The Ace of Spades*

You would never guess I was into Goth in the 80's/90's, would you?!
I hardly ever wear black these days!
It's not even a conscious choice; I just gravitate to colour!
Who'd have thought?!

These are my fab new sunnies from my darling saucy pants Daniel !
( to use a quote from my late Mama, "he's as funny as a hatfull of arseholes"!)
I feel very glam in them, and more than a little Iris Apfel !

Yep, still there.


40's frock-Rangoon Musical Society sale
40's hat-Etsy
Handbag-"So obviously Rex", 60's, I think, from the sweetest squirrel,  Vanessa !
Necklace-gift from G's Mama, bought in Singapore
Earrings-60's clip ons, opshopped


*Fark, I love that song!!!
Lemmy is GOD.


Krista said...

Friggin Motörhead I love that there is room for so much love of music with you! For a gal who never wears black you rock it! I love your shades big time but your boobies take the cake. Meow!

delia hornbook said...

Blimey its a shock seeing you in black i have to say i prefere you in bright colours it suits your personality bright, lovely and full of life. dee xxx

Frugal Queen said...

Motorhead story - used to work the bar at Cornwall Colliseum, proper sweat and piss dripping down the walls rock venue, i had tinitus for three years after that gig! loved it though!

Anonymous said...

Holy Prism!!
You look fantastic in every rainbow color and you totally rock the black!
I think that is the color that chooses you, you are an elect!
Plus :I really love your hat and sunglasses!!!


Trees said...

You're not doing the wardrobe challenge this week are you lady? Because the theme was "Black Out" which fits your look perfectly. I have to admit there was a time I wore black pretty much every day - but now wearing it just seems a little bit weird.

Also Lemmy is rad - I watched "Lemmy" the doco when I was sick - if you haven't seen it I would totally recommend it!

Melanie said...

You may not wear black much any more but you look great in it! Those sunglasses are very Jackie O! The plaid tights do it for me in this sweet ensemble...and the hat on the side.

Melanie said...

You look so glam in black! And I love those sunglasses and the necklace is beautiful xx

pastcaring said...

OMG Helga, those sunnies are almost as big as your magnificent booboids - and that's a GOOD thing, by the way!
I know you're a colourful gal, but I love you going all dark and mysterious and dramatic once in a while. You look completely amazing in that frock (could it fit you any better? I don't think so!) And that hat is a masterpiece.
YOU are a masterpiece! I'm all hot and bothered on this snowy morning in the UK, the sight of that boob-grab has perked me right up! Hahaha! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

I love that song too, it always reminds me of the episode of the young ones when they go on University Challenge. I love the young ones. You look fabularsehole in this, maybe it's because we aren't used to seeing you in black, but it's a really cool look. Xx

Miss Peregrin said...

Smashing! I love your tights. I am much the same as you - it was only last year that my wardrobe was pretty much head-to-toe black & now I just naturally gravitate towards colour.

Trashsparkle said...

Love your mama's saying... your vocabulary must be in the family's genes! Terrific sunnies - yes, very Iris, and you rock the black ensemble xxx

Kelly-Marie said...

I LOVE this outfit, so glamourous. Your glasses are SO Iris Apfel, I love her. The weather looks lovely where you are, hope you are enjoying it. xx

Miss Magpie said...

I too think you look better in colour so have decided you should send that dress to me!
I was thinking the other day when reading your blog about how many of your dresses I would liberate if I ever got the chance to see your wonderous collection in the flesh. I came to the conclusion I would actually probably just spontateously combust because of all the spendid frockage surrounding me.


I love, and want your sunnies, and that gorgeous dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

those tights with this dress = PERFECTION!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wooooooooooooooow!!! You look fucking amazing.... you suit black - you suit any colour! Love your handbag, you find the most amazing stuff!!

Rose&Bird said...

You've shown evidence, so I know you were a Goth! Perhaps your current love of colour is a subconscious reaction to the years of black?! Either way, you look great in this outfit - especially like the tights x

Lucy Nation said...

I truly love that bag. I think there's room for black and as much colour as you chose. Old goths never die they just take on new forms! I should know. Tee hee :) xx

MistressCatgirl said...

Sexy pose is sexy. I like the bodice detail on the dress. The whole outfit is just fabulous.

Ivy Black said...

You do rock black, I know you rarely wear it. I lurve the tights and the sunnies.

Style Sud-Est said...

Dearest love those giant sunnies!
Seeing you in black is quite dramatic, i said to myself, is it her??? but yes it is fabulous Helga in black - You look good in black but i prefer you in multi colors!

Take care Helga dear

Ariane xxxx

señora Allnut said...

You Really Rock Black, lady, and you look übersexy and funny!, love your tights and that motorhead inspiration!!
besos & fun

Miss Rosette Brune said...

love your black dress,
I was the same, just black clothes for years,
always such fun to see your pics

karensomethingorother said...

The Man LOVES that song too.
Helga, what a cool post this was with you all in black! It was interesting as a departure and contrast. The dress is very vampy film noir dramatic,
don't you think? Love it. But then, your blog always funs up my day.

La Dama said...

You know I always adore you in black shades too. You gorgeous lady in black!
Your looking so elegantisima. those sunnies are so coolio. breastest shots are getting me all nervous (in the most possible good way).
stunning tights.
luv ya

Perdita said...

Black frock and boobies is ALWAYS a good look. That's what I say, anyway.

Lovelovelovelove those tights. Tartan temptation!

Daniel said...

"OMG Helga, those sunnies are almost as big as your magnificent booboids - and that's a GOOD thing, by the way!" LORD ugH YESSSSSS agree
You're a goddess in black but your bra and panties are colorful!! And you and G-man colour in bed! And you like all colorful vodka !! And your poop is rainbow ! !! LUv YO'

two squirrels said...

The sunnies are just fabulous and they suit you so much.
The dress is amazing on you, so cool to see it. The fading looks like the design, great.
Oh oh you always rock a "REX"!!!!
Happy happy Easter bunny to you and G.
Love V

The Pink Flamingo said...

Wonderful everything!!!!

liz said...

So there IS hope for sad Goth kids after all! Goth intervention--in the form of a rainbow-colored wardrobe, phew! Have I mentioned that I crave those sunglasses? I really do. In glitter.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the resemblance to Apfel...immediately! I like the cut of the dress, but black is shocking to my normal sense of you. And the blue toe nails peeking through is a wonderful detail.

Hannah said...

You goth it up so well, that hat is all kinds of divineness. xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Fuck a fucking duck, where the fucking fuck have I BEEN???

You look INCREDIBLE - THE FROCK IS DELICIOUS and the hat is heavenly! I feel so funny in black these days - I used to wear it almost exclusively but now I feel just WRONG when I wear it... are we OLD? or just so frickin FABULOUS that we want to wear colour colour colour all the time?

Whatever, you look absolutely amazing. Love you, Gothgirl. Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

And YAYYYYY for the specs - aren't they fabulous!!?? Darling Daniel, I'm gonna put him in my handbag and keep him there as my little toy!