Put it in my left hand, put it in a fruit machine

I am a cossack!
Well, kind of....

You there, furry critter....have you got vodka?!
As a cossack, I need vodka!

Ice skater-y kinda frock-lovely Jen
Waistcoat-Trade Me
Boots-Trade Me
70's faux fur hat-opshopped
Chain necklace-foxacious Vix
Blue beads-opshopped
Other necklace-Shabby Chic market
Hoop earrings-retail



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'm feeling weary! May I rest my head upon your magnificent bosom?

Penny-Rose said...

OOOOO, blue really suits you, you look very cool!

Anonymous said...

You're matching your decor! Nice!
And what a sweet kitty to support you while you're snapping your pics.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I have a proper cossack type hat given to me by a friend's grandmother I was staying with when I was in Moscow - it's lovely but I never wear it here as it's made of beaver (the toothy kind) and I don't do fur. I'd rocked up in some flimsy fake leopard jacket and she was horrified and kitted me out head to toe in real fur. I had to wear it or risk offending her deeply, and then she gave me her late husband's hat. It's like having a large cat nestled on your head! I drank a LOT of vodka to drown out my ethical conscience!

Love the blue matchies x

Vintage Coconut said...

I can't believe you hi-jacked that kitty for his vodka... poor little defenceless creature. *heheh*
You are divine in smurfy blue Helga absolutely divine.

two squirrels said...

Oh a fur hat and a fur cat!!!!! Tee hee
Looking super pretty Miss Russia, the blue is perfect on you.
Love v

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Allo allo allo! You look lovely! Totally digging the layered necklaces! hope all good with you, tis been too long! xxx

pastcaring said...

From Russia with Love, darlink! (Love Lakota's story, btw.)
You look so good in blue-that-matches-your-eyes, I love it.
Sequins and petticoats and boots and furry hats AND Miss Pee Pee stalking around, wanting to get in on the action, so much to admire! xxxxxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm so damn excited, you shouldn'tve mentioned you were hoping to visit - I'll make some fruit vodkas so we can get slashed on them. You look gorgeous, rather youthful (though you always look that) and naughty. XXXXX

MistressCatgirl said...

You should have totally twirled! That would have shown off your skirt really well. I almost bought a Russian hat once. I liked the way it looked but it was over $50.

Krista said...

Ice blue baby, OK-WORD! Now you have me grabbing my boobs! I love you in boots and I love you more in blue!

Anonymous said...

The blue ice skater dress is lovely!!
I always loved the Dr Zhivago/ cossack look!!!!
You always give us lot of inspiration!!
And since I read your blog I've started to drink a lot of vodka..I dunno why!

Vix said...

You delicious vodka guzzling wench! That waistcoat shows off your magnificent booboids like a frigging dream and the skater frock is hot!
I'll be borrowing that divine titfer come the winter as I can never find a bugger big enough to accommodate my massive head.
Pee Pee has the most sexalicious furry safety pants.
Love you!

seƱora Allnut said...

love that blue skater dress with your waistcoat, absolutely sexy&folk!
and lovely necklaces!
besos & vodka

Sue said...

Blue on you is super duper doo!! I would kill to have legs as farking gorgeous as your pins!!! You need to flash them more often darl!!! ♥

Hannah said...

Love the hat! I have a leopard print one (obvs) and all those necklaces I think I may be layering my necklaces today in homage to you my lovely xxx P.S. i want a pet cat

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh eer Mrs Slocomb, your pussy is so very pretty!

You are SPLENDID in that sparkly blue ice skater delight darling - show us some of your moves!

Your bosom is PARTICULARLY spelndid framed by the darling waistcoat. And NOBODY rocks a furry farty headpiece like you and stink-arse Mr Slocomb!

Love you more than pussy! Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

I amar you Cossack blue edition outfit.pet that pussy slowly.
Yeah! grab them chi chis for me.


Stacey said...

You are too damn fabulous in blue! You crazy, gorgeous cossack!

Melanie said...

I shall call you Grushenka.