A bride by my side, I'm inside many brides-sometimes I wonder

I made my frock out of a retro sheet, using a 50's pattern from Vix!

70's glasses-vintage store on the South Coast of New South Wales
Hairbow-made by moi

70's coat-Repetory Theatre sale
Shoes (slightly sensible!)-opshopped

Ruined house around the corner-repeated earthquakes, now being dismantled

By the time you read this, G and I will be winging our way over the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco!
After a few days there, we fly to New Orleans, where we meet our American friends, have some fun, do a wee 5 day cruise over to Mexico and back, have some more fun before doing a road trip back to Southern Utah!
After a week or so there we road trip to Las Vegas, spend a few days partying, and then G and I fly up to Portland!
We spend 4 days there before flying back to San Francisco to catch our flight back home mid July!

Bon Voyage, as they say!


PS: Clearly, these pix are from before the snow! They're from last weekend!
PPS: Do forgive me for not being round to visit much recently; I'm sure you'll understand that I have been a little pushed for time with holiday preparations!!
Stay fabulous; I look forward to catching up when I get back!!

Come to sparkle the dark up

That snow they reckoned might come down to low levels?!
It did.

Unfortunately, not until about 7:30 am, when we had already been at work for half an hour.
At about 11:30 am, the big boss decided to send everyone home.....
And we got rear ended on the way!

We're fine, our tow bar pretty much embedded itself in the perpetrators front bumper!


O well, we warmed ourselves up with banditos (tequila/kahlua), watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil to help get us in a Southern kinda mood, and then pranced about in the snow for a bit taking photos.
As you do.

Early 70's frock- lovely Kitty
Faux fur 60's stole-hot arse Sarah
Faux fur 60's hat-opshopped
Earrings-darling Sue
Necklace-sweetheart Louise

Now, G is thrilled to bits that many of you share his excitement about the mermaids!
He doesn't feel quite like the dirty perv I was perhaps painting him as....
However, he did say that he wished there were schoolgirl mermaids........

And he says "it's not a show, they're a bar snack!"


Out in the garden, there's half of a heaven

Apparently we may be getting snow down to low levels tonight.
That will only be good if we can't get to work tomorrow.
Otherwise, it can piss off!
I'm not a fan of snow.
It might look pretty, but it's wet and cold and leaves a nasty slushy mess.
Not to mention playing havoc with my footwear!

70's frock-Trade Me
60's lurex (!)houndstooth cardi-opshopped in Sydney
Beret-Madame Butterfly's
60's Coat-opshopped
Earrings-sweetheart Vanessa
Tights-lovely Sue
Shoes-Trade Me

Such an alluring word.
Say after me:
Isn't that nice?!

Trip titbit:
When we are in Vegas, we will be staying at the Silverton .
G is beyond excited, as they have:

He just won't shut up about it.
I suspect he'll come back with a bent nose from pressing it against the glass for hours.


PS: the booboid squashing went fine....now that I am a lady of a certain age, I have the dubious pleasure of a free mammogram every two years!
Too kind!

They've got the stars for the gallant hearts

So we had our last band practice (before we go away) and casual cocktails on Saturday night.
The cocktails were casual because we don't know where our cocktail books are and we couldn't really be arsed trying to sort out a cocktail menu...but we felt we needed formal wear anyways.

On G:
Leopard waistcoat and pants made by moi
Vinatge shirt and belt-opshopped
70's shoes-Hunters and Collectors, a shop that used to have a great retro section but went upmarket some years back.
Tie-sweet Lucy

On moi:
60's frock-Two Squirrels
Fishnets-retail, my growler ate them, so they became stockings
Shoes-opshopped in Australia
Brooch and earrings-gifts from G
Necklace-the tatted "chain" was opshopped, the rose bit was from darling Daniel, and the cameo was off some trashy chain store necklace. I hot glued it together earlier.
On my head-the fascinator bit was also from Lucy, I think, and I hot glued some glittery butterflies on it.
(I found my hot glue gun, O JOY)
80's lace gloves-opshopped

I had a wee accident putting on my fabulous Barry M turquoise eye shimmer stuff (a gift a while back from my beloved Vix )....it ended up down my face, so I just went with it....

The two on the left are fairly recent aqusitions, due to G's Trade Me acumen!
We haven't decided where we'll be putting them up. We have a fourth head, but are not sure where it is!

Why yes, a gratuitous booboid shot!

Our friend Alannah bought around a pile of late 60's/early 70's magazines for me!
There's some scintillating articles in them, and some fabulous frockage!

My favourite party trick.


Like an echo pedal you're repeating yourself

I knew there was a reason I hadn't worn this frock in ages.
It's not terribly flattering.
I think it has to be cut up and transformed, as the colour and divine crimplene goodness is too good to lose.
If asked, I usually say my fave colour is red or pink, but I have an extraordinary amount of green frocks, so how could I not realise that green is a keen favourite?!

I picked up these earrings when opshopping with the fabulous Kitty and Desiree!
The necklaces are from the Shabby Chic market, at different times, and the green 60's beads were opshopped.

The booboids are courtesy of my Mama.
They're getting squashed on Tuesday.
Honestly, everything to do with womens health is uncomfortable, undignified and downright disturbing, but has to be done!
Le sigh.

70's coat and frock, opshopped
Black jacket thingy-opshopped
Over knee socks-Trade Me
Shoes-retail sale
Vinatge Oroton sunglasses-Sarah

Hairbow-made by moi
Faux pearls-can't remember, but they are a broken necklace, just pinned in.


I am looking forward to a spectacle!!!

Gash out, go for gold

It's a sunny, but brisk, Frock Friday down here!
Also a day of errands, the highlight of which was picking up our tickets for the States!
The lowlight was probably my wax...'twas a little brutal, but hey, I put myself up for it, and I like the results, so I just have to spread 'em and bear it!

I was really torn between having humungous hair and wanting to wear a hat today, so I did both!
G wasn't sure about perching this fabulous green beauty atop my bouffant, but I was determined!
The hat is from the Camelot Costume Hire sale I went to with sweet Squirrel Vanessa .

I watched a splendid doco on my darling Queenie last night, and received a text during it from Vanessa asking if I knew it was on!!
She is a true angel!
Yes! I did!
Luckily due to G being rather onto it, cos I rarely seem to know what's going down!

Frock-Oamaru ( I am having a moment and have forgotten the name of the vintage shop!*)
50's Coat-Two Squirrels
60's cardigan-opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
70's vanity case as handbag-Trade Me
Disco earrings-Kitty , whilst I was thrashing around with her!
50's sunglasses-lovely Sue !


*It might be a senior moment?!
I'm still blank, 10 minutes later....