I want to be a chocolate wrapper and crackle invitingly!

I surrounded myself with a gaggle of gorgeous young ladies to go out to the Two Squirrels sale on Saturday morning!
Brodie , Ayesha and Ayesha's friend Raea (not sure on the spelling there) joined me for a vintage expedition!

These pix make it all seem rather calm; it was actually quite busy,and inside was packed with other keen treasure hunters!

This is Raea.
She's hot.

Brodie and her loot.
I ended up stealing that coat from her; it was far too big for her, and frankly, I looked better in it!

I caught Vanessa mid flight here, she was terribly busy, and she's looking at Warren, who is bringing something to her...


And this is what I wore:
Frock-60's, opshopped in Sydney
Shoes-Trade Me
Hat-from the seaxcious Desiree
Handbag-60's, opshopped

It was drizzley and chilly, so I also had a big pinky/burgundy  50's coat, not pictured....

So demure!

The bottom 2 vintage brooches were opshoopped, and sweetheart soon-to-be-birthday-girl Sue sent me the leaf shaped diamante one!

This is what I scored!
The afore mentioned coat, which is 50's, an 80's tastic frock, a gorgeous piece of 50's polished cotton, 2 hats, a cocktail headpiece, 3 pairs of gloves, a sunglasses case, and a pretty tin.

I thought the tin would fit my gloves in nicely....when I went rummaging for them, I discovered I have more pairs of gloves than I had thought!
So it's a bit of a squeeeeze!
I better get to wearing them!

O, I have been remiss in telling you that recently I have was honoured to have been interviewed by the gorgeous Stacey, (who is"moving" to One Owl Obsessed Oddity ) and also invited to do a guest post by the lovely Trudie !!
Go forth, my darlings, and enjoy!



MistressCatgirl said...

You look great in that dress. The color is very pretty. What a great haul. I have hard time finding gloves. I may take up making my own gloves.

Lucy Nation said...

What a score! Love the pretty tin. A veritable fest of gorgeous outfits in these pics. Vanessa looks so very lovely and has the most enviable collection of dresses. I would end up buying everything! I love the 'Helga the seductress' poses, ha ha. A mighty fine pair of booboids if I may say so!

Btw, the links don't seem to be working so I can't check out your interviews :( xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You are a saucy minx ain't! Flashing yer almost bits! Me and the soon to be old girl have marked in our diary the Vintage show coming to Hamilton in September! You and the girls should come up! Ya look gorgarse BTW ♥

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh - I am OBSESSED with your outfit, darling! The frock/hat/tights/shoes/handbag combo is PERFECTION itself! You are truly EXQUISITE!!! You're like the best, most delicious, delightful chocolate ever made.

I wish wish wish I could have been at dear Vanessa's sale - I bet I would have found a million treasures. I love all of your goodies.

Love you more than gloves! Sarah xxx

Shewearscrazywell said...

You and your friends always to mind the most amazing things! Love it. Everyone looks so lovely too. :) hearts, Janna Lynn

Bella Q said...

Firstly- loving your outfit- so Sunday best but smokin' Sunday if you get mah drift, wink wink. Your shop finds looks covetous as does your day.

I LURVED the interview Stacy did on you- but the Trudie link is a dud. Do fix it b/c I wanna read your guest post! SQUEEE! -Bella Q

Sue said...

Has anyone told you that you have nice ankles?? Well you do!!! In love with your duvet cover that you were frolicking on top of. Nothing like a bit of shopping with some of your girlies.

Georgia Rose said...

Oh my god, way to make me cry with jealousy! I miss you ladies so much and I am gutted that I missed this sale- we were meant to have a new house in Chch by the time it happened but when we got the engineer's report we discovered earthquake damage so backed out of the sale... no use having a third munted property in the same bloody munted city. You look an absolute treat and I love your biscuit tin and hats/headpieces especially! Also Brodie's jacket is a dream!

Georgia Rose said...

(If you ever decide to sell or otherwise purge the amazing cocktail headpiece, please let my noggin be the first one you think of!)

Anonymous said...

Sweetly feminine with a dash of naughty. A perfect combination! Looks like a fun day with friends.
That bedding is gorgeous!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I want a green house.

That outfit is perfect. I covet it from head to toe. The dress and bag are killing me.

I reckon, in the whole of the blogesphere, you are the most similar dresser to me. I don't know if that is just in my head... you rock awesome hats more often than I do. Note to self: start rocking more hats.

Hey, I have ordered my milliners block, so when it comes... I will make you a hat. :D

Anonymous said...

I love this post!!
I feel like shopping with you girls!!
The hats and the headpiece you've scored are spectacular and so are you in the stunning pink dress!!
Too bad that the links didn't work in my computer, I'd love to read the interviews!!!
I'm trying to google them so I can be Helg-lightened!!

Melanie said...

