked amazing, and loving the festival vibe. The wedding looked lovely as too did the happy couple.All in all looked like you all had a great time :)

Ronnie (RR) said...

P.s Loved your evening dress x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

OH I love all your outfits and those old ladies were stunning. I love watching the blotto people, laughing at peoples pain is mean though isn't it?? ha ha. I love the costumes! xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Oh my lord, so much to look at!
You and G and Amber obviously looked amazing throughout - goes without saying really. I adore that maxi dress, but then all the costume changes were excellent! Amber rocked the orange/rose dress too!
Well done for staying in control in the midst of the mayhem - no roadside pukage for YOU, you are a LADY! Hahaha!! xxxxxxx

Wendy said...

Wow what an amazing weekend, I'm totally blown away by just how stunning NZ is, and you all look utterly Stupendous in your outfits! Those old Ladies are just to cute!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Helga!

Please tell me what the hell is Hu Hu grub? Nice place indeed to have a wedding, so much fun to have a peek to what is going on in other far away land...

Love your frocks Ladies and G looking swell and cool!

I will post your Koalas this week, last week i was completly lost and confused going back to work and all

Love you

Ariane xxxxx

se├▒ora Allnut said...

All of you look ├╝berfabulous!!, so lovely floral dresses, so colorful ensembles and you're so elegantly pretty&handsome!
And such a funny festival!, love that costumes!
besos & fun

Krista said...

Holy crap what fun you have been up too! This wedding looked amazing of you gotta love love and the bride looked so beautiful! You and Amber also looked fiery hot for the celebration of love and passion! G oh my G looked incred too! I love the shot of you in front of the RR, I know you wanted to mount that shit and take a whitesnake tribute photo :) You look classy and beautiful instead :)
Loved seeing all the crazy random costumes and tales of others vomit induced good times!

vintage_kitten said...

great photos.Everyone looks amazing.Love the blue pleople,baywatch,the adams family,all that were dressed up looked great.Bride looks beautiful.love her dress.xx

Young at Heart said...

wow........quite a trip!!

Trees said...

Absolutely everyone looks fabulous!! I love all the clothes and those old dears at the wedding are so sweet.

It seems like a fun festival, but a shame people just get totally shitfaced. Sounds a bit like the Wellington Drinking Festival....ummm I mean, Wellington 7's (actually once my hairdresser describes the 7's as a straight man's hero parade - so true!)

I don't think I could eat a huhu grub either :P

Kitty said...

Hmm, those festival-goers sound every bit as classy as australians...LOL!!

La Dama said...

What a great weekend for you locos!The bride's dress is gorgeous.
such great crazy costumes.
You and G man looked so cool, especially Amber in your delicious orange dress.
eyeing yellow box of yours amor.

Miss Peregrin said...

Everyone looks amazing! I want to ravish all of you. Your photos are always so fun-filled!

Misfits Vintage said...

How frickin MARVELLOUS! Liz looked lovely - and you, Amber and G all looked FARKING FABULOUS! I'm so glad Amber went with the orange frock - she looks slamming hot in it (also love her makeup) and G-Star is smooooth as ever. And you darling, well, you gave those darlings in the furs and white gloves a run for their money in the glamour stakes! That floral frock is exquisite - and that is without doubt my absolute FAVE of your winter coats.

LOVE YOU! Sarah xxx