I'm gettin' down with the awkward moments

Despite this sunny, bright yellow outlook, it's been a dull grey few days down here!
Nothing that Frock Friday and a glass of wine can't help, however!

Being Friday, I finish at 11am and run errands so I have my weekend free.
Poor old G Star has been off sick* all week, so I've been generally going solo and feeling sad and lonely, o woe is ME.
Ah, yes, and grumpy as a troll** too.

(*Throat infection, probably viral, he's a lot better now!)
(**Are trolls in fact genetically pre-dispositioned to be grumpy?! Hmmm.)

We had planned on going out to our friends Gill and Wayne's in Okuku tonight, but G is not quite bright enough, so we're going to have a quiet one and watch a couple of ....well, knowing me, one, dvd's.
I made him a splendid mushroom soup for lunch and free range chicken enchiladas for dinner, and right now our drummer, Jeff, is here....and he is the one who produced the pink vomit after the tequila sunrise frenzy last Saturday night, not G, as may have been assumed!!!

She's such a whore!

We have spent the afternoon covering the seats of 4 dining chairs with some fabulous fabric and also making a start on the loungeroom curtains....

I think Humpers approves of our Mexicana styley chairs!

We have 4 of these chairs; G scored them from an antique shop about 10 years ago.
We have a few other nice, odd chairs out in the shed that we need to tidy up.
We like to be able to sit up to at least 8 for a dinner party, but prefer just 6, as a rule!
It's been a while since we had a dinner party.
It's one of our favourite things to do!

And this is one of the two curtains required for the lounge alcove...
Now I think we need to paint the "roof" of it orange...it looks a little odd being white!
What do you think?
I think I am feeling rather sozzled after quite a bit of red wine.

Frock-opshopped, and altered by moi
Velveteen jacket-opshopped (must have had this nearly 20 years!)
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-70's, opshopped (must have had this about 20 years too!)
Cocktail headpiece and 60's beads-Two Squirrels
Necklace-Shabby Chic Market
Earrings-Palm Springs

O, G said, after yesterday's post, that he thought "Wild at Heart" was my favourite Lynch film, not "Lost Highway"!
Actually, I think he's right!
But to make sure, we've decided we'll have to have a Lynch festival one of these weekends!!



Bella Q said...

You look ravishing as always- love the leggings on you. And the rich red handbag. I hope G feels better soon.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I think those are the tights I was dying to see FAB!! I think I would become a bag snatcher for that velvet delight! I hope G is on the mend. Paint it orange there is never enough colour in the world. xxxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

Poor G, he needs lots of Helga hugs. I love what you've done with the chair, and how bright your house is. I think you're right about the ceiling, it needs a nice bright colour too. Xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Sorry to hear that you guys are battling nasty Autumn sicknesses. Yet another thing I hate about winter. On the other hand I do love your bag bling! Oh and your newly covered chairs. I'm completely obsessed with bright pops of colour right now so your house is pretty much now my alley. Still hoping for a wardrobe post someday... cmon, show us!!

Miss Claire said...

Ohh, the house is looking splendid!!! I love the new chair fabric and curtains! And that bag, OMG. If you ever decide to sell it, let me know first! Poor G-G...Men are ALWAYS grumpy when they are sick! Bloody sooks.

Righto, back to thesisy fun xxxx

Noah said...

Guapa! que look tan original en rojo! me encantan tus collares y el bolso

Un beso


Annie said...

We need your sunny, bright yellow outlook here in Blighty!

I think G may well be right about you and "Wild at Heart". Nic Cage's finest hour, and Laura Dern is delicious.

You are also looking rather delicious yourself, and like every-one else, I am coveting that bag.

Have a great weekend. (Oh, and I vote orange!)

Stacey said...

You look so at home with that glass in your hand! Add me to the bag-coveting list, as well as the frock-coveting list, the tights-coveting list, the boots-coveting list & the general Helga-coveting list.

I hope G is feeling much better soon!

Sue said...

Trust you to look hot in a short dress and lace tights!!!! Bloody splendid!! By the way, SNAP, I have the same wine glasses as the one you are sipping delicately from. Hope G feels better for the weekend. ♥

Miss Simmonds Says said...

gorgeous outfit - I don't usually see you looking more romantic and bohemian.
Definitely do that bit of ceiling orange! It'll look stunning!

