They've got the stars for the gallant hearts

So we had our last band practice (before we go away) and casual cocktails on Saturday night.
The cocktails were casual because we don't know where our cocktail books are and we couldn't really be arsed trying to sort out a cocktail menu...but we felt we needed formal wear anyways.

On G:
Leopard waistcoat and pants made by moi
Vinatge shirt and belt-opshopped
70's shoes-Hunters and Collectors, a shop that used to have a great retro section but went upmarket some years back.
Tie-sweet Lucy

On moi:
60's frock-Two Squirrels
Fishnets-retail, my growler ate them, so they became stockings
Shoes-opshopped in Australia
Brooch and earrings-gifts from G
Necklace-the tatted "chain" was opshopped, the rose bit was from darling Daniel, and the cameo was off some trashy chain store necklace. I hot glued it together earlier.
On my head-the fascinator bit was also from Lucy, I think, and I hot glued some glittery butterflies on it.
(I found my hot glue gun, O JOY)
80's lace gloves-opshopped

I had a wee accident putting on my fabulous Barry M turquoise eye shimmer stuff (a gift a while back from my beloved Vix ) ended up down my face, so I just went with it....

The two on the left are fairly recent aqusitions, due to G's Trade Me acumen!
We haven't decided where we'll be putting them up. We have a fourth head, but are not sure where it is!

Why yes, a gratuitous booboid shot!

Our friend Alannah bought around a pile of late 60's/early 70's magazines for me!
There's some scintillating articles in them, and some fabulous frockage!

My favourite party trick.



Misfits Vintage said...

Oh darling - you look PERFECTLY SPLENDID!!! I adore that fabularsehole frock - and the handmade necklace is SUBLIME and I am shimmery peacock green with envy over your amazing makeup skills. Hey - I know that party trick too!!

Love you more than vintage magazines, Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I am liking your booze cabinet more and more each time I see it! :D Love the eyeshadow, very cool. G look s avery cool cat, as does your pussy! ;D


You have it all, my dear heather, a great frock, and a husband in animal print, wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww

Sue said...

So you have a fishnet eating growler!! How fantabulous for you!!! Love your eye make up, your talents are limitless!! The Black heads took me back a fair few years as we had one very similar to the one in the middle of your photo that ended up in our beach house. I always loved that black lady and wondered where she ran off to. I suspect one of my sisters has her enslaved now.

Stacey said...

You look amazeballs! I love that frock, and I love the "just run with it" make up mentality - it certainly turned out fabulous!

pastcaring said...

Ha, I LOVE that you and G are completely glammed up in leopard print and brocade for casual cocktails!
Thank you for the booboid shot, I feel better for seeing that. Them.

Wow, if my makeup mistakes looked like that, I would consider myself very lucky - you look amazing!
I feel a little stab of cocktail cabinet envy every time I see you posing next to it, and I would so love a leaf through those magazines.
Nothing says rock'n'roll like a cat asleep on your lap, followed by falling asleep yourself. Do you keep the lights on to ease your soul?
Love you more than Kate(andthatsalotoflove!)
PS. Feed that growler! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hannah said...

Your photos make my life happier, you and G are all kinds of awesome, love that leopard print suit (obvs) And the fact you just went with the makeup issue and turned it into a magical mermaid look is just beautiful. Oh and I need a brocade 50s dress like that in my life! xxx

Quirky-Vintage said...

Wow I love that necklace! Must get a glue gun myself. I adore your cocktail cabinet...I have a 1950's drinks trolley but I think I'm ready to move on and up now to a fully fledged cabinet. Woohoo!!! The turquoise dress is beautiful especially with the hold-ups. xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's a brilliant party trick. I recon I'd be quite good at that! Love those retro mags. Great reading. x

two squirrels said...

Oh that dress is just so amazing on you, I love ever time you wear it. Super cute pendant!!!
Mr G looking very dapper!!!!
We have the same party trick. I am hopeless.
Love v

Kitty said...

Just showed my man (you know, the one I told you about!) this post and he said if you're confused about the cocktails at all, just ship all the grog in your cabinet over here, he'll be happy to help you out, LOL! he's a bit keen on G's leopard outfit too, he he!
Maybe the heads should go above the new cocktail cabinet??