You're looking a little Vix with that bed shot, but then you slap me with that one-and-only Helga magnificence. Great haul from the sale! And what you wore, I'm surprised none of the shoppers ripped your dress right off your back! The needlepoint bag is priceless. Wish I could have been there!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

lucky you digging in the squirrels nest!! I love the look of those headpieces. I love your bedding too it's so colourful. xx

Hannah said...

Oh you have some gorgeous looking friends. And look at those treasures you have found! I am with Georgia Rose if you ever get bored of all those hats do feel free to sell them to me! Love you in pink ;) xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh Yay it was so wonderfully terrific of you lovely ladies to come and find treasure from the squirrels.
You looked so pretty in pink Miss Helga!!! The rose handbag was gorgeous. The tin was perfect for the gloves.
I was so pleased you brought the little headpiece.
Oh oh thank you for the award!! Sorry for the very late thank you. I am so very behind with the yummy blog world.
Love to you V


I need to be there with you and my gorgeous friends, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I didn´t know you knew Raea.

Veshoevius said...

That dress you are wearing is so cute - I love the pattern. Good going on the shopping - the minty sundress looks divine!

The Grande Dame said...

Ooh la la, pretty in pink! Gorgeous sandals! You do look so adorably naughty rolling around there. What a glorious haul you came away with. What will you do with the polished cotton? I've got a heap of black & white striped polished cotton I have no idea what to do with. xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm in love with your bedspread!! I think those are the same little birdies I put a photo of in my last post.
I'd've loved to come and play at Two Squirrels! It looks like you got some amazing stuff. I want your handbag (in the words of Dora - I fight you for it!)
Your fame is spreading, you're a superstar!! xxxx

Barn House Antiques said...

It looks like such a great day! I wish it was last weekend when I was there :(

Rose&Bird said...

Looks like a great day out and love Raea's coat. You look pretty hot as well, shame about the weather. Hope Vanessa and Warren sold loads. Lots of lovely goodies found as well.

Please could you let me know your email address, you can contact me via my blogger profile.

señora Allnut said...

fabulous dress! and love its little knitted pattern, so geometrical and so cute!
And love all your thrifting expeditions and that pretty things you've purchased!


Vix said...

You sexy thang! I want to romp on that bed with you and join you and those other beauties for a rummage in Vanessa's yard! That looks so exciting, I wouldn't be able to contain myself. Miss V has the best stuff.
I love what you've bought and have gone all weak-kneed over your stunning pink ensemble.
Love you!

Krista said...

So I want to not only roll in those leaves with you but on that beautiful hot pink and turquoise bed!!! You look so happily festive in both of those outfits!! I wish I could check out Two Squirrels with you , what fun! It's hard to keep up with blogging here when it's so bloody gorgeous outside.

Daniel said...

Ya lied down on the bed SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Innocent !!!!!!!!!! The tin with the flowers is lovelaaaaY (bRIStish accent)*** Like your dress is barbiezz gotta this on ma head http://thmb.inkfrog.com/thumbn/Treasuresclub/barbie_17642.jpg=450

Maria said...

i just love you! x


I'm amazed that sale didn't turn into a full on fist fight for the treasure.
The dress is a fantastic fit, so flattering, not sure why we don't see more clothes in the same material and style today, glides over the female form so well.

Everybody looks so gorgeous in the pictures, no exaggeration. I'm going to brooch myself up tomorrow, when I go out to my friend's documentary première. Who said you can only wear one brooch anyhow? thanks for the inspiration.

Lucy x


I'm amazed that sale didn't turn into a full on fist fight for the treasure.
The dress is a fantastic fit, so flattering, not sure why we don't see more clothes in the same material and style today, glides over the female form so well.

Everybody looks so gorgeous in the pictures, no exaggeration. I'm going to brooch myself up tomorrow, when I go out to my friend's documentary première. Who said you can only wear one brooch anyhow? thanks for the inspiration.

Lucy x

Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

That's quite the haul you have there - that last picture is classic, you are one naughty minx Helga von Trollop!

Fashion, Well Done

pastcaring said...

You know, the detail on the seams on that divine frock are pointing RIGHT at yopur magnificent booboids. How brilliant is that? Was ever a dress more made for you than that pinky-dinky dream of a frock? The hat is beautiful, and don't even get me started on the bag...
Oh how I would have loved to come and look through Miss V's treasures with you and the gorgeous girlies. You bought some GOOD stuff! Grrr, enough to make any girl frolic on the bed with her legs in the air! xxxxxxxxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Scores! Love that green on Vanessa's whare..(aside)
Looks like a lovely rummage.
Brooches and bag = rocking.

Anonymous said...

I think I've read both of your guest posts. Drooling over the several pair of gloves you scored in this sale.

La Dama said...

That pink frock is divina like you. The fabric and cut so suits you.
You scored some gorgeous treasures.Would of loved to go to squirrels salw.
Man i love how you find the perfect hats and frocks.
Yes, you must model some of those fab gloves for us.
You need help taking off those tights. Naughty biatch!