Ooh I love humpers and peepee, I want to give them a squeeze (though obviously cats apprectiate this less than dogs)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*clutches heart* Pee Pee, Humpers. Kitten heaven. *pat, pat, pat*

I'm totally smitten with that headband.

Happy Friday


Lena said...

Wow, amazing bag, love it!x

Anonymous said...

Love the mix of the leggings and the dress. Hope your troll is on the mend soon!

Vix said...

Totally and utterly gorgeous outfit, my dearest darling! Clare's right, it's quite a change from your usual style and you look absolutely ravishing! I love the hair and tights!
Your chairs are fabulous and I' sure I have the matching skirt to your curtains.
Hope G feels much better after a quiet night in and give those whoreish kittens a big squeeze from me!
Love you!

MistressCatgirl said...

Men are always grumpy and whine-y when they feel bad. We women have to suck it up and deal with it. I'm glad he's feeling better. Having throat infections are no fun. I drink lots of green tea whenever I feel bad.

The cocktail hat and purse look really good together. I like the bright blue chair fabric. You could make the roof a nice red to add a little depth to the alcove.

señora Allnut said...

you look gorgeous in your burgundy and teal outfit, and burgundy is a pretty color if you're drinking red wine!!
love your hairpiece and your tights!, fabulous details!!
best wishes for G.!

Hannah said...

Love this colour on you and that headband is gorgeous! Hope G is feeling better soon, free range chicken enchiladas sounds yummy. I really like the chair covers! think you should paint the ceiling green. I have not seen wild at heart, i love lost highway though especially the soundtrack, have a wonderfully fabularse weekend xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Your home is looking so bright, happy and cheery I love it.
OMG! AT YOUR BAG!!! It's fabulous and I am totally envious that you have it. *heheh*

Serene McEntyre said...

So sorry your sweetie's been sick! That's not fun! But you, on the other hand, look like a bundle of fun with your glass of wine and gorgeous frock! I'm completely LOVING that bag and the pins you put on it. Have a fabulous weekend sweet lady! Love and hugs from me!!! ~Serene

pastcaring said...

Can I come round for dinner please? Once poor G-Star is feeing better, of course.
I love your frock, all that gorgeous burgundy (is it?) is beautiful and matches your wine, how matchy-match is that?!
Oh Peepee, let me tickle that white tummy!
Lovely chairs and fabric, I'm not quite sure Humpers DOES approve actually, he looks rather stern, but with some cats, that's their natural resting face. And with some humans too...
Enjoy your Lynch-fest, love ya! xxxxxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Yes! Paint the ceiling orange! It'll be cool! You look a picture of loveliness as usual! You look horny baby! :D

Sara said...

Oh, you look so romantic and lovely. I need some red wine straight away.. :D

The purse and jacket are magical..as are you. So sorry to hear that G is sickers..no doubt your beautiful soul helps him feel better! :D XOXO

two squirrels said...

Poor Mr G, I hope he is feeling much better.
Yay for the movies tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it. The frocks are so so cool, 70's fabulous.
Now you look so very pretty Miss Helga, the headpiece is just perfect on you.
The chairs look great, you guys are making your little nest so lovely.
Love v

karensomethingorother said...

love the picture of you petting crazy PeePee. Kitties are so crazy. OH, how much fun would a dinner party at Helga's be! Fabulous! But no matter what, I'd never match your style.

Ivy Black said...

Look at you, Lovely Legs...some gorgeous shots of you.
Hope G is feeling better soon. Have a great weekend. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope G. is feeling better soon. And, yes, I think the ceiling needs a coat of orange. The new chair coverings are fabulous.

Luna Tiger said...

wow ! Wonderful look ! the bag is awesome, and short dresses are great on you !

Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody ARSEBISCUIT you look bloody SPLENDIFEROUS!! I love the entire look - the headpiece and VELVET BAG both rock my world - and the beads and necklaces - gggrrrrrrrr everything is EXQUISITE! YOU are my favourite Lynch character. Love you more than velvet, Sarah xxxxx

Krista said...

You look like a total rock star in this outfit. I love that bag and all that neck candy! The bright turquoise fabric on the chairs reminds me of Peru! I could lounge for hours in that room, it looks so inviting I'd be kicking off my shoes and throwing back a few. I hope G feels better!