Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun

I am not in the least surprised that most of you wish to hear about my thrifting (and general shopping) adventures first!
Being the shallow clothes whore that I am, I secretly hoped this would be the case!

But first, I wish you to behold the fabulous 60's frock the gorgeous Bella gave to me when we met in Portland!

Worn with:
Boots-Trade Me
Furry hat-Opshopped
Earrings-darling Kitty
Dream 60's handbag-The Funky Monkey Exchange, New Orleans

The brooch on the right was from a thrift store in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico!
The top brooch was from the petticoat prancing Sarah, and the koalas on a bicycle brooch was my prize from a giveaway the darling Arianne !
It's bloody hilarious!

Thrifting adventures.
As this is a momentous "tah dah!" kinda post, and I have finally remembered, I am linking this to Lakota's Ta Dah Tuesday's !
Of course, my Tuesday starts before anybody elses! 

I started off fairly tamely at an odd little vintage shop near our hotel in San Francisco.
There I scored this sweet little 60's hat and sunglasses, (G proved to have a good eye for sunglasses this trip!) and a military styley hat.

This bronzey sequin bolero (it seems quite old, but I can't date it), hammered silver necklace and the black cats eye sunnies (well spotted again, G!) were from Haight St, I can't remember the name of the shop, dammit!
The tights (spots!!!) were from The Sock Shop further along the road!

We headed over to The Mission district and despite inspecting 5 thrift stores, I found goodies in only one!

G is very good about being my mule....

G found this loony midget stripper T shirt in a perfect shade of green.
He was rather pleased with himself.

Then we flew to New Orleans!
On Magazine St I found my dream handbag, as seen above....I was so happy I kept patting it....

At the Buffalo Exchange I picked up the 60's headpiece top right, the only piece of vintage in the shop!
And the gaudy gold Mary pendant in the middle.
I think the tights were from the same place as the handbag.

These insane thigh high vinyl leopard joy boots were from the Goodwill in Galveston, Texas!

Things went downhill on the thrift front as we crossed Lousiana and Texas.
Despite our wonderfully indulgent friend Mark stopping at every thrift store we saw, there were no treats for Helga.......:(
Some of the thrift stores were as big as supermarkets!
Like Savers, Deseret Industries...Texas Thrift in San Antonio was the biggest!
(G spotted me a fab 70's brooch at that one!)

I was getting stressed about it....

Then in Alamagordo, New Mexico, my luck changed for the better!
I went into an Antique/Consignment shop and found an amusing modern homemade rocking horse print square dance frock, 2 square dancing petticoats and a modern 50's style frock!  Plus a silver clutch (80's, I think) and some flowers for my hair.
I was tempted by some glorious 60's hats, but they were a little too pricey.
Two thrift stores in the same town yielded only a vinyl leopard joy belt and a small purse.


This thrift store in Truth or Consequences was the scene of my best haul.
I came out with an early 70's pale blue cocktail frock, an early 60's navy frock that needs the zip replaced, a 60's wicker handbag, a brooch and a pair of hoop earrings!
( the frock I am wearing was from a thrift store in Las Cruces)

In Santa Fe G struck it lucky with this deadstock Lee pantsuit!!!
Very Six Million Dollar Man!
I think it set him back $12 or something like that.
His arse looks hot in it!

And I got these 2 pairs of shoes for $6 each.

In Portland I found this fabulous red, white and blue 80's does 50's frock, an amazing technicolour 60's frock and top left is a splendid late 60's sutcase, small enough to be a carry on bag!

G and I reckon that if aliens were to judge America by what is in the thrift stores (just going by the ones we were in), they would think the country was stuck in the 80's!
And only wore skirts and tops!
It was odd; I had thought that the small towns would be little gold mines of vintage delight, but my timing must have been off!
C'est la vie, as they say!
There are a few other bits and pieces that I picked up but wasn't diligent enough to photograph, so you'll see them over time!

