She'll tell you she's true

I've always been aware of Diane Arbus.
But I'd never taken much notice of her photographs, until I bought a magazine for the flight home on Monday and inside found an article about her, and some dazzling images....
Obviously, I inwardly squealed when I saw this lady's hair, above!
It's my dream hairdo!!!

Her photographs are beautiful, powerful, raw and sometimes disturbing.
And I love them!
These few today are the ones I like for shallow reasons!

Like this Elvira/Priscilla Presley cross lady!!!
I am adoring that bouffant!
I'd love a good look at her coat, with it's leopard lining!

These ladies look like ladies I'd like to lunch with!
I'd be stealing that leopard hat after I stab out that cigarette!
But where's the booze?!

Bouffant and fabulous glasses!!

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and rekindle all my big hair dreams!
Not that that flame had gone out, just that Winter hat wearing kinda suppresses the urge.....
I need to find a faux plait so I can recreate the first ladies hair...feck me, it's the most marvellarsehole do!
Pretty close, actually, to Vix's Mama's do in the pic she posted today !
Certainly as big and glorious!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my Mama yesterday!
I'm thrilled to think I resemble her, more than I thought, it would appear!
I did get her legs, just not as long-she was 5'10", and I'm only 5'5"!!



Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I'm also having big hair dreams today, darling... I shall be on the lookout for some marvellously manageable hairpieces for us both! Love you more than beehives! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for share these beautiful photos and let us squeal with you above them!! I've never seen some of them, but I always loved the lady with her kids and the teddy boy husband, your definition Elvira/Priscilla brilliantly suits her!The hairdos are amazing and I'm sure that you'll look great in every of these look!! The Diane Arbus work and your beautiful mom's photo let me think that in the past women were always feminine and elegant even for a stroll with kids or in the country, they are a great inspirations for all!
Bouffant kisses xxxxx

Sara said...

I love the last picture. Thank goodness I have a matinee tomorrow and get to pull out the ol' teasing comb, 'cause I just got a hankerin' for some BIG HAIR. :D

I can't wait to see you with the do in the first photo. It's going to be epic..I feel it in my bones.

The photos that have poured in of your delicious trio have made me smile ear to ear. You're all so fabulous! I hope to greet you with a bloomer flash someday! :D XOXO

Penny-Rose said...

Cool photos, I have never heard of Diana before. Sniggered at the Elvira/Priscilla one, and the two smoking ladies.

Melanie said...

Big hair - oooh. I adore big hair, towering lighthouses of hair that eclipse sun and stars. Excellent photos. Those hatted ladies don't have cocktails till 5:00. Until then it's gritty black coffee, cup after cup, ashtray-full after ashtray-full. I'd like to hear them laugh.

And I love the photo of your mum. She is definitely a beauty. You take after her!

The Grande Dame said...

I was trying to figure out the leopard lining too! The hair is amazing, especially that first one. I'd like to BE one of those old ladies in funny hats - one day! (Better get in some practice now...)

Trees said...

SO much awesome big hair!! Love it!!

two squirrels said...

OH I love Diane Arbus, her work is amazing and such a wonderful social record. Her work has so many echoes of everyday life in its raw form. When I was studying photograph her work had a real impact on me.
Big hair oh Yay!!!!
The photograph of your mother is just fabulous in the last post. You can see where your beauty comes from.
Love v

Lucy Nation said...

Wow, I've never heard of Diane Arbus before. Thanks so much for sharing. These pics are so interesting and her story is so sad. She will definitely be an addition to my ever-growing list of things that I'm obsessed with!! xx

Annie said...

Those lunching ladies are fab - original Advanced Style! I love the first photo, but what is that poodle thing? Whatever it is (ice bucket? surely not a tea cosy?) I think Vix might like it for her collection!

Ronnie (RR) said...

Fabuolus hair, but your hair always looks just as spectacular

Sue said...

You have to so try the hairdo in pic number one, but I will need to find you one of those poodle things. Looks like one of those dunny roll covers!!! By the way I love leopard print, have my elderly eye on a pair of tights in leopard print. And one day I shall own a coat in this fabularsehole fur, with hot pink lining!!!

Kitty said...

Oh yay for big hair and fab mamas!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh all that wonderful hair! And so much leopard print! Though I was also looking at the crazy eyed kid, the painted on eyebrows and wondering where that woman's hand was in the last photo... XXXX

Anonymous said...

This is the best kind of history in here. So much more interesting than all those boring books in school. It's like walking into a time capsule when I visit here. I'm inspired by this style....maybe I shouldn't get my haircut today? I've always been in love with bouffant styled hair. It looks awesome on you too. Go higher!!

pastcaring said...

These are great photos, aren't they? Big hair, leopard print, specs, quiffs, weird kids, full-on look-straight-at-the-camera faces, they're powerful images. Love the last one best, guess that was quite a provocative image at the time.
Yay to fabularsehole huge 'dos! xxxx

pastcaring said...

PS. Kate Bush reference or something else? Love spotting the lyrics! xxx

Theeny said...

omg i adore arbus! she is responsible for the quote "Most people go through life dreading they'll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They've already passed their test in life. They're aristocrats" i always think that when i'm about to do (or wear) something daring..."be an aristocrat" ;)

Vix said...

Feck me! I thought that second lady was you back in the 1980s, she's hot!! I love all these so much and that top biatch has got a poodle to die for.
Mum used to say she was famed for having the biggest beehive in town, she could get a 12in ruler inside it. I wish she'd taught me the secret.
Yay for hair, the bigger the better!
Love you!

Maria said...

don't we all love a big 'do' - basically a big old fire hazard if you like a fag, but whatslife without a risk or fabulous hair x

Sissy said...

My absolute favorite Diane Arbus is "Blaze Starr in her living room, July 1964", but that first one you posted is the cool second the big hair, I just keep adding socks to my "sock bun" updo, thanks for the post!

Bohomumma said...


Just wanted to say that I found your blog through Vix and love it - love your zest for life and your style and everything. You are fabulouso!!

Have an amazing weekend x

Krista said...

Diane I have never heard of but what a tragic ending to her life suicide in a tub with slashed wrists overdosed on barbiturates. Poor thing battled depression like her Mom.
Enough of that she is a beauty in that picture and no doubt was a talented photographer. You have the best high hair of all my lady! Although there are some nice ones here :) I do love the freaky family photo!

Hannah said...

What marvellous ladies in these gorgeous pics, I bet you can get your hair to do such magical dos no problemo xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

That hair is fabulous. It almost makes me want to grow my hair again so I can attempt a crazy high beehive. I love that lady's leopard print hat too.

La Dama said...

Diane so reminds of you with white hair amor!
Gorgeous killer hair the higher the bitcher.
Adorar the family portrait.