I got a new rose, I got it good

It's like this, see.
I got this amazeballs new 70's coat from my darling Curtise, (pure polyester,o yes!) and I just had to wear it with this fabularsehole black paisley on red 60's frock to go to band practice on Saturday night......
Which, incidentally, turned into a shambles, due to our new drummers bright idea of making us tequila sunrises.
Apparently, pink vomit is the result of too many of these.
I'm pleased it wasn't me who found that out!

Anyways, I am obsessed with my new coat (thank you sweetheart!), and it fits so beautifully, and ticks all my boxes....

Note armadillos in the cocktail cabinet, on the left.
We got these in Oaxaca a few years back, and just minutes later G was vomiting in the street.
Funny how it all connects.
One minute I'm talking about tequila sunrises and pink vomit, the next about armadillos and more vomit.
(I don't know what colour it was)
Tequila sunrises/Oaxaca/armadillos......VOMIT.
I guess Mexico is the link.
Hmmmm, too much Midsomer Murders?!

G wasn't drinking tequila sunrises, incidentally.
'Twas a dodgy lunch that we'd shared about an hour before, and oddly I wasn't affected!
Which was great, as I went on to do more shopping whilst G staggered back to our hotel room.
I have them.

Rather old case-Trade Me
Brooch-made it myself
Cocktail hat-Madame Butterfly's, my local vintage shop.

I've tried to fix that link in yesterdays post again; sorry if you haven't been able to get to it!
Me + technology=occasional fail.



Anonymous said...

How is it that Curtise comes up with such fabulous things over and over? I detect an undercurrent of vomit in this post...

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I just knew that coat would look fab on you. Love the cut & colour. Looks delightful over the red frock. I find it hard to even say the "V" word, as I hate it so much. It hasn't happened very often to me so I'm afraid of jinxing it! Xx

Krista said...

That jacket is cute puke! Dang are you looking extra sexy in these close ups or what!? I'm such a lightweight when it comes to booze and tequila makes me extra naughty:)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That coat is amazing!! Poor G, you must have an iron stomache to not be affected too! xx

TrunkofDresses said...

I'm lovin' all the red but especially those shoes!!

Penny-Rose said...

The coat just looks awesome!!! I have to tell you that I also have a Lady in a Canoe lamp which has been relegated to the garage as we don't really have room for it. I may not be a tequila drinker but I can spot a cool lamp when I see one!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*purrs* That dress is fabulous.

The last pic of you, with the veil over your face is worthy of a 1950s Playboy.

Anonymous said...

WOOOH The Damned ♥♥♥!!!!Im always undecided between looking like Rat Scabies or Dave Vanian!!
You are the only girl who can write about vomit and let you forget about it because of her beauty!!
The new coat is really amazing on you, love the way it fits!!
And your eyes through that red veil are so catching!!♥♥♥!!
The dress as well is spectacular and so your rings...can't wait to hear your music!!!

Lucy Nation said...

Aah, I love The Damned! I went to see them a few years ago cos Patricia Morrison was playing bass for them and I had a girl crush on her! She wasn't there that night so I ended up jumping on stage and dancing with Dave Vanian. He picked me up and swung me round like an ice dancer. I think I may have swooned!;) We had the best time with them afterwards. Sigh, those were the days! Lovely coat m'dear and I just love your rainbow house. You have a background for every colour. I'm also rather envious of your kitschy sideboard xxx

Trees said...

So much talk of pink vomit in this post - perhaps you guys should write a song which includes the lyrics "Pink vomit".

Also - I love THAT coat!! There is nothing quite like Polyester:D

Fiona said...

I have a purple vomit story myself, I'm sure we all have some in varying colours!!
Curtise should be a 'personal shopper' as she gets the most perfect items that fit and suit to a tee, your fab coat is such an example. x

Franca said...

I love the dress coat combo!

my sister used to say she liked drinking sambuca cos then at least if she was sick, her vomit would taste of aniseed!

two squirrels said...

Curtise is such a sweetie, that coat is just perfect on you.
Loving the lady in red!!! The headpiece is a star.
The little case is too cute!!!!
Love v

Rose&Bird said...

Fantastic coat, Curtise has really come up trumps there!
Poor G, hope he's feeling better soon. I've had bright green puke the morning after mixing lager and too much Jack Daniels - never again! I bet between us all we could come up with a whole rainbow!

pastcaring said...

Oh Lord, we've all got a puke story, haven't we? Or several... I'm glad to hear that THIS time it wasn't you, babe!
Rocking the coat, my dear, as I knew you would! I LOVE that you put it with a paisley print frock, I would never have though to mix stripes and paisley, but then I have much to learn from The Mistress of Style (that's you!) The hat and tights just make it all even more spectacular.
Gorgeous close-up shots, you are such a beauty, aren't you? I'm sighing with a little bit of lust and a lot of love.... xxxxxxxx

Vix said...

That coat is even more sensational in you that I thought it would be. I love the whole thing, those platforms and red tights are especially mind blowing.
Your eyes look so blue and angelic peeping through that veiled confection.
Eeek, pink vomit? How hideous. I was watching a Midsomer Murders only yesterday which involved copious puking.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Beautiful coat..Curtise is always bang on.
Poor G...I recall vomiting burgundy puke into over my shoes once. Pink is nicer.
I love the Damned so much it hurts...

señora Allnut said...

absolutely gorgeous coat!, love it!, and love your style wearing your red striped coat with floral dress, red is fabulous and you rock it!
besos & rojo

Miss Simmonds Says said...

The Damned are playing in Wycombe soon!! I really should go and see them, I saw them a couple of years ago at Vintage Festival, sadly it was the only gig there that attracted dickheads.
I lurrrve the coat, I wish Curtise would find me one!
Love your bag!!
I can't drink Tequila as it makes me vomit after a bad night out on the stuff but really can't remember what night it was....
ok with SAmbuca though

Vintage Coconut said...

That coat was MADE for you. So glad Curtise found it and sent it to it's right-ful owner.
You look FANTASTIC in that dress & hat too.

I am in-love with your cocktail cabinet it is flipping fabulous.
And that little old case is quite cool.

Bella Q said...

That coat was made for you- it is amazing as are you. Lovely gift!
I'm going to avoid additional color or comment on vomit.

Melanie said...

That coat addles my brain, especially with that paisley maze behind it! - in a good way of course. And I agree, polyester is divine - it makes my skin crawl, in a good way of course. I want to be a heavy metal guitarist, it's on my list.

Mary Lou said...

oh what a sweetheart she is to send you this gorgous coat! and i´m so obsessed with paisley patterns so this dress makes me scream;) wow and i also love love love this red cocktail hat! it´s the crown of fabulousness ;)
love and kiss,mary

La Dama said...

Oh my goodness mi amorcito.. striped polyster coat was made for you especially paired with paisley dress.
Your red veil hat reminds me of one of my 80's hats.
Your bag is amazing. Tequila does that shit to you, if you drink too many. Buddy and I are known polish off a whole tequila bottle without getting sick.