Happy Joy

Happy Joy is a new blue frock from the ever so wonderful Lucy!

Happy Joy is G finding and unpacking our vintage Chinese lampshade for the bedroom and putting it back up!

Happy Joy is G putting a big sprig of fresh jasmine in the bedroom........mmmmmm!

Happy Joy is 2 for $20 dvds!
Um, the top left one is for my niece!

Happy Joy is kitties taking it in turns to snooze in the box of joy Lucy sent!

Happy Joy is unpacking the box of joy from Lucy....

.....and then unpacking another parcel of joy from Sister Sarah!!!

All together now:


Thank you, darlings!!!


PS:You's think I'd be in a better mood, though, wouldn't you?!


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love the blue frock. How exciting to get so many parcels of vintage joy!!!! Love that maxi frock from Lucy. Xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Gorgeous frock! I love parcels I got one from Lakota today too! I spy tights, can't wait to see how they look. xx

Perdita said...

Looks a fantastic day- 2 parcels! You lucky thing you!!!

Louise said...

Oooh, your chinese lampshade is to die for! Parcels of joy look totally amazeballs and I spot a hat in one that is tres similar to a hat I own :-) xxx

Trees said...

I love that shade of blue on you - stunning! Also, I am so jealous of you mail!

Young at Heart said...

ooh how fab...expecially on this hidious damp day!!

Camelia Crinoline said...

That lampshade is gorgeous. Love your outfit. Blue really suits you.

pastcaring said...

What a stunning shade of blue! You look wonderful, it matches your eyes, darling!
Fabulous parcels from Luce and Sarah, aren't they gorgeous? And you deserve it all, of course!

Your Chinese lampshade is so beautiful, and G is a star for being so thoughtful as to put jasmine in your bedroom. ALL cats have to cuddle up in a box if there is one on offer, I think it is a feline law.
Can't wait to see you wearing all those amazing treasures from the girlies, you delicious woman you! xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Stunning blue.
Oh how I love the smell of jasmine.....what a lovely thing for G to do.
I too can't wait to see you swooning about in all that loveliness you received today.

Kitty said...

yeah you do look a bit shitty in these pics, ha ha! Oh well, the house is looking good and gifts aplenty should definitely cheer you up. If not, have a bloody good drink I say.xx.

two squirrels said...

Oh oh so much Happy Joy!!!
The gifts are filled with Happy Joy!!!!
What lovely ladies.
I wish I was a pussy cat so I could fit in a box of treasure to sleep, I would dream of attics of vintage clothes.
Sometimes the blue is just what you have to wear until you are ready to take it off.
Sending a squirrel hug with happy joy!!!
Love v


Blue is the mood, and theme. Maybe you need to turn the air blue, and watch a blue movie and eat some blue cheese.
You look so lovely in blue.
Sarah's parcel looks AWESOME.

Sue said...

You do do Blue so well. Happy Joy to everything!! ♥

The Grande Dame said...

Hehe, kitties in boxes! Always cute. What happy parcels to receive, obviously you were lost in thought contemplating what to DO with all that fabulousness!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Squeee indeed! You got some great stuff! I should see what I can dig out for you! Your kitties are just gorgeous!
Love the chinese lampshade and would love some fresh jasmine!!
You look stunning as ever

karensomethingorother said...

treasures everywhere! You look stunning in blue, and I love your vintage lampshade!

MistressCatgirl said...

My goodness so many goodies. I LOVE the Chinese lantern. It's perfect for a bedroom. Whenever my mom sends me something our cat inspects the boxes until he's exhausted. Cats love new smells.

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my HECK did you ever get spoiled Helga!
First off I am crazy about your Chinese lampshade.
mmmmmmmmmmm Jasmine!
*heheh at the kitties in the box*
I am drooling over your parcel pictures. I spy tons of yummy things. Although my eye does keep on wandering over to that green shimmery item in the bottom photo.
Hope to see you model it!

delia hornbook said...

aahh what a load of gorgeous goodies ;-)) And bless your cats got to love a cozy warm spot. Love your red outfit in your last post to, dee xx

Vix said...

What splendid parcels! You look gorgeous in that shade of blue, Lucy's done you proud and Sarah's parcel looks rather exciting,too. Kitties the world over can't resist a box, the little darlings.
Your Chinese lantern is fab, well done sick boy, G!
Hope you feel like your fabularse Helga-ish self soon or I'll have to come over and sort you out.
Love you!

Krista said...

Happy happy Joy Joy, Ren and Stimpy have you ever watched them? I love love love all your yummy goodies. The dress is beautiful and fits you to perfection!What is the pink and orange thing from Sarah I wanna see that on you! The chinese lampshade and flowers in the bedroom G I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! We need to talk soon Helga so we can get some plans firmed up huh?:) Do you think Bella will be around too?!?!?
Let's talk soon.
LOVEYOUand the kitties~

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Girl!

How are you doing! Looking lovely, nice frocks, Gee you scored big! Lucky girl!

Drop a line miss you!

Ariane xxx

La Dama said...

Happy joy of parcels amor.
Lucy did good, your red mistress hair does stand out beautifully in blue frock.
Awww kitties sleeping in the box.
Fantastic Chinese lampshade yout got there.
Jasmine smell is good for the soul.
Hope you and g hombre are feeling better corazon.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

darlin, looking lush as always and I am loving your hair xx

The Style Crone said...

I'm crazy about the vintage Chinese lampshade and about your outfit, including the headwear! You are beautiful in blue.

Anonymous said...

If you're still in a bum mood after all those goodies, wrap em' back up and set them on your front porch. Wait 20 minutes in silence and open them again. It works every time!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to smell the jasmine...

Stacey said...

That frock is such a beautiful blue! I makes me quite happy just to see you in it.

Hannah said...

That lantern is gorgeous, and I love the smell of jasmine. xx

- B said...

Great sunglasses!