Thai this on for size

G and I went out for a dinner date last night, followed by a few drinks with friends at local bar Sweet Janes, recently re-opened in a new site since their original site was an eartqhuake casualty.

Just a little cool out there!
I wore:
Coat-gift from Justine
Frock-made it myself
Shoes-retail (sale)
Handbag- a "Rex"! from darling Vanessa !

Flasher alert!

Today we have Boardwalk Empire to watch, G has satay sauce to make for some veges that I shall stir fry, we have a bottle of wine to drink!
An ideal Sunday afternoon, I feel!

What's constitutes an ideal Sunday afternoon for you lovelies?!


Caught out in my scanties!


Trees said...

I love that pink frock you made and the coat looks so snuggly and warm, its getting much cooler here too!!

Looking smokin' hot in your scanties!!

Hannah said...

Love the shot with you popping your coat open, bam magenta heaven! Well this Sunday I am going to a food/vintage fair and I have heard about blue velvet sofa in a local charity shop, so I may go break in and steal it ahah. Have a wonderful day my lovely! xxx

one denim bird said...

Love those scanties! And love that coat and frock! Yummo - we had Thai for tea on friday night!
Sunday nights here are slap up dinner of left-overs, wollowing around in our pj's after bathtime and watching trash on telly x

Miss Claire said...

Lady you are so HOT!!!! I'd like to wine and dine with you. Can I be the 3rd wheel this time?! Xxxxx

Sara said...

Scanties photo = MEOW! Yes, please! You are such a vixen!

I hope I'm able to make such fabulous frocks someday..I'm learning my way around a sewing machine and's a lot of fun. :D I love, LOVE the color and print..and those tights!!! <3

I love the close-up shot with fur collar around your face--you always look like a movie star! XO


A true queen of the Thai night, lol.
Love you in your scanties!hehehhehehe

two squirrels said...

Just simply gorgeous!!!! The coat is splendid, perfect for the cooler nights.
"Scanties" move over Victiora secret models here is the fabulous Miss Helga.
Love V

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

That colour is killer!

*wolf-whistles at Helga in her scanties*

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You made it? Amazing! what a colour. The coat is incredible too, and as for the undies minx!

Faith Hope and Charity Swap 2012 Sign up now OPEN!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm supposed to be off to London today so that should be a nice afternoon. I love visiting country houses and having tea and cake on a Sunday.

oooh look at you in yer underthings.
You look stunning as usual

Perdita said...

Love the flasher pose! How saucy!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

OMG G has a halo!!!!!! Our tenant and his son are heading down to your neck of the woods later this week, Perhaps I should get them to look out for a big booboid wench who luv to get 'er nellies out! :D

The Grande Dame said...

OoOoOoh I love a fur-trimmed coat! Yummy!

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
Oooer, indeed you red hot minxy goddess of naughty lush!

pastcaring said...

My eyes, my eyes! I am bedazzled by the sight of you, gorgeous woman, in your scanties! If it's not me and Desiree flaunting our frillies, it's red hot mama Helga, she of the truly magificent boobage!
You look most elegant in your wonderful coat (how is Justine doing, btw?) The frock you made is gorgeous, what a great colour and print. You can flash me ANYTIME!
Done nothing exciting this Sunday afternoon, hung out washing, took photos of stuff and listed in on Ebay... Dull dull. Would rather have been sharing a bottle of wine with you and G! xxxxxxx

Melanie said...

I say madam, showing us your flimsies!

karensomethingorother said...

SEXY ALERT! You win!

Helga, look how G. is framed by the plastic window thingy behind him in that one photo. Saintly, no?

What's a good Sunday? A dinner that actually took all day to make it and a book and lots of rain to encourage doing NOTHING!

MistressCatgirl said...

Your coat looks really warm and comfy. The food looks delicious!

Kate MacDonald said...

I'm a fool for anything magenta and that vest is just perfect with it. Just discovered your blog and am deeply smitten. (I adore that lovely lipstick you're wearing as well!)

Lucy Nation said...

Oh Helga Mrs Slocombe would be so proud (but not as naughtilly nice as you in your underclobber). This sounds like an ideal Sunday. That food looks so yummy and I love the sound of Sweet Janes. Wonder if it was named after the Velvet Underground song x

Louise said...

Seeing you in your undies has been the highlight of my Sunday. My perfect Sunday comprises of sunshine, jazz, wine and sewing... I got sunshine today. Lol xx


You just made my Sunday! Your make-up looks lovely, really vampy. Such a tasty looking dish, and the food looks divine too (groan).
I'm a coat hoarder, and I'm afraid that coat belongs to me - OK?

Lucy x

Bella Q said...

You smoke like a BBQ! Love your date night outfit, the coat is gorgeous, and your polaroid of you in your privvies- va va voooooom!

Sue said...

God I love the coat, and what it opened up to reveal underneath it!!! Hot pink on a hot woman!! As for the Scanties Shot, have you ever considered doing Burlesque?? ♥

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

BEAUTIFUL coat! I love the bright purple! =)

Krista said...

You are hot in fur, hotter in your scanties and now I wanna pose in mine:) Chris would kill me. Maybe. I love your pink dress and all these dark photos are sexy. Hi G!

The Spooky Dolly said...

Loving the touch of vibrant purple.... yummo!

seƱora Allnut said...

love your coat, that fur trim seems to be so warm!, and also love your fabulous magenta dress, with matchy tights!!, so vibrant and pretty!

Maria said...

i do like the picturesque backdrop and divine you at the helm, very starlet, bravo and you are a sauce-pot in scanties x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh my GOOOURD - you look exquisite amor! The coat is just divine - and your handmade frock? You're a GENIUS I say! See - this is why you guys are still so in love after all these years - you still have dinner dates. How CIVILISED. How MARVELLOUS! I adore both of your outfits - and I adore both of YOU.

Love!!! Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...


Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

I thought G was wearing some kind of halo thing at dinner because of the arch way....hey that coat is freaking fabulous!!!

La Dama said...

What a gorgeous furry great coat!
I love you flashing us, what a great dress, cause you made it and in love with the color.
Mmmm that food looks deliciosa,craving a stir fry now.
Your a total Bunny babe in your unmentionables.