Skating bullets on angel dust

We live fairly close to an intersection which has been closed for repairs to the lateral sewerage pipes.
It's like living in a cul-de-sac, and we are loving it!
The neighbours kids are out skateboarding most days, and it's so peaceful!
Not too sure how long our intersection is closed for, but the work is supposed to go on for 5 months.
There's a lot of infrastructure work to be done around the city, due to the nasty quakeys that we have had over the last year or so.
We've had some more aftershocks in the last week; a 4.5 on Thursday and a 4.8 yesterday late afternoon!
Apparently all very normal!

We were off to visit friends Gillian and Wayne in Okuku.
Feck me, it was a cold cold Saturday!

60's square dance frock and fabulous earrings- sweetest Vanessa
Coat-indeterminent age, opshopped
Cardi-60's, opshopped
Gloves-60's, Two Squirrels sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Faux fur hat-60's, opshopped
70's tooled leather handbag-opshopped many moons ago for $2, if I remember rightly!
Necklace-60's, opshopped


PS: I will give you a house tour at some point in the near future! And also a wardrobe tour, but that'll be after my room is sorted, which won't be for a while yet!


Misfits Vintage said...


Darling - this combo is simply DIVINE - the GLOVES! the HAT! the FROOOOCK!!! Your luxurious LOCKS!!! The BAG! I'm swooning I tell you. You are a sublime vision of exquisiteness and love-ology.

I don't know.

Love you more than tooled leather! (Talk TONIGHT!) Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Plus I am the first commenter, so clearly I am the boss of the internet.

Woohoo ME!


Trees said...

Wardrobe tour? That would be amazeballs. I can't wait till we can afford our own place (when Rich is done with the studying) and then we can have a room for my mean "spare room". I love the autumnal colours of this outfit. It's BLOODY cold up here too!! Also we live next to a carpark, it mostly gets used by commuters so its not that annoying. But some nights and weekends you'll hear kids over there skateboarding down all the ramps! I think it must be the least secure carpark in Wellington.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Will you open the wardrobe to bus tours? And I wanna see you on a you'd be great... :D

The Grande Dame said...

Those are my favourite bags. It's so difficult to find a good one for a good price, $2 is awesome! You look so gorgeous with that fluffy hat and your lovely hair all over the place. xxx

Barn House Antiques said...

Such a great Autumn outfit!

delia hornbook said...

You look gorgeous as always beautiful colours and i love your party dress in your last post. Have a lovely week, dee xx

Young at Heart said...

fab frock....and fabber shoes!!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Now that's an outfit girlfriend! Rockin the winter styley.

LandGirl1980 said...

Stunning as always :)

two squirrels said...

Oh the furry hat is super cute!!! Looking just like a ray of pure prettiness today Miss Helga!!!!
The tooled leather bag was a great find, they are so hard to come by now.
I hope you have a yummy week!!!
Love v

Franca said...

I love the hat, worth braving some cold for that!

Kelly said...

Ooh that bag is beautiful!
And you certainly have specs appeal. :)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love it all the hat, the tights the belt!!!! You're a stunner Miss Von Trollop. xx

Sue said...

How adorable do you look outside your picket fence?? VERY!!! I cannot wait for the wardrobe tour, will it be done in stages for us all, or sections?? Drip feed us I think!! Keep warm a roll with the rocking, but most of all keep safe ♥

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I agree with Sarah! I love that frock on you and the hat is gorgeous, you always look amazing whatever the tectonic plates are up to :( XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you've squeezed in literally everything I love into this one outit. I think it's made especially devine with you gorgeous locks, it's always so beautiful flowing like that.

I am transfixed by the tooled bag, i hope to nab a perfect one, one day.


That frock is a dream, but then again. I love and want everything.

Miss Magpie said...

I god I don't think I could stand a wardrobe tour, I might spontaneously combust......

Anonymous said...

Sweet frock Helga!

MistressCatgirl said...