Now, Portland had some of the best vintage I saw over the entire trip!
My favourite was this store, Smut.
(Just the most awesome name for a shop!!)
In here I found not 1, not 2, but 4 dream purchases that I simply couldn't carry by this point, nor post!

This blue sparkley hat case!

These heavenly Samsonite vanity cases!
And the cases underneath!

This so divine it made me squeal round not-quite-sure-what-kind-of case it was!

And I really loved this tartan/plaid bag.
Le sigh!
The best was saved for last!

G in a sandwich of the FABULARSEHOLE Krista and  Bella, who are every bit as delicious in person as you might think!
I dry humped both of them, and especially Mazzy, with great enthusiasm!



Vix said...

Eeek! I was drooling over that Portland vintage store when Krista posted it!!! I knew you'd have some fabulousarse scores!! Those boots, the sequinned bolero, the choker next to it, that bag....arghhh! it's all too much!
Love that frock Bella gave you, it's stunning and G's suit is to die for!
You hot and horny wench, I've missed you SOOOOO much!
Love you!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...


could have spread all that ace shit out over a few posts. I think I am going to have a heart-attack.

Camelia Crinoline said...

You're not wearing heels! I've never seen you wearing such flat shoes before. Those samsonite cases are amazing. The handbag is fabulous. It looks like you got some great stuff. When do we get to see you wearing the leopard thigh high boots?

Veshoevius said...

Oh My God - you look like you had a ball! And what a stash! I'm dying to see those vinyl thigh high leopard boots on!
You should write a guide to thrifting and vintage shops across America - I'd buy it! You've inspired me - I'd love to go one day.

Misfits Vintage said...




Just EVERYTHING is amazing! and splendiferous and SPECFUCKULAR!

Your dress from Bella is INCREDIBLE - the colours! the fabric! the pattern!

And all of your thrifted frocks (especially the acid pink floral one!!!) - can't wait to see you model them all for us darling - I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Now I must get home as I have a Skype date with YOU shortly!!!


Georgia Rose said...

Omg you fierce thing, these are amazing! Please show us the novelty-print dress first!!

Trees said...

Oh man - I don't even know where to start! So many awesome things, just love it all - I love a sparkly Koala on a bike, a store called smut, square dancing dresses and the thought of thrift stores as big as supermarkets....I want to go there!!

The Grande Dame said...

Good LAWD! What can one possibly say about all this magnificence?? I'm exhausted just reading about it, what a haul! Your dream handbag is absolutely beautiful and those snakeskin boots are ridiculously awesome! Can't wait to see you modelling all your new threads xx

Bella Q said...

OMG! You got some choice things- but now I know how fun you are to shop with so seeing your stateside scores makes me relive the fun of our day! G looks fab in his leisure suit too. Six million and five dollar man!

Sue said...

Spotted tights, yahoo!!! Cannot wait to see a pic of you in your FM leopard boots!! Did you fill a container with goodies to bring back, or was it extra suitcase and post the rest. I wouldn't know what to buy and what to leave. You must have been in thrift shopping heaven!! So glad you are home tho'. ♥

Kitty said...

Oh so much freaking fab stuff I don't know where to start!!!
Digging that sequinned bolero big time!! Portland sounds cool, I've heard this is heaps of vintage there, can't wait to see what else you bought.xx.

Renia said...

Fantastic photos! Very nice things you bought! I love your bag! And shoes too:) Have a nice day x x x

pastcaring said...

This post merits a huge Helgatastic squeal of joy, tinged with a little bit of envy...
Why is it that thrift/op/charity shops, other than your own local ones, always look so much more interesting?
You found some fabulous stuff, though the Portland store does look the best - all those cases are just lovely. I can't get over how huge the thrift shops are in the States.
So - Bella's frock is wonderful, great colours on you, and that dream tapstry bag is a beauty.
Those leopard boots are insane indeed, but somehow, I can totally see you rocking them, Helga!
I immediately thought of Lee Majors when I saw that pic of G-man in his denim!
More pics, more pics, please!
LoveyoumorethanGlenCampbell. xxxxxx


The states have the best and cheapest Thrift shops in the world, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
So jealoussssssssssssss of you meeting bella and Krista.

