They say that I'm gonna need a chaperone

Frock-made by moi, out of a curtain, using a 50's pattern that Vix sent me!
Tights-darling Sarah
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Beret-60's, opshopped

How I love thee!
I popped in very quickly to my local opshop on the way home, and found only this 60's vinyl handbag in the free bin.

Then we had to take Miss PeePee to the v.e.t for her annual shots, and she wailed and moaned all the way.

Bracelet-the lovely Amy (tucked into a bag I bought from her Etsy shop)
Earrings-sweet Vanessa
Rings-both from the splendid Kitty
Blingy 70's necklace-opshopped

I am somewhat in lurve with my new gold shoes!
I picked them up off Trade Me for a measley $10.31!
All together now:

They arrived yesterday, and I just had to wear them to work this morning....
O, here I am on the forklift!
I work in a store, doing data entry, and sometimes need to get at stock up in the racks....and I will be cross training in stock taking this year, it seemed pertinent that I get my forklift licence.
I will actually be using a "wave" machine more often than a forklift, however!
Something like this:

I won't be wearing heels on it, though.
When I'm actually working out in the store, I need to wear steel caps.
It's not all glamour, you know!
Just mostly!
Right, I'm off out with a gorgeous Squirrel for a few hours!


karensomethingorother said...

Here's me SALIVATING over your gold shoes. I'm so impressed that you made that gorgeous dress, and it was curtains! You put together the most pleasing colour pallet with this outfit, don't you think?

I would be nervous about driving some machinery such as that, but then I don't have much cajonés.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh what a glorious frock! You look must be the day for orange I think. The shoes are fab....had a giggle at you on the forklift in that outfit! There will never be another Helga! :) Xx

Shewearscrazywell said...

How beautiful are you? I LOVE that you will be working a forklift in your heels. You just such a badass. :) I love it. I've been reading all your posts....just silent...but I wanted you to know...I totally love you. Hearts, Janna Lynn

Miss Claire said...

The FREE BIN?!! We've got nothing like that in my local op-shops! You look so glorious in gold, I can just imagine you cycling through the autumn leaves, singing joyously to the wildlife! Xxx

Anonymous said...

A forklift! You are a woman of many talents. I really like the pattern in the dress...and will begin to look at curtains in a new way.

Max said...

You suit berets babe. and forklifts x have a grand weekend x

Melanie said...

Such fine drapery in the dress, bwa-ha-ha! Groan. That is a fine frock you've sewn up. I'm seeing a fearsome French woman in magic gold shoes. I'm also noticing some lovely baseboard and new carpet!

Rachel - Firebird said...

Your local charity shop has a free bin?! Oh I'm jealous!

I've recently cottoned (sorry) on to using old sheet as dress fabric, I made my first creation this week and I'm sure it won't be the last. Bargainlicious. You look fabulous, as always

Beauty Follower said...

Love the shoes!
Where did you find that bag????

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Best curtain dress ever! I'm trying to picture you in steal caps with one of your frocks and it makes me giggle. Those gold ones are Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You look so bloody amazing!!! I want a go on the wave machine, look like fun!!!

I love the whole outfit and your siren-esque hair. you clever wench, making that beautiful dress.

Need silver shoes STAT

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh wait... gold shoes. and silver shoes.

pastcaring said...

A vision in gold, my darling Helga!
Shoes, tights, bling, beret, AND you made the dress, Sound-of-Music-style, from curtains! Genius!
How fabulous is the pic of you on the forklift? Forkin' great!
Hope you had a great time with the gorgeous Miss V. xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

OOOH THERE'S MY FAVOURITE FROCK!!! My LAAAWd but you're bloody talented - is there ANYTHING at which you do not excel??? She sews! She frocks! She frolicks! She forklifts! The new shoes are AMAAAZING and Curtise is right - you are an absolute vision in gold! Love you more than whiskers on kittens! Sarah xxx

señora Allnut said...

so pretty mustard tones!, and your dress is fabulously pretty!, and love your goddess shoes!,
And I'm sure you look pretty funny wearing steel caps!
besos & working girl

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great! I love all the shades of mustard. Nothing bets a free purse.

Fiona said...

How fabulous you look on the forklift and I see I was right about the hi-viz! Loving the beret, suits you so well and a freebie handbag, how splendid is that?

Maria said...

its about time someone introduced glamour wear to forklifts, honestly a little effort goes along way,can the steel cap boots at least be a little bit customised? either way, you look blindingly fabulous x

liz said...

Lerve the metallic t-straps with the mustard-colored tights...! Looking sassy on the forklift too!

Ivy Black said...

Oh I dunno though, love. I just know you make steel toe caps glam!
Have a lovely weekend.

Vintage Coconut said...

*Congrats on being able to operate Machinery!* hehehe
You look darn lovely sittin on a forklift!!

Lucy Nation said...

I would love to see you in steelies. I can just picture you in knee high DM steelies with lacy tights and a babydoll dress. Seriously, you would rock it!

That dress is one of my favourites that I've seen on you. What beautiful fabric. I love orange and I'm so jealous of your fab free bag xxx

Sara said...

That frock is fantastical!!! :D I can't help but look at your blog and sing to myself "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" Ooh, the colors make my heart sing. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Also, you are WORKING that beret. YES. Fierce. XO


Can I borrow your shoes please? Just fora few years, that's all.
Why can't I sew? I see such beautiful curtains and fabrics, just crying out to be fashioned into a dress. If I have to learn, then practice a skill - what's the point?

with summer looming for us, and colder weather looming for you, I have a dress and a few bits I'd like to pass on to you....(if you like)

Email: lucyabberleyatgmaildotcom

Have a fab weekend

Lucy x

Sue said...

I will be your Chaperone anytime you need one, after all I am older than you but probably not wiser!! But there would be fun to be had!!!

two squirrels said...

Beautiful lady. Love the beret, super cute.
Yay, the bag was so meant to be yours. Perfect and free.
Happy happy weekend.
Love v

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Feck let's go to Frida's house together, you can show me around toting your fecking gorge vanity case and sporting your fecktacular new shoes!! Oh you are simply DIVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE darling!!! I am squirming to see your forklift outfits:))) xoxoxoxxoxoxoox

Perdita said...

I am also in love with your gold shoes. Gorgeous! And I wanna drive a forklift too!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Ooooh I love the dress! Poor Miss PeePee, hope she is over her trauma now x

Hannah said...

Love that you made the dress out of a curtain, no biggy. I have been debating whether to go a duvet set just because I want the pattern for a dress ha. You remind me of bonnie here as in bonnie and clyde, think its the beret. Yay you look so glam on the truck aha xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Dearest!

This outfit against the lime wall is gorgeous!
Those gold shoes! Wow! Send them to me please!
Riding a forklift oh! mama! Steel caps? I am sure you will find the right outfit!

Cool that pic on the forklift! I could necer do this at work!
Everything is top secret, can not take pic -working for an engineering firm in avionics

Take care sweets

Ariane xxxxx

La Dama said...

I amar you more in beret, mustard curtain bloody gorgeous frock.
crazy about those gold shiny shoes amor.
a free purse? while I never.
you look so demure on your forklift throne.
luv ya

Krista said...

You are the hottest thing to ever grace a forklift EVER! Those gold shoes surely will take you to a fantastic palace if you just click your heels together and wish it so!

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