That dress is very cute. I like the muted colors. You look very cute with those glasses and hat.

Vix said...

You hint at a wardrobe tour in the future? You tease! I don't think I can stand the wait!
That outfit(and you) are entirely glorious and your hair looks so beautiful when you wear it down.
Yay to workmen in the street, they've closed our avenue off today and it's bliss!
Those aftershocks sound very unsettling, that heavens for a getaway this weekend.
Love you!

pastcaring said...

What a beautiful outfit - glorious frock, fabulous bag, love the furry hat and oh-so-ladylike gloves, and I think that last photo may be the most beautiful you've ever looked!
Boo to nasty aftershocks, but yay to future tours of house and wardrobe!
PS. Love that song. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tami Von Zalez said...

Love seeing your outfits but those specs have got to go! I think you would look extra fabulousness in wireless, rimless glasses. Just a thought.

Vintage Coconut said...

OKAY you look delicious in that frock paired with those tights and shoes. *Scream* over your hat!!!

lasophia said...

A street all to yourself to pose in. How fun. I love earthquakes, not huge ones of course, but little ones are fun. That bag is to die for, I cant believe you only paid 2 pounds!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

love the dress and all the fun colors!


Sara said...

You gorgeous creature! My goodness, that frock was made for youuuuu! Head-to-toe fabulous!

In love with that tooled leather bag--and for $2?! Amazing! (They're hard to find at shoppes in my area, and the ones I come across online are $60 and up it seems.) Oh, I love good deals! A beauty for a beauty. :D XOXO

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh I wish someone would shut off our main road - it runs right outside my bedroom window, we get juggernaghts in the middle of the night that shake the house so much things fall off shelves!
Really like the fuzzy hat xx

Bella Q said...

You are beyond gorgeous in this frock, with those eyes, shoes, purse, hat! Rah! I truly need a Helga inspiration style calender. xo.

liz said...

gorgeous mint stockings and I loooove those triple-strap heels! meow!

Anonymous said...

Do the aftershocks ever do damage? You're looking lovely on your cul-de-sac. I had a faux fur hat much like this...more years ago than I care to mention.

Reva said...

I so need those shoes and the frock-MAGNIFICENT!!!!

The Style Crone said...

You are stunning in the frock and the details add to your overall beauty.

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

darlin, your hair is looking lovely and that bag, lustlustlust

Mrs. D said...

Cool colour combo and details. It's all about the details isn't it?

Argh, earthquakes- I experienced a couple back in Lisbon and I didn't like it, scary stuff!


Stacey said...

Oh gosh, totally loving this ensemble. My fave piece has got to be the hat though That hat wins at everything.

Ugh, I hope you're safe from the ghastly quakes.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm sitting in a cafe dribbling all over my screen. I'd like to lick it but I think it might take a bit of mopping up. I might add that listening to James Brown's Hot Pants while perving at all your scrummy details is having dire consequences and I'm wriggling like a spaz! Fek you are GORGEOUS!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

You are looking more linda in this divino frock.
The furry hat gave your fab outfit an even more special
Pink and gold necklace envy.
touch.damn earthquakes even in cool climate doesn't stop them.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Gorgeous!I

I have been neglecting you!
Wonder why? You are one of the best for inspiration!
Love the mix flowery dress and faux fur hat
Those shoes are so good
Love the tights sandals look

Take care sweets

Isn't Danina gorgeous, my montreal blogger, i wii meet her tomorrow

Ariane xxxxx

Ariane xxxxx

Krista said...

That hat the dress the shoes the purse - I love it all sweetheart! Enough with the after shocks it must be frightening! I bet you are having a blast with Desiree and Kitty, can't wait for pictures! Have fun!

Melanie said...

That dress, that dress is so beautiful!

owlinalarkworld said...

I may have squealed a little at this outfit.
Perhaps it was the fuzzy coat and hat? Like a hipster red panda bear or something.
Basically you are wonderful.