Like an echo pedal you're repeating yourself

I knew there was a reason I hadn't worn this frock in ages.
It's not terribly flattering.
I think it has to be cut up and transformed, as the colour and divine crimplene goodness is too good to lose.
If asked, I usually say my fave colour is red or pink, but I have an extraordinary amount of green frocks, so how could I not realise that green is a keen favourite?!

I picked up these earrings when opshopping with the fabulous Kitty and Desiree!
The necklaces are from the Shabby Chic market, at different times, and the green 60's beads were opshopped.

The booboids are courtesy of my Mama.
They're getting squashed on Tuesday.
Honestly, everything to do with womens health is uncomfortable, undignified and downright disturbing, but has to be done!
Le sigh.

70's coat and frock, opshopped
Black jacket thingy-opshopped
Over knee socks-Trade Me
Shoes-retail sale
Vinatge Oroton sunglasses-Sarah

Hairbow-made by moi
Faux pearls-can't remember, but they are a broken necklace, just pinned in.


I am looking forward to a spectacle!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great advice Helga. You look amazing in green and what I would give for that cleavage! Gorgeous!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Green looks great with your red hair! Make that dress a Mini! Then we get treated to those legs and the booboids! You reminded me I gotta get mine squished too! :D

Vintage Curly Girly said...

I love you in green, perfect colour for you with the hair ....

I'd just chop the bottom off so we can see your lovely legs.

Oh I hope the ABC televises the jubilee here .... Last I heard they werent going to ....I do love a bit of pomp and pagentry xxxx

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I see what you mean, the colour is amazing but the dress doesn't seem to make the most of your booboids. And that would NEVER do. xx

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Fiona said...

You are lucky to have Booboids, I have fried eggs and it's NO fun having those squished I can tell you. Think I'm having a senior moment now, I thought you were stateside, doh!
Enjoy the Jubilee. x

Mary Lou said...

oh yes with red hair green looks gorgous darling! oh and i´m sure shorter so that you can showcase your gorgous legs the dress would look even more fabulous!!!
love and kiss,mary

The Grande Dame said...

The earrings & greenish pearls are so beautiful! Green does look striking with your lovely red hair. Very annoying to find a dress in the right colour but wrong style! Hope you can salvage it xxx

karensomethingorother said...

Good luck with the hoot squashing, Helga. I hope it's not too horrendous!!

Green is a lovely colour on you. When you wear lots of green, it always looks so refreshing.

Kitty said...

Yes give it some Helga-style embellishments, looks a good colour on you but kinda plain.xx.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

PASH-O-RAMA darling!!! I flippin' love you in green AND with your knickers on display, but not necessarily in that order ... the earrings are fecktacular and I still get a bit teary at the memory of our love-in ... you will never know how much it meant to me!!!!! Top-to-toe green MUST be done and my how you've DONE it baby!!! Can't wait to do you again ... and all the very best for the booboid squish - NASTY business indeed but I'm so glad you have the good sense to do it darlink!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh darling, just close your eyes and think of England... and specifically think of you and me landing on Vix's door step in England!!!

You are looking spendid in green - all of those accessories are perfection - hair pearls! lace bow! ten million necklaces and dangly earrings!!! And green is particularly flattering with your flamey gorgeous hair... but I also love you in pink and red and orange and well, every colour actually.

Love you more than boobs! Sarah xxx

Reva said...

My mom blessed me with her booboids,too! I have been putting off the big squish for 2 years....
I know!
Big hugs always,

Trees said...

Green is perfect with your hair colour - chop that dress and it will be so much better:D

Good luck with the boob squishing...agreed, all things relating to women's health are very unpleasant and undignified!

two squirrels said...

Oh poor boobs, its yucky!!!! Poor ladies bits, the health professional are really mean to them all!!!!!
You rock green miss Helga, I love it on you!!!!!
Oh oh I was with you when you brought the pendant, ahhh fond memories.
Sending a fuzzy squirrel hug to my favourite poppet!!!!
Love v

Sue said...

Not fond of the old boob squash!! Could they make it any more uncomfortable??? But better to do it than not I say. You look like the proverbial Irish Rose in Green!!! You always look stunning, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have never seen you look bad.

Dashfield Vintage said...

I think I agree with you, snip that dress of at the knee's and it will look smokin hot. I love that green colour, especially with your hair colour. I always get nervous about altering old clothes. I'm about to attempt an operation on a beautiful 50s dress where the lace has sadly started to fall apart. Eek!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You look right Royal in that fabulous green. It is & will surely always be my favourite colour. Vintage and green go so well together. I love the green pendant you're wearing too. Xx

Melanie said...

I am glad to see you wearing the crown jewels on the occasion of the Jubilee. You look positively regal. No wonder you like green, it look great with your dancing hair.

LandGirl1980 said...

Eugh. You are SO right. EVERYTHING to do with womens health IS undignified. It's not on having to have your boob squished in an un-nice way.

Franca said...

I love green! I hope you make that dress into something even more fabulous!


Helguita I want to rest my head in that bossom full of pearls.
That must be heaven!!!
Amor siempre!!!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

One of my favourite colours on one of my style icons!

I am coveting that deco necklace. Hot!


Perdita said...

Yup, women's bits are always a nightmare - squashed, probed, and always involving some kind of contortionism to get yourself in/on the machine... gah.

That green ensemble looks tres regal. Lovely stuff.

FeltByRae said...

Good luck with your booboid squashing dahling, I had mine squashed, scanned & stabbed (they call it aspirating!) on my birthday this year, which I found hilarious timing - nothing like giving your girls plenty of attention for a birthday treat!

Hannah said...

You look fabulous in green, most dresses I buy on the high street do no think my Dolly Partons in properly, such a bummer, but you look beautiful xxx

Clara Turbay said...

Nice blog!

seƱora Allnut said...

look fabulous in Green, so pretty shade, and so pretty bow and pearls!, and you're absolutely right, it's uncomfortable, undignified and downright disturbing!!
besos & salud

pastcaring said...

Queen Helga, you are spoiling us with all this gorgeous greenery! What are your plans for the frock? Short? Is the fit quite right on your magnificent soon-to-be-squished booboids? I'm sure you can rescue the frock and make it more delicious.
Love that pendant, the bow, and your spectacular earrings! And your hair is a marvel (has G been doing your roots for you again? Mine need doing VERY badly, send him over!) xxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I just know you will be able to turn that green frock into something magical!
I really do love it and your right it is too great to just get rid of.

Bella Q said...

You are a goddess in green. And your rack is worthy of knighthood.

Anonymous said...

May the squishing bring a good report.

Stacey said...

I do love your amazing all-green ensembles! I hope the boob-squishing goes favourably. I agree whole-heartedly that everything to do with women's health is quite disturbing!

Vix said...

Boob squishing is so undignified, only a man would have come up with such a weird device, there must be a better way!
The green of that frock is gorgeous on you but it needs to chopped up so we can perv at your delicious legs. You could make hot pants for G with the remnants (and we can perv at him, too).
I didn't watch any of that royal stuff, if you'd been here I'd have made an effort!
Love you!

vintage_kitten said...

That green looks beautiful in you especially with your red hair.Hope the squish goes well.I need to do all that stuff.I hate girly check ups,xx

La Dama said...

I'm sure your green Diosa frock will look delicious in a shorter version.
Oh chi che squishing is so undignified ,but we all have to do it.
Love all your deco jewelry delights of silver. Your booboids are always a joy to my prosti eyes.