Franca said...

I love your fabulous eye make up!

Ronnie (RR) said...

I love your makeup mistake, it looked great. Fabulous pile of old magazines, enjoy your browsing :)

The Style Crone said...

Your headwear is divine as usual. But everything you wear always is! The shoes with blue fishnets have me swooning.

Anonymous said...

haha, nice party trick!
I added some details to my eye like that at a 2000 New Year party. I got some strange looks but I just told people that this is the way makeup was headed. And look! I was right! It looks really great on you too. I've seen it a bit lately in advertising as well. I love it!

MistressCatgirl said...

You and G really compliment each other well. I like his leopard out fit and your make up is just perfect.
I must say, I am very envious of your bar. My husband and I are trying to get ours up to standard.

Krista said...

I love the makeup you went looks very New Orleans. OMG you guys are seriously almost leaving!!!!!! I get to see you in about 1 month. WOO HOO! You both look pretty pimptastic. Love the bar and all your party tricks. Safe travels.


Vix said...

You are the Barry M queen, you should be on their website. That eye make-up is a triumph and so's G's killer suit!
Your frock is perfection and the crazy cameo rocks my world.
That stash of mags is phenomenal and I love those heads so much!
That was my party trick last night, too....oh the same!
Love you!

karensomethingorother said...


The fishnets are both demure, and ridiculously sexay. Good job. You always look fab in blue, Helga.

Rose&Bird said...

Ooh, I adore that dress and your rescue of the dazzle dust escape! G looks very suave too, such an elegant couple you make!

Vintage Coconut said...

WOWZERRR I love your dress!
So glimmery & glamoury.
And G looks rather fantastic in his leopard suit.
Those magazines look awesome, I bet they have a ton of great stuff in them.

Fiona said...

Wow, what a sensational looking couple you are. Your dress is 'gawgeous' (must be said with South London accent) and G's suit totally outrageous. Love your Barry M mishap too, you'd be a whizz at face painting. There must be a Mrs Slocombe-esque double entendre somewhere about your pussy but after a 12hr shift I'm buggered if I can think of one.
Pleeeease tell us how to cure frigidity, I'm dying to know !!!!

señora Allnut said...

fabulous cabinet and orange wall!, and you look also fabulously cool and elegant!

vintage_kitten said...

you to look amazing.I want both your outfits.Love that leopardprint.I like your eye make up.I thought you did it as part of your outfit till I read further.Love the heads and your bar cabinet.xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Seriously the two of you are just WAY too cute! x

La Dama said...

You amorcitos look lindisimos!
I adorar your shiny brocade frock.
Also want a bar like yours is amazing.
The growler sure gets around.
admiring your big-ass greatness of a necklace.
G Hombre in amazing leopard suit always reminds me of how I like him to be pimp- daddy.
Your make up mistake is freaking cool!
love them chalk heads!
That's my fave party trick except I have no cats to lay on my lap.

Anonymous said...

I've pulled the same party trick a few times, but I daresay I wasn't so lovely doing it. Kitty seems to like your lap in this amazing dress.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh hail the hot blue gun and the magic it bestows upon glorious creatures with a massive creative streak!!! I LOVE the necklace so much and the frock is FAAAAAAAARRRRRKKKING GORGEOUS!!!!!! I have a couple of pairs of tights attacked by my growler and will be chopping them pronto darlink!!! Thank you for flashing your stocking tops, oh happy days!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*clutches heart* Aqua brocade and red cameo. *faints*

Forest City Fashionista said...

Aqua brocade and leopard print - you were made for each other! Effing awesome!

Lucy Nation said...

Oh you are a vision in these pictures. I love the eye makeup, kind of reminds me of a Clockwork Orange does Cabaret (get me!). The frock is fit for a shimmering princess.

And just to lower the tone, I'm amazed you missed the opportunity to add a pussy related caption to that second to last photo!;)

Lucy xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You always look amazing, I do love your turquiose frock, so gorgeous. I love your kitty, so much like my old one, with tiger stripes and leopard spots. You look like you're not allowed to move lest you get a claw in an unmentionable area.

Love your African heads, I really want one!

gorgeous make up too! You're a star! xxxxx