He's a Magic Man

I went to work this morning in the rain with an enormous burgundy wool coat....then it turned into a Nor'Wester and got really hot!
Crazy weather!
I've spent my Friday afternoon handsewing curtains for the band room to the tune of G banging away putting weatherboards on the part of the house where a secondary chimney was removed, with a couple of WWII documentaries for company and a glass of wine for sustenance.
I suppose it's rather domesticated.
G is my Magic Man when it comes to finding amazing Trade Me scores for the house.
(He is also my Magic Man in other ways, but those are none of your business!)
Last night we went out to Rolleston to collect this 60's cocktail cabinet he nabbed the other night!

It looks divine with G's Nana G's cigar lamp on the left, and a beautiful lady lamp (our lamp, our lamp, our lovely lady lamp) atop it's sleekness.
The lady lamp was another G Force bargainacious score off Trade Me!
(We just picked her up from one of G's brothers; she went into storage whilst we had earthquake repairs done and stayed there whilst we got stuck into these renovations!)
We have another one, a different style, but she was thrown onto the floor and snapped in half during the February 22nd, 2011 earthquake; we hope to be able to repair her.

Um, I'm trying to draw your attention to my brooches....

I got the top one at the Balmain Markets when Sarah and I met for the first time in Sydney last year.
The little pink diamante one was a gift from a dear friend and the embroidered one was a gift from my wonderful sister Wendy, whom I will get to see next month!

This 60's necklace was an opshop find, and the earrings were a gift from the sweetest Squirrel !

This fabulous 60's vanity case was a gift from Sarah ; the mirror inside is still in a little paper bag!

We fecking love it.
Gagging to fill it up!

Frock-early 70's, "thrifted" in Utah a few years ago, the print is heavenly!
Mint green tights-retail
Boots-Trade Me
Flower-gift from friends Justine and Pixie!


MistressCatgirl said...

You look great! Your flower and vanity case match perfectly. I like the color combos a lot. I need to add more green and burgundy to my wardrobe.

Melanie said...

The platform boots, mmm, I think I do like them very much. Everything squeezed to maximum style power. All you need for your cabinet is a remote control to open the bar for a groovy smarmy 007 or Peter Sellers vibe. It is splendid furniture indeed!!

Anonymous said...

I'll be right over for cocktails!

Camelia Crinoline said...

My Mum has a very similar 'cocktail cabinet' but we aren't classy like you so we just call it the drinks cabinet. That vanity case is lovely and goes perfectly with your pretty dress.

Dashfield Vintage said...

I love everything in these photos... from the cabinet, to the lamp, to your vanity case and just the whole colour theme in general! So beautiful!!

Perdita said...

My man totally wants a cabinet like that for our lounge!

I totally want a dress and cardie combo like that for my booboids! Fab look!

Miss Claire said...

Wow, that buffet is amazing!!!! Such a lovely Place to store your booze! And omg...the lamp! Ah! And you look divine in those clouds, such a tasty lass! Xox

Anonymous said...

I love your vintage cabinet, it reminds of my grandma's house,she still has all her living room's forniture made of that wood.Your lamps are so beautiful,but nothing is more beautiful than you! That dress and bag went straight to my heart and how magic is the purple (?I find out that I don't know the name of that color..I need an Helgictionary!)combination?

Veshoevius said...

You look lovely! Burgundy is one of my favourite colour - love your dress! The print is gorgeous - and your baubles and accessories are divine! I'm especially taken with that pearl necklace and the green vanity case.

Fiona said...

Love this look, those colours are gorgeous together. What fantastic brooches, the embroidered one is very unusual and I'm very taken with the Lady lamp.

Max said...

I love this look and i want to frame the print on that dress and hang it on my wall beautiful it is as are you, happy weekend x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Beautiful frock my dear, & I do LOVE that cabinet. I'm still waiting to find one that's the perfect size (& price)for our place. Hope you have a raucous weekend! Xx

The Grande Dame said...

That cabinet is amazing! *envious* Such an excellent score. Your boots & vanity case are also lust-worthy. Happy Fabulous Friday! x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love the dress pattern - so pretty! I love your lady lamp and that cigar lamp is amazing! The side board/cocktail bar is amamzing too! I love it and I love the colour of your room too!! xxxx

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

Darling that bar is fantastic! just like you!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Can't. Breathe. You know that lady lamp, that is on my "stuff to own in my lifetime" list. *swoons*

You look gorgeous, today. I love the whole thing. The dress and the cardy are just divine.

Melanie said...

Oooooh, are they opals?
And the sideboard is gorgeous just like its owner xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Great outfit, the vanity case is fantastic - I've never seen one that colour before! You and G are the perfect combination - you score amazing fashions, he sorts out the furnishings!

PepperReed said...

