Just leaf it to me

Well, I had the most frustrating morning at work!
I got quite stressed and ended up with a bloody headache.
I have to admit though, if I didn't get so hard on myself, and take on more than I needed to, it wouldn't have come to that.
Lesson learnt?!
Probably not, it's in my nature, and something I just have to work on!
But just before we left, I happened to notice that someone had written anus on the top of my date stamp....and I burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles!
So feck that shite, it's Frooooock Friiiiiiiiday!!!

After work, G and I went and bought some yumcious fabric for loungeroom curtains, and received surprisingly good customer service from Spotlight.
Then G went and bought himself a new kick pedal for his drumkit.
Then we took these pix by the Avon River.
Now, I have a tequila and orange in my hand.

When we got home, there was a parcel waiting from my darling angelcakes Curtise !!!!

The coat fits like a dream, and I frigging LOVE it!!!
I have just the frock to wear with it to band practice tomorrow night!
And the frock and tights are superb!
Thank you,sweetie!!

As for the card......there are no words!
G is so excited by it, he has demanded I laminate it so he can tape it ot his laptop at work.
Honestly, his little face just lit up!
He is booboid obsessed, as he would have to be, obviously, and this just about sums up his idea of heaven.

Frock-70's, opshopped and altered somewhat
Tights-Love to Dance
Shoes-retail sale
Handbag-it's a Rex! From sweet squirrely Vanessa
Hat-60's, from the uber working gal Sarah
White beads-opshopped
Earrings-60's clip ons from the lovely Kitty

And then onto a little blog lurve.......

My wonderful friend, Miss Simmonds has ever so sweetly passed on this award to me!
Thank you babycheeks!

These are the rules:
1: Thank the person who nominated you by linking his/her blog
(done that!)

2: Answer the following four questions

3: Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to fellow bloggers

4: Let the Bloggers know that you have nominated them

Here are the questions, and my answers:

How long have you been blogging for?
About 2 1/2 years.
It's changed my life, and given me so much confidence, and so many new and fabularsehole friends!

Why did you start blogging?
At the time, I didn't know if there were any other older bloggers out there, and thought I had something a little different to offer!
What type of blogs do you like to follow/read?
I have very broad tastes, and follow/read a wide variety of blogs.
Pretty much I like fashion,sewing, interiors, craft and food blogs.

What is the one thing you'd like to improve on as a blogger?
My commenting!
Sometimes I get stressed at how little time I seem to have to comment on all your wonderful blogs!
I really do want to take you all out into a field and make passionate love to you!

So, I would like to pass this award on to:




Melanie said...

Your entire outfit is gorgerous! I love the dress you're wearing and the Curtis one, I can't wait to see you modeling it!


Trashsparkle said...

How lovely to have a friday afternoon frolic in the leaves.... though hope you didn't end up with icky, crunchy bits in awkward places;!!!!!

Can't imagine you for a moment getting frazzled at work - I thought Helga-World was one big party of ridiculousness and joie de vivre.... bet the little drinkie - though it wasn't just the one was it?;) - has helped...

Dying to see the curtain fabric - bet its awesome, and how lovely that you and G are licking the post-earthquake renovations into shape so splendidly.

As for the card....and G's reaction.... fabulous!!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Curtise sends good gifts...and I think my DH has a similar stress reliever, although there is a bit less of me in that department!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

love these pics of you frolicking among the Autumn leaves!! Curtise is a sweetie those gifts are marvellous! xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

The autumn leaves lay all around,
As Helga frolicked on the ground!
Talks of Anus would normally shock
But Helga looks hot in her Friday frock
But as her antics lighten our moods
All G wants to do is nestle in boobs!

Perdita said...

Today's outfit is a 100% I-wanna-steal-it-for-work look. Amazing. Sadly if I stole it I would just get dirt on the lovely light tights. I'm too clumsy for nice tights.

Young at Heart said...

hilarious...and you look utterly divine!!

LandGirl1980 said...

I have just booked my tickets to fly on over and roll around in those leaves with you*

*this is a lie. I have no money.

pastcaring said...

Ooh you frolicsome temptress! You look glorious amongst the fallen foliage. Love that collar, what a sweet little frock. And your Rex collection never fails to inspire a little bag envy...
The parcel got to you quickly, glad the coat fits! Yes, that card made me chuckle and think of you and G - lucky man, he has no need of the Stress Buster 3000, he has YOU!
So I hope the tequila worked its magic and de-stressed you somewhat, and that you have a fabulous weekend lined up.
Keep up the good work, my dearest Helga, you are indeed very much appreciated! xxxxxx

Sue said...

Me and Sue W were near a park full of lovely crunchy autumn leaves and I wanted her to frolic in them and take photos but we forgot to do it. So very glad you did tho'. It is a must when there are so many just lying about waiting to be played in!! Most men like to bury there head in some luscious boobs!!! Have a fanfrickentastic weekend!!!

The Grande Dame said...

These autumny posts are so beautiful! As is that dress, can't wait to see how you wear it. Bloody work, who needs the headaches and annoyance really?? Anyway you can always LEAVE at the end of the day, and you look super cute here as always! The blue flowered frock is superb. Happy weekend xx

delia hornbook said...

ha ha ha ha ha first of all im laughing at that card that is priceless ;-)) And second this has to be one of my favourite outfit posts you have done this year i absolutly love it and i know i have spelt absolute wrong ;-) My head is full of cold. But anyway where was i oh yes..I adore the dress and the contrast of the white tights and that bag is lush. Have a great weekend, dee xx

Anonymous said...

