Gash out, go for gold

It's a sunny, but brisk, Frock Friday down here!
Also a day of errands, the highlight of which was picking up our tickets for the States!
The lowlight was probably my wax...'twas a little brutal, but hey, I put myself up for it, and I like the results, so I just have to spread 'em and bear it!

I was really torn between having humungous hair and wanting to wear a hat today, so I did both!
G wasn't sure about perching this fabulous green beauty atop my bouffant, but I was determined!
The hat is from the Camelot Costume Hire sale I went to with sweet Squirrel Vanessa .

I watched a splendid doco on my darling Queenie last night, and received a text during it from Vanessa asking if I knew it was on!!
She is a true angel!
Yes! I did!
Luckily due to G being rather onto it, cos I rarely seem to know what's going down!

Frock-Oamaru ( I am having a moment and have forgotten the name of the vintage shop!*)
50's Coat-Two Squirrels
60's cardigan-opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
70's vanity case as handbag-Trade Me
Disco earrings-Kitty , whilst I was thrashing around with her!
50's sunglasses-lovely Sue !


*It might be a senior moment?!
I'm still blank, 10 minutes later....


Georgia Rose said...

Allow me to come to your assistance, dear Helga- the name of the shop is Retro Funk! Aren't you lucky you've got a spritely young thing like me to pick up the slack?!

two squirrels said...

Oh I was just all squeals of excitement, the hats and the dresses.Heaven would be playtime in the Queens wardrobe, as would playtime in the fabulous Miss Helga's wardrobe.
Looking just splendid today in the gorgeous green hat, fit for a Queen.
Eeeeeekkkkkkkk tickets to the USA!!!!! Oh my gosh that is so exciting.
I hope you have a amazing "Queens birthday weekend"
Love v

Sara said...

Bouffant + green beauty..I must dance. I must dance this very second. GORGE.

Loving everything to bits. The color of the vanity case deserves lots of exclamation points!!!!! What a pretty! And those glasses are friggin' fantastic!

You stunner. XOXO

Ronnie (RR) said...

I love the pattern and material of that dress, and such a cute bag too

Trees said...

Tickets to the USA? How exciting:D Also I LOVE that green hat.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Yay the USA what parts are you visiting? The green beauty is perfection I don't know what G was thinking ;) xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Brazilian??? ;) You're brave getting a wax on the first day of winter! Don't you be getting a chill!

Vintage Curly Girly said...

I just want to SQUEEZE you tight! You look so good! xx

The Grande Dame said...

Oh, waxes - aren't they just the most annoying thing everrrrrr?? On a happier note I LOVE this blue coat, it's such a gorgeous colour!

Hannah said...

Loving this ensemble, how you managed to perch that hat on that mound of loveliness I don't know. Ouchers waxing. Tickets to the ol' USA how exciting?!! Love that coat xxx

Perdita said...

Win! You dream the impossible dream (big hair AND hat) ...and it rocks!

Kitty said...

Good to see you enjoying the earrings my precious one!!
I want to hear ALL about the vintage in Texas too, please keep a special eye out for me if you have time??
Looks bloody freezing there already.xx.

karensomethingorother said...

I love the lighting in these pictures. It still freaks me out that you and Sarah are entering WINTER when it's getting hot and flowery here.

Still, you look lovely.

MistressCatgirl said...

My goodness you look really to take the town on. I really like the intricate detail of your frock. Your shoes always match perfectly too.

Annie said...

It doesn't look cold enough for a coat, but I guess it is one of those sunny but cool days that we sometimes get over here in between the grey skies and rain. Anyway, the coat itself is fab, and your hair looks wonderful!

Have a great Jubilee weekend!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love those old tags/logos. I'd love to have a framed collection but they seem to be attached to the clothing more then the new clothing now. Sign of the times I guess.
I love that color frame on the sunnies!
Happy Weekend!

pastcaring said...

A big bouffant needs a fine hat, I reckon! And you look most seductive, peering over your 50s sunnies with a come hither glint in your eye!
Blues and greens, great combination, and the print on that frock is gorgeous.
Shoe love, vanity case envy, coat fancy, and Helga adoration - that's where I am at the moment!

Now I'm struggling to place THOSE song lyrics, darling, how does it go?! Hope the lady garden has calmed down after its savage pruning, hahaha! xxxxxx

Maria said...

you are a brave and committed woman- i waxed myself once - i still can't bring myself to discuss it - bouffants and big hats though yes please x

Krista said...

Stacked hair and chest you are one hot lady...even if it was freezing out. Your emerald hat looks perfect on your crown, and those eyes, a woman determined!
The print and color combination on this dress make it over the top em em good! Senior moment pft.

Melanie said...

I like the hat perched on your do. Not unlike the queen with her crown. Your blues and greens are wonderful, Oh Divine One.

seƱora Allnut said...

so pretty green hat, and lovely hairstyle!, you did both!!
And love your dress print and your vanity case, so pretty color and retro vibe!

Vintage Coconut said...

Ohhhh so much deliciousness in this post!
Your hair / hat
The Shoes
The flight case
your frock!!!
OHHHH I love it all.


Killer glasses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I love it all
Enjoy your weekend, dear friend


You look like a goddess from a mystical seaworld. My favourite tones (being a water sign, of course).
I now have Neil Diamond's 'America' in my head, and all manner of crude 'lady garden' double-entendres to keep my chuckling away tonight - cheers!

Sue said...

The old bikini wax hmmmm. I say get togs with a skirt!!! Doesn't hurt a bit!!

Vix said...

The big hair and hat combo works a treat, old Lizzie would be proud of your regal outfit, certainly knocks her frocks and coats into a cocked hat.
Those blue skies look glorious, can't believe it's cat wearing weather and that you're off to the US of A soon, it's rolled round so quickly!!
Those earrings are amazing, Kitty done ya proud!
Hope the waxing isn't smarting too much.
LOve you!

Fiona said...

Ha ha, that's the first time I've seen a post with Gash in the title, you are a one! Love your dress, it looks a little like Welsh tapestry and your vanity bag is delish. My Auntie Connie had a hat just like yours, but unfortunately it didn't look quite so stylish with a fag hanging out the corner of her mouth! Hope you are enjoying the US of A.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Fab hat! Just right for a queenie weekend too xx

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody arsebiscuit - blogger is eating my comments!

The hat is ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY FABULARSEHOLE! I love the green/blue combo and as always, the devil's in the detail darling... the shoes, the handbag/vanity... the fabulous coat collar and the disco darling earrings and the SUNGLASSES!

You're so splendid - I've been watching those Queenie docos too and I must say that I've never much liked her but I have more and more heart for her with every doco... I never realised she's an actual person!

Love you more than any royalty, Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

Oh your Royal biatchness!*bows*
You astound me with your colors of blues and greens.
pattern on frock is hypnotizing me.
I am in love with your vintage blue coat amor.oh and your freaking fantasmo green crown hat.
that 70's case is amazing.
Kitty is the best for frocks and earring picking.
G hombre is a good bush trimmer, couldn't he help you out?
I am so excited for your U.S. trip! You will be prosting it up soon with Kristita.