Out in the garden, there's half of a heaven

Apparently we may be getting snow down to low levels tonight.
That will only be good if we can't get to work tomorrow.
Otherwise, it can piss off!
I'm not a fan of snow.
It might look pretty, but it's wet and cold and leaves a nasty slushy mess.
Not to mention playing havoc with my footwear!

70's frock-Trade Me
60's lurex (!)houndstooth cardi-opshopped in Sydney
Beret-Madame Butterfly's
60's Coat-opshopped
Earrings-sweetheart Vanessa
Tights-lovely Sue
Shoes-Trade Me

Such an alluring word.
Say after me:
Isn't that nice?!

Trip titbit:
When we are in Vegas, we will be staying at the Silverton .
G is beyond excited, as they have:

He just won't shut up about it.
I suspect he'll come back with a bent nose from pressing it against the glass for hours.


PS: the booboid squashing went fine....now that I am a lady of a certain age, I have the dubious pleasure of a free mammogram every two years!
Too kind!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

When I grow up, I would like to be a mermaid.

I am LOVING this look.

Trees said...

You look very pretty - love the lurex cardy.

Sue said...

Yes the perks of getting older, FREE mammograms!!!! Then there is nothing else on offer until you hit 60!!! The mermaids look fab, I love mermaids ever since watching Splash with Daryl Hannah in it 100 years ago. Take photos of G with his face pressed up to the glass for your blog followers!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

So glad all is fine on your boob front. I have to wait another 8 years until I am entitled to a free boob-squish... perhaps I'll have one next year while I'm visiting NZ... slap that on my agenda will you, darling!? So glad all is fine on your boob front.

The mermaids are INCREDIBLE - I think YOU should be a mermaid!!!

Your outfit is exquisite, as always - I adore your coat - is it pink or red? And your hair do is THE BOMB. I'm copying tomorrow. Fuck a fucking duck, you're just fabulous.

Love you more than mermaids! Sarah xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh love the piggy tails today!!!!
Looking lovely in red, Lurex heaven. Cool the earrings look great!!! Happy you are wearing them.
G will be in under water watching heaven.
Say warm poppets!!!!
Love v

Melanie said...

I love that third photo of you! It's splendid! Lurex is a luscious word, so similar to lurid, luuurid luuurex. Mmm. And you and G look ready for Vegas in that last post as well. (I can't believe I almost missed it!) Top points for sewing that amazing leopard waistcoat and pants.

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous in these photos, I love the piggy tails, you look better than any fish tail in the world!!
Your frock and beret are so appealing in a 'nouvelle vague' style way!!
I love it! I'm glad that you and your boobs are fine, have a great day!!

Bella Q said...

I bought Lurex the other day. I thought of you.

Miss Claire said...

MERMAIDS?!! How can this be? I can imagine how excited G would be! You should make him a leopard print tail and he can be a Merman. I'm glad your booboids are OK! I don't think there is anything on my chest to squash, dammit! Xxxxxx

delia hornbook said...

OH MY GOD Mermaids ;-))) No wonder he is so excited. Where are they? and what for is it a show? They look wonderful as do you loved your blue outfit in your last post. So sorry i haven't been over for a while im really struggling with keeping up to date in blogland life is so hetic at present. Fingers crossed the snow stays away for you. dee xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'd be pretty damn excited about the mermaids too, not the same reason as G though ;) Ahh Vegas how cool. Love you in red. xxx

Annie said...

That's a really pretty outfit. Hope the snow holds off - it feels cold enough to snow here!
I went to Vegas about 15 years ago and would love to go back. The Silverton looks amazing. x

Sissy said...

I keep picturing that scene in the move "Where the Boys Are" when they all jump in the mermaid tank...


You guys will have a blast, can't wait for the pics, love your rasberry beret!

lasophia said...

I love you in blue, I love you in red. Eff the snow. I cant drive out of my house with it so I have to hibernate. Luckily here it only lasts a couple of days. Mermaids! I didnt know they had mermaids in Vegas! I would have gone to see the show last year.

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is friggin awesome! Wanted to be a mermaid so badly when I was little!

Anonymous said...

Those mermaids are so cool! I didn't know they lived in Vegas!
The colors in these photos is really great Helga. I love the pigtails too.

MistressCatgirl said...

When I was a little girl, I was convinced that I could turn into a mermaid if I stayed in the tub long enough.It never worked.
I didn't know there were mermaids in Vegas! I'll have to remember that next time we go. You look very cute. You have a school girl vibe going one.

Maria said...

lurex was a word i learned when i was little them lame (should have a french thingy on the end) i dreamed of such lovely fabrics - and mermaids - i always knew they were real! glad boobies are marvellous and fine x

Krista said...

Glad to hear the girls are great :) Mermaids now I wanna go!!!!! You guys are going to have a blast!

Vintage Coconut said...

Glad to hear about your boobs!
I want to see them too, I would be JUST AS EXCITED AS G!

karensomethingorother said...

I'm so glad squish-o-rama went fine. I know you were NOT looking forward to that. Gee, I don't know why...

I HATE snow too. My sister loves it and she was all whiny all winter because we had a freakishly good winter and barely got ANY, and I was thrilled, and had to keep reminding her I was the WRONG person to whine to.

Sexy hair and a sexy outfit. You're right, snow would completly ruin the fun footwear.

You're going to Vegas?!? You lucky woman!!!

Vix said...

Thank goodness the girls are well and good and no more trauma for them for another couple of years, poor loves!!
Your hair looks fecking GLORIOUS today and that pussy bow frock is divine and naturally lurex is the best!
Eughhhh, snow! I hate it too, sensible footwear and cosy underwear make me feel about 110 years old, vile, hateful stuff!
How exciting about those pretty mermaids!
Love you!

pastcaring said...

Snow? Oh no! You're right, it's a footwear killer.
Love you in red and with your beret and bunches - a little naughty schoolgirl-esque, but that's a good thing! That close-up is dreamy!
Now - are you SURE it'll be G's nose that will be bent from pressing up to the glass looking at those lovely mermaids???? I think you would make a most marvellous mermaid yourself, all that beautiful red hair swirling around in the water, how gorgeous.
Glad to hear the squishing/squashing of the booboids was fine.
Loveyoulikefeetofmudslow-moandlurex! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Snow! So hard for me to imagine...

I am impressed that your mammogram is free. New Zealand must be a far more advanced country than the US!

And, mermaids! I would be excited too.

Camelia Crinoline said...

That cardigan is fabulous. You look great in red. Mermaids? That is exciting.

Hannah said...

Love the hat and the houndstooth. As if they have mermaids?!! I want to be one but I am shit swimmer hah xxx

Melanie said...

Hee, I loved the mermaid remark!

Theeny said...

omg M E R M A I D S !! I want to be one of them, please, when you see them, tell them to mail me all the necessary information on how to join their cult. thank you :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

yes I can see how the mermaids could be distracting.... but he won't be looking for long, not with your FABULARSE self looking the way you do, or you throwing heavy or sharp objects at him. You look gorgeous and love you squeezed into the luuurrrrex cardi! xxx