The frock is beautiful and so the hat and of course you!!!
If a "blogger appreciation 'anus' word award" exist please put me in the nominees, I'd love it!!
I'm still laughing since Sarah's posted it and you keep the promise to write it today!Brilliant!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, you make me smile into my morning coffee....

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great. The lace detail on the dress is really cute. I liked the boobie card you got. It's pretty funny.

Vix said...

You divine you look frolicking in the leaves with your crazy shades, frilly hat and fuck-off frilled collar! I love that first action shot, so very arty!!! ANUS is the perfect word for a crappy Friday, hope the Tequila and orange does the trick and kicks the stress back into the middle of last week.
Curtise's parcel is wonderful! I adore that coat and can't wait to see you rock that beauty. The card is perfect, she has a brilliant eye for a card.
Have a fab weekend and speak monday!
LOve you!!

seƱora Allnut said...

you look fabulously autumnal wearing your pretty floral dress and gorgeous accessories! (love your sunnies!!)
And glad you're enjoying new dresses and stuff and a good glass of tequila!
besos & cold drinks!


You leaf-frolicking anus-hole. Love it. Curtise is a professional present-giver and selects just the right card to have you laughing your tits off. That coat will look splendid, I know it.

Lucy x

Quirky-Vintage said...

I love your Friday outfit!! Those sunglasses are to die for. xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love your whole outfit... look at the guy in the first photo gawping at you!
The Stressbuster 3000 is very popular with my boyfriend. I'm also really jealous of the dress curtise just sent you! xxxxx

Katrina said...

ah the dress is so cute and you accessorized it beautifully!


Fiona said...

You look so delightful frolicking in the foliage. Glad 'anus' cheered you up, I had a shite day too but no anuses only arseholes!
Lovely ensemble which suits you so well and another lush bag. Will look forward to seeing you model Curtises' pressies, isn't she a love? I got a parcel too. xxx

Hannah said...

Sorry you had a shitty day, I had a shitty week, but lets forget about it and roll in leaves! You look divine, love the collar on that dress and that coat and flowery number look marvellous! xxx

Lucy Nation said...

Anything to do with bottoms cheers me up usually too! What a wonderful parcel of delight you have there. My favourite is defintely the stress buster 300. My husband would love one of those...oh, wait... ;) xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ha ha ha oh that card is quite brilliant! Sorry to hear you had a rough day at work, there's nothing worse. I stress out WAY too much, and then I think about how stressing out so much is going to take years off my life... and then I stress out over that. Pretty sure I'll never learn. Ooo I love your bag, every time I see you using it, it reminds me that I really need to dust mine off and get more use out of it.
P.S Regarding Christchruch... yes! Let's meet up for a coffee on the weekend!

one denim bird said...

I think Sue W @ Living the good life summed it all up perfectly with her little ditty.
totally awesome photos of you rustling in the autum leaves too x have a fab weekend

Stacey said...

Oh, you gorgeous saucy minx! This outfit looks absolutely divine, and I adore the print on your frock.

I think I might have almost wet my pants laughing at the "Stress Buster" card. I reckon The Boyfriend would like one of those stress busters for himself, hahahaha.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I love this outfit. Love it. I would wear it from top to toe, exactly the same. Although, I think you wear hats better than I do.

Do you know why I started blogging? Because I would put together an awesome outfit, and no bastard at work would appreciate it ENOUGH! Except for The Grande Dame, of course. We are the presidents of each others fashion appreciation committees at work.

Misfits Vintage said...

Anus anus anus anus anus!!!

Darling - you are sight for sore eyes! I do mean that literally - my eyes are a little sore as I adjust to my new specs, since I am now officially Blind As A Bat. And you are like Style Visine, lubricating my tired eyes with your fabulousness.

Good lawd, you wouldn't believe that I haven't been drinking would you?

What I mean is... you're fucking gorgeous! Frock FABULOUS, hat SPLENDID, everything else EXQUISITE!

Happy weekend darling - wish I were there frolicking with you. Love you more than yellow cardigans, Sarah xxx

Trees said...

Such delightful autumnal pix! I love that dress - especially the lace on the collar and yah for mail:D

Daniel said...

Push it ! Push it! werk it ! werk it! COver me in leaves ! And #$$%%&%&&//&%%$$##"!!!!!!#/&%(/&(&/%/ YEAAJHHH !! YEPPP !!!!!! ####$%#$$#$$##$4

Ivy Black said...

Autumnal gorgeousness! Once again, you have brightened my day.xxxxxx


My beautiful Helga, I always pack very little because my daughter has a room full of clothes, not my size, but I am sure to find treasures, plus flea market and thrift shops AT LASTTTTTTTTTTT.
I will be posting from there, so I am not saying good buy.

The Pink Flamingo said...

Great outfit, Helga! I like shoes and hat very much!!

La Dama said...

Lovely to see you playing in the autumn leaves amor.
Perving at your black gorgeous hat,frock and white tights.
Your sexy legs always look so long.
Curiseita send such an awesome parcel, eyeing the stripey jacket.
That card is freaking hilarious.
Buddy had the 10,000 stress buster and he is still stressed.