A few vignettes of a Saturday night...

I say a few because as the evening went on, I got drunker, and forgot to take more pix.
We went out to Lyttleton on Saturday night, as the infamous Wunderbar has finally re-opened!
A few earthquakes can't keep a good bar down!
So we had arranged to have dinner at our lovely friend Jo-the-wine-writers first.
I'm just down a bit from her house, looking to the Port Hills.

And this is looking down to the harbour.

We bought the starter; prawns baked with feta and tomato!

Jo baked some fabulous bread.....

......and plied us with the most amazing syrahs/shiraz' from 4 different countries!
New Zealand, Australia, USA and France!
After much deliberation and serious sampling, I decided I liked them all.

Jo cooked an amazing venison moussaka for the main, with a side of broccoli dressed with lemon and olive oil!!
Swoony good!

Then we had a few more post dinner drinkies in the lounge, listening to Ultravox, ABC.....and then we moved onto some 80's Goth....yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

We then staggered on downhill to The Wunderbar, to find it totally packed!
(O, Jo and I received the compliment of being nominated best dressed at the door. Of course we were!)
It all gets a little vague here, but we spent most of our time out on the tiny excuse for a deck, blithering away with people as we listened to the likes of Delaney Davidson (I have a teensy crush on him!), Tiny Lies and The Unfaithful Ways ......all Lyttleton based bands, and kind of interchangeable, ( as they're all quite incestuous in that tiny little port town!) really.
Makes for an unchallenging, rather pleasant night out!

Frock-early 70's,Trade Me
Hat-60's, Rangoon Musical Society sale
Coat-70's, opshopped
Shoes-garage sale
Handbag-gift from Justine (who is doing quite well in Wellington)
Pendant-60's, Shabby Chic market
60's clip on earrings-the sexacious Desiree !



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A vision on loveliness in green! Of course you were the best dressed, there's no comes close. That's the trouble with wine tasting it gets yer squiffy! We did an afternoon wone tour in Hawkes Bay, and I was complaining that they were giving us enough wine! Anyhoo by the end of the afternoon I was a bit pished! lol Wise move not doing the all day one! :D

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You are perfection. No shit, I have just planned my outifts for the week and tomorrow I am wearing a green dress with green tights and was wondering could I? should I? Hell yes, post this has just answered my question.

Also,not matter how mnay times I look it up, I can never remeber how to spell vingiette? vingete? That is me spelling it without looking. Bah!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Ahh don't you look fabulous in my favourite colour! Love the frock & I am green with envy over that coat. Perfection. And I love the photos overlooking the port hills. Xx

Anonymous said...

I'm green with envy for the fabulous evening you had--good company, good food, and excellent style.

Sue said...

Stunning in GREEN and love the eye make up. You two lovelies would have to be the best dressed in any town. So original which would have to take you both to the front of any ques and to the top of any best dressed list!!! I bet you livened up Lyttleton!!!

Melanie said...

I shall call this outfit "The Forest Nymphette," all that lovely green. Plus the green on your eyes. I adore your hat and have a hankering for false eyelashes now...or are those your REAL ones?

Miss Claire said...

Such fun! What a sophisticated night out, I would have fallen asleep on the couch straight after dinner, but you kept going! Green looks SO GOOD with your hair and beautiful eyes, I bet G can't keep HIS eyes off you! No wonder you two got best dressed - spunks! xx

Dear Pearl Vintage said...

I really think that chair was made for you, such a gorgeous photo, love your outfit, best dressed of course! xx

Louise said...

Ah, you look like a green goddess! Fab outfit for what looks a fab night out. That view of the mountains is great, it must be wonderful to live in those sorts of surroundings. Xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Green Queen!!!! I see your love affair with green continues and I'm loving it. xxx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

You look stunning in green and what a stunning location too!

confession of a scrimpaholic said...

Your dress is divine I love it!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh the food, the outfit, the wine it all looks and sounds so yummy.

señora Allnut said...

whouu, love your monochromatic Green outfit, über-elegant and fabulous!
besos & fun

Krista said...

This dress is Making me green with envy omg how sweet is this frock?!?! You look amazing Helga wuv it! The shrimp bake and bread with wine is the most perfect pre-party eats ever! The night out and the incestuous band sounds like my kind of party. Sounds like a blast!

his_girl_friday said...

Amazing outfit. I am green with envy.

Vix said...

You absolute vision! No wonder you and Jo were voted the best dressed, there's no competition. I fricking love that green on you and your eye make-up is exquisite!
How gorgeous is that scenery and I'm slobbering over that pendant....
Mmmm, broccoli, that's the only thing I miss in India. That bread looks rather yummy. She certainly knows how to entertain in style!
Love you & miss you already!

pastcaring said...