Anonymous said...

Oh Helga where to start, where to finish.
Standouts you that dress, the tapestry bag cami stroke it too? The blue shoes, G and his super fly blue suit.
What wonderfulness .

owlinalarkworld said...

The thought of an op shop with a neon sign is disconcerting. Thankfully that tapestry bag makes me feel better.

Franca said...

you might not feel like you found that much, but that's a fantastic haul! I love seeing all blogger friends with each other!

Anonymous said...

This reportage really enlightened my day, a long road trip to the thrifting heaven seated on my chair!
Fabulous extracorporeal shopping experience!!!!Bella's frock is spectacular and you look more gorgeous than ever!!I really like all your treasures, the pale green vichy dress,The floral bag,the leopard boots, all the suits and the three Portland numbers!! And G's suit is great, I'd love that my man could find something similar!!
Lots of kisses!!!!

Sissy said...

So true about the 80's, sadly thrifting in the states ain't what it used to be, that's why I do most of my shopping these days online. Nice scores you did find, and can't wait to hear more adventures - glad to have you back in blogland!

thorne garnet said...

I love that Thrift Town in San Francisco, it used to be a furniture store. The fabric store next to it is awesome, too. The dress from Bella is tres cool...only something from the 70's would be orange, yellow and navy blue! What fun!

karensomethingorother said...

Helga, the 60's dress, pictured near the beginning of the post, that was given to you, suits you PERFECTLY! What an awesome look! You did find some fun things didn't you, but you're right: in thrift stores here it's 80'S, 80'S, 80'S!!!!

Anonymous said...

Long-time reader-first time poster here!!
Wow did you SCORE!!! Seriously--unless you are into 80's dreck--our thrifts in the US can be a wasteland (espcially on the east coast near Washington DC where I live) but you managed tpo sniff out some goodies. And G's 6million dallar man suit is FABULOUS!!


Fiona said...

Fabularse post and finds. Bet you had to pay excess baggage on your return? How hilarious to find a shop called Smut! Fab photo's. x

MistressCatgirl said...

OMG! You got so much great stuff! mI can't wait to see what great outfits you come up with.
I've had better luck finding great things at small out of the way thrift stores. Last week I found a Samsonite train case (almost identical to the one you have) for $2. I was thrilled.

seƱora Allnut said...

wouuu, lovely lady bloggers meeting and having fun!, so much fabulousness!!
And you've purchased so many gorgeous pieces, pretty printed dresses and that tapestry bag!!

Krista said...

Yeah for thrifting scores!!! I loved seeing all the stuff you got and I'm so happy you dug Portland. Next time you and G are hear we are heading down to Eugene, that's where all the cheap vintage is at! I love your tapestry bag but I love you most!!! The 60's dress from Bella looks amazing on you!!!!

Give G a big kiss form me. I LOVE YOU!!!

Ronnie (RR) said...

Oh I don't know where to start~ what an amazing time you have had. I love the pattern of your dress in the first photo, loved the bolera jacket, thrift stores as big as supermarkets, no wonder you squealed alot. Such amazing finds and fabulous locations. So jealous!

Lucy Nation said...

I can't take it all in - so much fab stuff! The leopard boots are something else. I can't wait for the first outfit post to feature these! G's blue suit is great, so is your dress from Bella and the Koalas on a bike! Thrift stores the size of supermarkets sound like heaven. I've heard so much about the vintage in Portland. So many vintage bloggers come from there don't they. I'd have dived in there xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh it is just exciting to see the beautiful miss Helga on the blog reader again!!!! Missed you so much!!!!
Sorry I am so behind with comments!!! Welcome home.
Oh oh to much fabulous finds!!!!!
So many amazing dresses!!!!! Happiness.
I have to say the tapestry carpet style bag is AMAZING. Love it TOO!!!!!
G's suit is a great find, he looks very dapper in it.
Love v

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Wow! Just wow! :D ♥

Perdita said...