LOVE MidMod furnishings! We have some of Fuzzy's parents things; chairs, cabinet and beautiful sunburst clock and funny wall hangings -- even tho we live in a 1924 bungalow, it goes quite well with all the other eclectic stuff we have (think Pee Wee Herman doll). We're gutting our (only) bathroom starting Monday... and I still must find a vanity sink.

Speaking of... That vanity purse is so wonderful, I've been looking for quite some time and but most are way too big for my quest.

I'll be thinking fond thoughts of you while I'm scavenging around today at treasuremart.com and materialsunlimited.com. :^) Fingers crossed I find some goodies for home!

Krista said...

If there ever was a piece of furniture that I'd like to make love to this is it!What a beauty she is! It's just stunning! G did a fab job on finding her and I can see why you have a million reasons to love him! the lamp is super cool too. Now let's a a lil drink shall we?

I love your triple threat brooch cluster and the memories they bring back too. You are always so put together love and I adore these autumn colors on you. Please go stomp on something in those boots!

Enjoy the weekend!

Tami Von Zalez said...

And you, as always, look freakin Friday fabulous.
Why doesn't it surprise me that one of your rooms is painted orange - you are a girl that LUVS color!

delia hornbook said...

Wow love your sideboard its gorgeous and so is that floor lamp and im loving the orange walls to. You look gorgeous as always great outfit and those brooches are lush. Have a great weekend, dee xx

Ivy Black said...

You look gorgeous and everything looks so good. I love the orange walls so much.

Hannah said...

That cabinet is perfection! as are you mon ami. Love that dress, the pattern is gorgeous and cannot go wrong with pearls I do say. I want a drink globe, you know the ones that open up? magic xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Nice brooches! I just found a sparkly brooch on ebay for a fiver, then found someone else attempting to flog an identical one (aside from colour) for $300! Bonkers. Love the dress and vanity case too - lovely colours.

I'm too cross at the loss of my perfect dream cocktail cabinet to comment on your fabulous new one *sulks*


pastcaring said...

Ahh, don't we all secretly wish we had a G-Man? I bet he CAN do magic, the naughty boy!
Fabulous sideboard (or is that not posh enough?) I'm coming over, mix me a cocktail, darling!
Your frock is a delight, especially when put together with a special Helga-mix of brooches, pearls, boots and green vanity case. LOVE!
I do adore your lovely lady lamp, but not half as much as I adore you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Trees said...

It looks great! I love the wee lamp too - it must nearly be time for a cocktail right?

two squirrels said...

Oh you are so right the fabric is wonderful, so pretty!!!
Looking just stunning as always!!!
Mr G is a magic man, the cabinet is very cool, great with the new walls.
Stupid earthquakes!!! Our black lady lamp was in a million pieces.
Hope you fill the cocktail cabinet with yummy drinks soon.
Love v

Ronnie (RR) said...

The colours of your walls suit you so well, so colourful. I could not see you living in a beige house! That bag is to die for. Oh and a drinks cabinet, you lucky thing.

Kitty said...

Cool cabinet, I wonder if you'll consider changing the handles? How did G get it home, I wonder??

Reva said...

What an awesome piece of furniture and the brooches, too pretty!

Radostin said...

This must be one of the best outfits ever!

seƱora Allnut said...

your old-new cabinet is simply retro-delightful!, and it looks so great on that orange wall!
Lovely frock, as usual!, and fabulous brooches and suitcase!!

Bella Q said...

You look sipping delicious as does your cocktail cabinet. the Citizen Rosebud

Style Sud-Est said...

Oh my girl i enjoyed this post!
First i love your orange wall, i used to have orange in my living room when i lived alone.
Il adore the cabinet, oh wow that is a fab find!
My son has my grandfather 60s cabinet, i love it , but it would not fit here.
Your brooch is gorgeous!

Take care

Ariane xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

LOVE the cocktail cabinet, and you in that frickin' awesome ensemble in front of it! I love mid-century furniture, and that cocktail cabinet is a Squee-worthy find.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh my GOOOURD I adore the FROCK and the CABINET! The print is absolutely heavenly - it's exquisite on you, darling - and the cabinet is just PERFECTION. The lamps are awful - you'd best send them to me. And the brooches make me all swoon and crony and moony in Juney! Love you way more than brooches, if you can believe it, Sarah xxx

Gabby said...

Oh...I so want that sneaky little liquor cabinet. It is everything I love in this world. Liquor and classy furniture.

La Dama said...

You and that gorgeous cabinet, lamps an your casa have me all in delight. G man has the magic touch.
Love you in burgundy frock, fantastic print amor.
Cluster of brooches, your so inspiring.

Stacey said...

What a fantastic ensemble - I agree, the print on that frock is heavenly! I love that cabinet that G picked up for you. What a stylish place for a secret booze stash!