So heavy handed with the heather

Much to my disgust I have been weirdly afflicted with some kind of virus all weekend.

Friday afternoon I got frocked up to go out and do a few things.....but was then foiled by G getting caught up in Lyttleton, so I spent the afternoon prepping for our dinner party with The Squirrels.
Of which I neglected to take any pix!
Not of our outfits, not of the food, not of anything!
Sorry about that.
These pix, however, I got G to take when he got home Friday afternoon....

Frock-made by moi out of 60's curtain fabric from darling Sue
Belt-off a frock
Pale blue fishnets-Portland
Shoes-Trade Me
Hairy coat-opshopped
70's tooled leather handbag-gift from G for my last birthday
Hat-vintage shop in San Francisco
Sunglasses-vintage shop in Portland
Yellow necklace-Alex
Skull necklace-gift from G last birthday


Look to the North and pray

Thank feck it's Friday, it's been a loooong week!
I am officially over Winter.........despite having missed 5 weeks of it........ungrateful wench that I am!
I am gagging for Spring, and if I could, I would just hole up in our little home and not pop my head out until the first blossoms come........

Frock-70's, from sexy Sarah
Hairy Coat-60's, I think,  opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
Sunglasses-Buffalo Exchange, San Francisco
Handbag-60's Rex, from darling Miss V, who is coming to dinner tonight!
Bloody irritating twisty 60's necklace-opshopped
Brooch-made by moi with a vintage Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret button and some mixed trims


Ribbons and bows so everyone knows

Wouldn't you know it?!
We're only home a week and we just couldn't resist popping into Retropolitan whilst out on some errands on Saturday!
So naughty; you'd think I'd done enough shopping in the States to last me at least a month!
Nothing tickled our fancy enough to buy it, though, but it was lovely to have a nosey!

I wore:
Frock-70's luridly lurex from  Vix!
Belt-thriftstore in Texas, I think
Coat-50's or 60's, inherited from G's nana
Fishnets-from Vanessa
Shoes-Trade Me
60's Handbag-New Orleans
60's beret-opshopped

I love it when 2 different people gift me things that satisfy my matchy-matchy urges!

A scrum of brooches, as G would say!
Top left one is from Sue, the right one is from Sarah, and the insane furry one is from Vix.
Earrings from Vanessa, and the 70's tastic necklace was opshopped!

Stacks of gorgeous old cases!

This jacket looks like it would have been worn as part of an Olympic uniform?!
(Crikey, that must start any second?!)

I spotted this hottie lurking in the menswear....

Yeah, baby, I'm looking at you!

More cases!

I'm rather fancying the anodised cups and ice bucket....
But no, nothing was begging me to buy it.......maybe I am shopped out after our trip??
Is this possible?!
O gawd, could I have lost my will to shop?!


I'm just resting.


I won't open boxes that I am not told to

Ah, some pix taken a wee while before we went away that I'd almost forgotten about!
They'll tide you over whilst I work on another food post of possibly epic proportions!
I'm so happy you darlings love food as much as I.
I suspect we're perfect for each other!

And do you love wine as much as I?!
I adore red wine, and I like it to be pretty grunty, making Australian Syrah/Shiraz  and Cabernet Sauvignon my first picks.
New Zealand apparently does very good white wine, but I'm not a big fan of white.
Unless I mix it, like the philistine I am, with orange juice!
We do do some good Pinot Noir here, but you have to be prepared to pay good money for it.
No shitty cheap arse pinot for moi!
I enjoyed some Californian reds whilst we were in the States........MMMM!

30's black velvet cape-had it for over 20 years
70's frock-Madam Butterfly's, with the belt sewn on as a pussybow!
Headpiece-won in a giveaway of Hannah's last year
Clip on earrings-Sarah
Shoes-retail (sale!)
60's gloves-opshopped


Everybody got they cups, but they ain't chipped in

Before I start with this post about food and booze, I would like to address the questions some of you have had about how the hell I got all my goodies home!!!
Firstly, I tried not to take too much with me.
I posted 2 parcels home, one small one from San Francisco, and one large one from Utah......then we bought a standard size carry on at the Goodwill in Santa Fe......our suitcases were jampacked as all hell......and then we bought a funky case in Portland for a second carry on.
I don't know how we managed it, but we weren't overweight!!
I suspect there was a bit of a tardis thing going on, as when unpacking, I felt like a magician pulling a scarf out of a chickens arse; it just seemed to go on and on and on......!!!

Here's a slightly scrambled (like my brain) post of some food and booze on our travels.
The pic above is G at an amazing vegan/gluten free restaurant we stumbled into in The Mission district of San Francisco.....the top two pix of the collage below are what we ate....

I think we ate at El Super Burrito about 4 times, we loved it so much!

Drinkies in New Orleans!

Those dill pickle flavoured crisps were fantabulous!
At Prejeans, Lafayette, Lousiana (top right), we had crawfish enchiladas!

G isn't a particular fan of Budweiser, but they did have the biggest cans we've ever seen!

Margarita in New Orleans!

Margarita in Cozumel!

The Northern Thai curry, above collage, bottom right, was the best curry I think I have ever had outside of Thailand!

I frigging love foreign supermarkets....I was secret squirrel snapping with great excitement at the variety of booze and Mexican canned goods....I so wish I could have shipped back a pile of groceries!
I was mesmerised in Las Cruces, New Mexico, by an entire aisle of tortilla chips........!!!

I took more pix of what we were eating and drinking than of anything else........obviously, I like my food!
There's plenty more to  bore you with another day!