Jo's road, with that mountain in the distance, looks amazing.
And so do YOU, you Goddess of Green! Polka dots, daisies, hat, earrings, pendant, eye shadow, tights - it's all working for me, I love it!
Food looks delish. G has removed the facial hair... but he's still hot!
Hurrah for dinner and wine with friends and being best dressed (naturally!) and music. Hurrah for Heavenly Helga! xxxxxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

Really like this post. First of all, your outfit - words escape me - just amazing! That view down the road from where you were standing looks so beautiful. I LOVE 80's goth music. Mix it up with fine wine and dining (on those fab pyrex plates) and you have the recipe for a perfect night xx

delia hornbook said...

OMG i adore your dress its blinking gorgeous and so do you look in it to. Green, spots and a bit of flower decoration what a great combintaion. Your eyeshadow looks smashing to. Sounds like another great night and those views are beautiful. dee xxx

karensomethingorother said...

I wish I could go out for a funny evening with all of you. I think we'd all have a wicked good time! I FREAKED OUT over your first pic--the outfit and the scenery made me want to pass out. That is a FABULOUS picture. You have to get it framed.

Super lurv the green. You make green exciting, because it is a colour I usually avoid. I'm rethinking it now.

LandGirl1980 said...

You totally, utterly, COMPLETELY rock green!

Miss Maple said...

Adorable, fancy green outfit! I love wearing the same or the same two colours from head to toe.

La Dama said...

Your enticing me with this polka dot green frock.
You eye make up is alluring me. Your eyes always stand out with green fab colors amor.
what a fascinating brooch..so unico.
What beautiful scenery and yummy food.
Jo sure knows how to entertain, and she makes bread.. I think I am enamorada.
Best dressed! doesnt surprise. shit you two make everything look good.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ooo great eye make up! Are there any colours that don't suit you?! Ha ha I love your honesty about getting a wee bit on the tipsy side. I feel like rather too much whiskey was drunk at our place this weekend too (although less by me and more than a certain somebody else I love with)!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my darling Helga, you are THE most glorious creature in your fecking amazing green frock and glorious coat, tights, hat, make up, booboids - GAH!!!! Food, glorious food, what a talented bunch of cooks you are - it's Monday morning and I'm drooling with envy at your bloody awesome meal!!! Goddamn amazing pics of you ... I just want to squeeze your arse really, really hard!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

Misfits Vintage said...




You look AMAZING! I just LOVE this fabulous FABULOUS ensemble so frickin much, I'm having a bit of a conniption! I am!

The frock - the polka dots! the daisies! the sleeves! The HAT! The coat! Honestly, I just don't even know where to look. SPECTACULAR, darling, you have really outdone yourself. And G, all clean shaven... what a spunk!

Love you more than polka dots and daisies! Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

I love your green eye make-up! You look absolutely sensational.

two squirrels said...

Oh oh I have missed seeing you and your fabulousness!!!
The green outfit is just perfect!!!!
Tick tick tick!!!! Polka dots, green coat, daisies and beautiful Miss Helga.
Love v

Anonymous said...

This photos make my day!!
Holy Emerald City you rock the green color from head to toe!!
What an enchanting and delightful evening, I have to try to cook the baked prawns and listen to that bands!


Kelly-Marie said...

You look amazing against that harbour back drop. Love the Green! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow! You look amazing! I showed my mum and she agreed you look fantastic. Also love the scenery, it's really gorgeous xxx

The Grande Dame said...

I love your eye makeup here, it looks brilliant! Everything matching green is wonderful.

Mary Lou said...

oh i love this grinch green outfit darling! to fabulous to be true, i have to sew something green soon! tights, skirt and coat are a dream in green!
love and kiss,mary

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

venison moussaka? my god!!! yum! and you all look lovely too...you are a green machine!

Misfits Vintage said...

I've come back for another look at your GLORIOUSNESS!!! Yep, even more fabulous than ever. LOOOOOOVE! Sarah xxx

Hannah said...

You green nymph you! love the coat, and the polka dot detailing on the dress, of course you were the best dressed ! xxx

HelenDushko said...

wow, I deffo like this vivid accent of green color and its shades. Hotsie-totsie;)



Style Sud-Est said...

This one of your best! Green is lovely on you, so amazing and plus the green eyeshadow! wow!

Shiraz is one of our favorite wine!
I think we tried a lot from different countries Mrs D is quite the wine expert, he does the buying !

You are lovely dearest just lovely!

Ariane xxxx