Love Pearl

G had this idea that today would be a 4 Frock Friday.....
But I didn't get out of bed until after midday, and then time pretty much got away on me!
I love public holidays!
And I love Midsomer Murders; I happen to be slightly distracted by one right now!
G and I have also discovered Miss Marple!
Where has she been all my life?!

Frock-opshopped, Helgafied by moi
Lacey camisole thingy-opshopped
Shoes-gift from my fabulous friend Nix
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Beads-60's, opshopped
Faux pearls and 50's sunglasses-darling Sue !
Faux pearl clip on earrings-60's, opshopped
Bow in hair-retail

Obligatory booboid shot.

I took this frock up a little and used the cutoff to make a wee belt, adding a sweet faux mother-of-pearl buckle gorgeous Kitty sent me a while back!

This is what I wore to the cinema last night!
The film was bloody wonderful! Just lovely!
A visual feast, and a dreamy cast!

Frock-60's, Shabby Chic market
50's Stole-Rangoon Musical Society sale
Handbag-60's, fabulously vinyl, opshopped
Shoes-Goa sunsoaker Vix
Earrings-Sue made!
Orange beads-the sexacious Desiree
Skull necklace-birthday gift from G

Right, got to get ready to go out for drinkies at our splendid friend Ambers!
Tally HO!


Camelia Crinoline said...

Miss Marple is the best. Also Poirot. I love a good murder mystery with pretty costumes. I love the bows in your hair too. Those sunglasses are so fab.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had enough cleavage to warrant a booboid shot!

Sara said...

That dress fits you like a dream..come to think of it, you are a dream. So there. :D Those shoes are uber funsies..and the beads are fantabulous!

So glad to hear the movie was wonderful. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. That cast is flawless! And I have this crush thing on Bill Nighy..I feel like he'd make me laugh for days..

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I love that dress, is it seersucker, it looks it, if so I blumming love seersucker. You've got fab sunglasses on again haven't you? And I bloody love Miss Marple, the Joan Hickson one anyway, she IS Miss Marple, as David Suchet IS Poirot!

The Grande Dame said...

Oh I completely agree with the Straight Talking Mama!, Joan Hickson is THE Miss Marple.. unlike Geraldine Fake McEwan Miss Marple... I can't believe you've only just discovered her! Mind you, Margaret Rutherford is very entertaining, if not completely inaccurate.
I love your pink frock here, it's just yummy! Happy Easter break!

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet you look so very pretty, that colour looks just beautiful on you. Soooooo love the 50's sunnies.
Happy happy Easter bunnies to you!!!!!
Love v


Always wonderful, my dear Helga. Loving your booboid shots, lol.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

So pretty! Love the flash of leg, also loving all the pink you've been rocking lately. xx

Sue said...

Oh Helga I am so happy that you are in love with the sunnies!!! I love long weekends, well I love being paid not to go to work!!! Enjoy your four days!! ♥

Lucy Nation said...

I agree that Joan Hickson is by far the best Miss Marple. Glad you've discovered it. It was a staple of my childhood and I still love it now. Some great dresses on display here. I saw an advert for AYBS on UK Gold over the holidays and thought of you immediately. I think I'm gonna have to set my V+ xx

Kitty said...

Glad you've made use of the belt buckle, keep stuff like that long enough and it'll come in handy, I say. Sorry I've been a crap commenter lately btw, just quietly I've gotten myself a boyfriend-eeek!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your shoes! so cute, you look great of course. You know I live in Midsomer? Sort of. Most of it is filmed round where I live. So are bits of Marple and Poirot and Morse! xxxx

The Style Crone said...

You are the visual treat! Your outfit for the cinema is beyond stunning.

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great. That pink and gold necklace is awesome. You rocking those glasses too.

pastcaring said...

Ooh, we matchy match, Miss H, I'm in pink today too! You look fabulous, I love the belt detail you added with the help of the buckle from Kitty (who's got herself a boyfriend, has she??!! Woohoo!) It's all ladylike and elegant, and then POW, the Cleavage of Glory is revealed - hurray!
Loving the shoes from Nix, they are beautiful. Like YOU! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mary Lou said...

oh how gorgous you are in all your pink bright fabulousness helga;) and those shoes oooh i love them, of course i would love to party with you too, but this is always very dangerous, you could wake up the next day and need to change your name haha
wish you a great weekend!
love and kiss,mary

delia hornbook said...

God i love your pink dress its gorgeous and the white bag and shoes are lush ;-) You look lovely as always, Have a great evening, dee xx

Krista said...

I love you in pink best! I wish I had the sewing skills you do, love the belt you added. Have I told you lately how beautiful your girls are?!?! Simply lip smacking good. Meow! Love the fur in your movie outfit!

Melanie said...

Clever, clever to make that beautiful belt from the cutaway bits and add that mother-of-pearl buckle! It's the perfect addition. I adore your second photo!

I'm in love with M. Hercule Poirot.

karensomethingorother said...

love the dress that you HELGA-FIDE...helgafied...whatever. You are CLEVER! It's very pretty, and I love the material. It looks so comfortable and cool.

Glad you had a nice time at the movies. You looked fab for the show as well.

Miss Peregrin said...

Looooove you & your frocks & your fabulous booboids!

Trees said...

Both outfits are fab! But I love that pink frock the best and the sunnies - so amazing!!

Hannah said...

Ooh that mermaid necklace is magical, you look fab in pink. And love that stole in the cinema ensemble. Have a great weekend missy xxx

señora Allnut said...

love your Helgafied pink dress, fabulous fabric and really fits you as a dream!, and love you've discovered Miss Marple, so inspiring mad old lady!
And also love your red outfit, and all the sunnies you're wearing!

FeltByRae said...

You look divine - your white handbag looks kind of naughty to me, although that could be due to the imbibing of a couple of glasses of rosé tonight! But it just has a slightly ooh la la feel to it!

Only just discovered Miss Marple? Really? If you like vintage detectives have you found Albert Campion? I adore him; loved the books and Peter Davison is AC personified. My sis bought me the DVD box set last year for my birthday... heaven :-)

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh you are pink pearly girly TREASURE! Darling - I adore that frock and THE GLASSES!!! And the shoes are darling - and the bag and pearls - you are SO FRICKIN BEAUTIFUL. And the second outfit is fabulous of course - frock, fur, flowers and beads are PERCET for the movies! Love YOU! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

Love how you Helgafied that hermoso frock.
Mother of pear buckle is added cuteness.
Those shoes are too die for amor,
Look your wearing freakin gorgeous sunglasses again.
Adorar your movie outfit, lovely furs and necklaces of delight.

liz said...

Love the pink dress outfit--so...dare I say it? Ladylike! I'm crazy about those sunglasses too! p.s., I watched "Damn Edna's Neighborhood Watch" the other day and thought of you! :)

liz said..., "Dame", not "Damn", although "Damn Edna" kind of works, too!

vintage_kitten said...

That pink dress is just look so cute.xx