I love all the designs and decor of those thrift stores... and the size! We never get chazzas that big in the UK, if we did I would be THERE IN A SHOT and never come out!

Louise said...

Wow, those thrift stores are vast, where do you start? You managed to nail some fabularsehole buys, but I think G's denim suit is absolutely astounding. Can't wait for more tales of your travels. Xx

Rose&Bird said...

WOW! Amazing finds, I totally want to go thrifting in the
States with you and G! Your finds are fab and G looks very cool in the suit x

Hannah said...

Fantastical finds I adore those leopard boots and the 1960s hat especially G's tshirt is mega cool. Grand finds my dear xxx

Anonymous said...

Dang--you make me want to tour the USA thrifting all the way! The leopard boots are unbelievable and I the turquoise MaryJanes are wondrous too.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm completely overwhelmed, in a good way. That Bella frock fabric is just dynamite! I would have grabbed that one had I'd seen it for sure.
What a fun fun post!

Style Sud-Est said...

Good God ! That is a lot of thrift shopping! But it is so much fun! Did you spare luggages to bring all that ?
My sad got married in a similar blue suit that G found, that is real cool, and he looks good in it!
You found cool stuff Darling!

Aeiane xxxx

Melanie said...

First, I must say that with your muted tones in the first portrait and that fur hat you remind me of Lara from Dr. Zhivago on her way to the ice palace. G is very bionic in his Lee suit; I'd like to see him slo-motion running in it. Your thigh-high vinyl boots - oooo. Meow or coo, which is better? I'd like to see you running in them too! Looks like a fantastic trip, thrifting across America! Thanks for this pictorial.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hellooooo Darling Helga!!! Oh how we have missed thee! I'm just catching up on your posts now that my internet is working again. The first frock is scrumptious! And what fabulous finds. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. Xx

delia hornbook said...

Wow just look at that beautiful blue sky, 2 Wow what gorgeous goodies you scored and 3 Wow you look gorgeous as always its good to have you home ;-)) dee xx

Marga said...

Wow your luggage got overweight for sure... hahaha love your purchases, and nice blog :)xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Yes! This is definitely what we want - thrift porn and lots of it! I can't believe how massive the stores are there, even mega fussy me could find something there! I'm not sure what gremlins are in the works but this post hasn't actually appeared on my blog, somethings gone wrong somewhere. Can you try again? xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow, I wish I could've been there with you trawling round the thrift stores in dusty towns. Do they have larger size vintage clothes? You scored some amazing stuff, we're all jealous of your meeting two other sexy bloggers!

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

oh my idea of heaven all that thrifting! love a man who can join in the fun...I am also blessed with a most time-generous husband who indulges my need to vintage it! looks like you had sweet old time time you better come to NY!

Vintage Coconut said...

I think you struck the MOTHER-LOAD of vintage purchases!! =D
So much delicious purchases.
I especially LOVE your tapestry handbag.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Wow ou found a shit ton of vintage you lucky lady!!! how in the world did you fit it in your suitcases!! I was tempted by an almost identical hat case when I was in NY shame I already had a million pieces of luggage. xx

vintage_kitten said...

wow you hit the mother load of thrifts.such fantastic finds.I would go so crazy in there.those leopard boots are kick them.xx

Melanie said...

Look at all you got you lucky duck! Those turquoise shoes are scrumptious!

Stacey said...

Amazing stuff! I love that first frock,and I can't wait to see you rocking those leopard print boots.

La Dama said...

I love perving at you going crazy thrift shopping.
That is what I miss about the U.S. the big ass thrift store.
You hit the thrift shop jack pot, love G hombres million suit.
That tapestry bag is AMAZING! Oh i am gasping for your blue heels.

Charles Flaum said...

Oh My God - you look like you had a ball! Battery Led Picture Light