She'll tell you she's true

I've always been aware of Diane Arbus.
But I'd never taken much notice of her photographs, until I bought a magazine for the flight home on Monday and inside found an article about her, and some dazzling images....
Obviously, I inwardly squealed when I saw this lady's hair, above!
It's my dream hairdo!!!

Her photographs are beautiful, powerful, raw and sometimes disturbing.
And I love them!
These few today are the ones I like for shallow reasons!

Like this Elvira/Priscilla Presley cross lady!!!
I am adoring that bouffant!
I'd love a good look at her coat, with it's leopard lining!

These ladies look like ladies I'd like to lunch with!
I'd be stealing that leopard hat after I stab out that cigarette!
But where's the booze?!

Bouffant and fabulous glasses!!

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and rekindle all my big hair dreams!
Not that that flame had gone out, just that Winter hat wearing kinda suppresses the urge.....
I need to find a faux plait so I can recreate the first ladies hair...feck me, it's the most marvellarsehole do!
Pretty close, actually, to Vix's Mama's do in the pic she posted today !
Certainly as big and glorious!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my Mama yesterday!
I'm thrilled to think I resemble her, more than I thought, it would appear!
I did get her legs, just not as long-she was 5'10", and I'm only 5'5"!!


Would you get behind them if only you could find them?

I was given this pic of my Mama by my eldest sister over the weekend.
She's in her teens here, so it must be mid/late 40's-she was born in 1929.
Her parents had a farm at Nambour, Queensland, and Mama was taken out of school at a young age to help out in the fields.
Not exactly a glamourous country life, but she looked the part!

Look at those legs!


Laughing, crying, hurling and knicker flashing-The Mature Woman's Guide to Meeting New Friends

It's 5:15am Friday morning.
The becoming flare off my glasses disguises my tired, makeup-less face....

But a facefull of slap applied on the plane took care of that, and I was energised by my date, the divine Ms Kitty, resplendent in a gorgeous 70's number and big feck off flower!

I don't know about you, but I always know that when I am greeted by a knicker flashing minx I am going to have a great time.
Saucy Desiree was waiting for us at Kitty's, suitably attired for frolics!

Dream team?!
Hell, YEAH!

We played dress ups, felt each other up, squawked and carried on for hours.....
Kitty and I were fueled by the most delicious elderflower liquer and bubbly concoctions........


Then it was out for a spot of opshopping and general noseying around!

I'm wearing a new frock I made out of a fabulous curtain sweet Sue sent me!

This display of sumptuous tribal jewellery is right up our Vix's alley!

This jacket was sweet, but had what looked like a big poo stain on it.
This turned out to be a recurring theme!

I honestly felt like I'd known these tarts all my life!
It was the same when I met darling Sarah !
Clearly, we're all meant for each other!

Thank you, lucious wenches, for a special day!

O, here's a little peek at my packing; it probably isn't very helpful!
I had only a small case to carry on, in it are 3 frocks, some comfy walking sandals, toiletries, camera charger, Kindle charger, hair accessories, underwear, a couple of small gifts for the girls and a bit of jewellery.
I ended up changing my handbag, this one wasn't holding quite enough!
I loathe packing for trips, and I loathe packing light even more!
Now I have to start thinking about my packing for the States in 2 weeks!




I got a lion in my pocket, and baby, he's ready to roar!

Pic stolen from Kitty!

So, tomorrow I will be sandwiched between these 2 lovelies for the day!
How very delicious!
I'm exhausted and moist and smiley and breathless just thinking about it!


You'll most likely see  here and/or here what we got up to before I get home!

Hold the fort for me, will y'all?!
I'll be back next week


If you squeeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you

I was rather popular in this fabulous frock from darling Lucy when I wore it to work!
It certainly seems to be a winner!
I love it's slinky line, the braided trim at the neckline, and 80's tastic print!

Jazz hands!

40's hat-Etsy
Clip on earrings and brooch-Sarah the Sublime
Black beads-gifted
Boots-Trade Me

I'm a laydeeeee!!!
Well, these coral gloves make me feel so!!!
And they're splendidly soft!

I'd like to touch y'all with them.......rowr!


Skating bullets on angel dust

We live fairly close to an intersection which has been closed for repairs to the lateral sewerage pipes.
It's like living in a cul-de-sac, and we are loving it!
The neighbours kids are out skateboarding most days, and it's so peaceful!
Not too sure how long our intersection is closed for, but the work is supposed to go on for 5 months.
There's a lot of infrastructure work to be done around the city, due to the nasty quakeys that we have had over the last year or so.
We've had some more aftershocks in the last week; a 4.5 on Thursday and a 4.8 yesterday late afternoon!
Apparently all very normal!

We were off to visit friends Gillian and Wayne in Okuku.
Feck me, it was a cold cold Saturday!

60's square dance frock and fabulous earrings- sweetest Vanessa
Coat-indeterminent age, opshopped
Cardi-60's, opshopped
Gloves-60's, Two Squirrels sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Faux fur hat-60's, opshopped
70's tooled leather handbag-opshopped many moons ago for $2, if I remember rightly!
Necklace-60's, opshopped


PS: I will give you a house tour at some point in the near future! And also a wardrobe tour, but that'll be after my room is sorted, which won't be for a while yet!

Pull some strings, let them sing

I figured band practice was as good a time as any to wear my fabulous new limey lame  frock from Sarah !

Funnily enough, the beads sweet Lucy sent me went perfectly with it!
I love when that happens, it's a matchy-matchy wet dream!

The shoes were from Trade Me ages ago, the scarf was opshopped, I made the gold lace flower thingy and the divine gold earrings (I am rather obsessed with them) were a gift from the loveliest Squirrel Vanessa !!!

Label love!

We put up our "new" zebra fur curtains in the afternoon.
It's just fax fur sewn (by HAND, the sewing machine couldn't cope!) over the top of some boring arse curtains.
Looks a treat, despite being a bit roughly done!

Rock N Roll!