Ionic, Doric or Corinthian?!

Corinthian, according to G.
A fella who knows his columns!

We had a very brief expedition to Oamaru on Saturday; we spent the afternoon nosing around a couple of opshops and most importantly, Retro Funk!
Retro Funk is the most splendid retro shop, right in the heart of the Victorian Precinct!
They were actually closed, but very kindly opened up for us...
I loved that plastic floral thingy to the right!

I was deadset on this retro-tastic Sydney Harbour tray for the cocktail cabinet, but alas, G was not convinced.

O, please, please bring us some retro luck!

G found this perfect fitting 3 piece brown pinstripe suit!
He was a very happy boy!
He needed a nice treat; he's been working so hard on the house, and still isn't finished!

Um, no.
This didn't do Nix justice, but I forgot to get a pic of the one that did!

My eyes are glowing with retro fever!
See the round fishy thing hanging behind me?
There were loads of those, and we didn't have a clue what they were about....apparently they were a 70's thing, for holding your paper plate at a BBQ!

Sinbad the frigging dolphin?!

What I found at Retro Funk was the yellow case, the 60's frock, the pale pink 60's hat and matching gloves!
At the Salvation Army I found the brown vinyl overnight bag for 50c (!), the crimplene spotty jacket in a foul but fabulous colour, two scarves, 2 ties for fancy dressing, and the red 70's vinyl gloves!
I'm pretty pleased with my loot.
Later, we all wore our new goodies when we went out to dinner at the Loan and Merc and onto The Penguin Club to catch a few bands!

The hat and gloves are sooooo pale pink, and sooo pretty!
Yowza, another hat for my collection!
Gawd help me, I'm supposed to be saving myself for the grand Two Squirrels sale this coming weekend!


In which Humpty Dumpty gets some long overdue action!

Take that!

Crikey, Humpty, you're not packing anything at all, let alone any heat!

O dear.

Humpty Dumpty gave me the creeps a bit,actually....those scrawny little legs and that monobrow!!!
Still, I think he appreciated being felt up; probably the most fun he's had in years!

He's a Magic Man

I went to work this morning in the rain with an enormous burgundy wool coat....then it turned into a Nor'Wester and got really hot!
Crazy weather!
I've spent my Friday afternoon handsewing curtains for the band room to the tune of G banging away putting weatherboards on the part of the house where a secondary chimney was removed, with a couple of WWII documentaries for company and a glass of wine for sustenance.
I suppose it's rather domesticated.
G is my Magic Man when it comes to finding amazing Trade Me scores for the house.
(He is also my Magic Man in other ways, but those are none of your business!)
Last night we went out to Rolleston to collect this 60's cocktail cabinet he nabbed the other night!

It looks divine with G's Nana G's cigar lamp on the left, and a beautiful lady lamp (our lamp, our lamp, our lovely lady lamp) atop it's sleekness.
The lady lamp was another G Force bargainacious score off Trade Me!
(We just picked her up from one of G's brothers; she went into storage whilst we had earthquake repairs done and stayed there whilst we got stuck into these renovations!)
We have another one, a different style, but she was thrown onto the floor and snapped in half during the February 22nd, 2011 earthquake; we hope to be able to repair her.

Um, I'm trying to draw your attention to my brooches....

I got the top one at the Balmain Markets when Sarah and I met for the first time in Sydney last year.
The little pink diamante one was a gift from a dear friend and the embroidered one was a gift from my wonderful sister Wendy, whom I will get to see next month!

This 60's necklace was an opshop find, and the earrings were a gift from the sweetest Squirrel !

This fabulous 60's vanity case was a gift from Sarah ; the mirror inside is still in a little paper bag!

We fecking love it.
Gagging to fill it up!

Frock-early 70's, "thrifted" in Utah a few years ago, the print is heavenly!
Mint green tights-retail
Boots-Trade Me
Flower-gift from friends Justine and Pixie!

I could be your heroine, baby...

...but I'm hoping I already am!
Never-the-less, I'm caped and ready to swoop on out to save you from a life of mediocrity!

In reality, I was caped and ready to pop over for the cake part of our nephew's 11th birthday party.
The cake was actually an icecream cake, far more up my alley than normal cake.
Cake just isn't generally my bag, baby.
And I'm not much of a baker, really.
My Mama, however, had the knack, and she used to turn out some amazing cakes; in particular a cinnamon tea cake, a devastatingly moist, dense chocolate cake, and an orange sour cream cake.
I did rather like the cinnamon tea cake and the chocolate cake.....I am just more of a savoury gal these days.
I have a couple of these recipes, in my Mama's handwriting, somewhere.
If you're interested in the recipes, let me know in the comments, and I'll try and find them!

I wore:
Frock-early 70's, I think, opshopped and pimped up by moi
Safety pants-bohemian dreamy Vix
Shoes-lovely Alex
Handbag-it's a Rex!
Brooch-darling Sue
Earrings-60's clip ons, opshopped



Today is Anzac Day , a rather important commemoration in our part of the world.



Drunken shenanigans whilst coming home from a birthday dinner last Saturday night.....

Skirt-opshopped and revamped by moi
Waistcoat-Trade Me
Scarf-sweetheart Sue
Shoes-gift from G on one of his birthdays!
Handbag-60's vanity case