Pull some strings, let them sing

I figured band practice was as good a time as any to wear my fabulous new limey lame  frock from Sarah !

Funnily enough, the beads sweet Lucy sent me went perfectly with it!
I love when that happens, it's a matchy-matchy wet dream!

The shoes were from Trade Me ages ago, the scarf was opshopped, I made the gold lace flower thingy and the divine gold earrings (I am rather obsessed with them) were a gift from the loveliest Squirrel Vanessa !!!

Label love!

We put up our "new" zebra fur curtains in the afternoon.
It's just fax fur sewn (by HAND, the sewing machine couldn't cope!) over the top of some boring arse curtains.
Looks a treat, despite being a bit roughly done!

Rock N Roll!



Trees said...

lime green and zebra print? I LOVE it!! Also that sparkly frock is awesome!

Vintage Coconut said...

*MMM LIMEY LAME* "Soooo delicious"
Your zebra curtains look great too!
Glad to hear your having a good weekend.

Sue said...

The dress is gorgeous of course, but I am loving your tattoo!! One day will your entire back?? Zebra curtains are the BEST!!!

Anonymous said...

the lime color suits you and your hair looks fabulous!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You forgot to mention that no zebras were harmed in the making of those curtains!! :D Shit woman ya look like the Queen ya does! If me knees were so fecked I'd be on 'em kissing your feet! Well actually no I would cos I hate feet....**gag**! I'd just grovel instead! ♥

Camelia Crinoline said...

You look fabulous in sparkley things. I love your new curtains. I do love a good animal print.

two squirrels said...

Oh I am so happy you love the earrings.
Looking just splendid in that sparkly lime green dress. Just amazing.
The house must be looking incredible. Zebra curtains,WILD.
I hope you have a truly speculator week.
Love v

Louise said...

You suit so many colours, but I think green is your best. This is such a glam dress, I have a sewing pattern for something similar... But no gorgeous green lame material. Fab curtains, and I love your little corner table. Xx

Rose&Bird said...

That dress is stunning - I love it! And I'd never of thought of using fur fabric for curtains, but it works perfectly!

Barn House Antiques said...

Your genie lamps are amazing!!!

Kitty said...

everything is too too gorgeous, just as bloody always, must see this house of yours for myself one of these days.xxx.

Lucy Nation said...

Magnificent tattoo. Never noticed that before. Dress is sublime. And I'll say it again, I LOVE your house. Please do a through the keyhole post for us??!! xxx

The Grande Dame said...

Your back tattoo looks amaaazing! Would love to see more of it. Your house looks fantastic, I love the zebra curtains. And your dress is lime-a-licious! xxx

Melanie said...

You look so beautiful and I love your Mucha tattoo xxx

Mrs. D said...

Fab dress, oh my!

Ivy Black said...

Limey lovliness...fab colour. Delicious

Vix said...

Lame-tastic! You look like a James Bond lady in that gorgeous frock!! Shirley Eaton had nothing on you.Totally and utterly gorgeous!!!! Mitchy-matchy perfection with Lucy's beads, gold peep-toes and Miss V's headscarf. Swoon!
Those zebra curtains are so cool it hurts!
Love you!

karensomethingorother said...

I think we have to call you EMPRESS HELGA in that fabulous dress. Ooo...what a treat that dress is! It SCREAMS your name. I lurv matchy-matchy. My daughter shuns it though, on purpose. She has more style than I do though, at five already, so I'll forgive her.

señora Allnut said...

yeah, you look really fabulous with that cocktail cabinet and orange wall as your background, so lovely matchy and looking ready for rock&roll!

Anonymous said...

Lime + lame = lovely
The beads are perfect match and the detailing on the dress is wonderful.
Looking wonderful as always.

Quirky-Vintage said...

I am loving the lime!! Can I echo Lucy and beg you to do a 'through the keyhole'? Your house looks fab!! I really want those zebra curtains!! x


You look like something I'd like to eat! You'd taste fresh, zingy and juicy.
It's a very elegant dress, a kinda royalty feel to it. I love the matchy-matchy thing you do, it never looks boring on you.
Zebra curtains - yes please! They could double as horse pyjams.

Does ANY colour not suit you?

Lucy x

one denim bird said...

I'm thinking Margo Leadbetter from "The Good Life", especially with that wine glass in hand and the head scarf! Darling you are gorgeous! And those zebra curtains ... xox

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oohhh... the colour, the hair... divine.

Miss Simmonds Says said...




That dress is divine, you look stunning! Those shoes make me want to weep a bit.

Your Mucha tattoo is beautiful!

and those curtains look groovy and should keep you cosy and warm! xxxxxx

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Love! I know you like getting your legs out Mrs Slocombe, but by crikey you look amazing in a maxi dress x

pastcaring said...

So elegant and regal, Madame Helga, you look gorgeous! What a fabulous frock - lime green and gold, beads, braid, that beautiful scoop back, it's certainly ticking lots of boxes! And naturally you have styled it up to matchy-match perfection, as is only right and proper.
Wow to the zebra curtains - they, and you, are indeed rock'n'roll! xxxxxx

Stacey said...

DEM CURTAINS! I can't wait to make some curtains for my new place.

That frock is amazing. Sarah really picked a winner for you! It makes you look (even more) like fabulously eccentric royalty.

La Dama said...

Oh you sparly lame reina!
You look like a queen amor, I bow at your feet.
Love all the matchy details.
Eyeing up them Gold shoes.
Zebra and lime what a zsty combination.