I won't open boxes that I am not told to

Ah, some pix taken a wee while before we went away that I'd almost forgotten about!
They'll tide you over whilst I work on another food post of possibly epic proportions!
I'm so happy you darlings love food as much as I.
I suspect we're perfect for each other!

And do you love wine as much as I?!
I adore red wine, and I like it to be pretty grunty, making Australian Syrah/Shiraz  and Cabernet Sauvignon my first picks.
New Zealand apparently does very good white wine, but I'm not a big fan of white.
Unless I mix it, like the philistine I am, with orange juice!
We do do some good Pinot Noir here, but you have to be prepared to pay good money for it.
No shitty cheap arse pinot for moi!
I enjoyed some Californian reds whilst we were in the States........MMMM!

30's black velvet cape-had it for over 20 years
70's frock-Madam Butterfly's, with the belt sewn on as a pussybow!
Headpiece-won in a giveaway of Hannah's last year
Clip on earrings-Sarah
Shoes-retail (sale!)
60's gloves-opshopped



Trees said...

Could you be any more glam? I don't think so - fabulous!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Thank God you remembered about these photos, you look beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I LURVE this outfit. And is that one of Hannah's headpieces? Heading across right now. *does a burn out, then a wheelie, and heads to Hannah's headpiece store*

PS I loathe wine, just smelling it makes me gag. Sad, I know. It looks like a very galmourous hobby.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You look fab with your matching blue flower headband! Always gorgeous!! xxx

Maria said...

loooove this outfit so much! glamour all the way - i love my wine, has to be white and i can't drink crap, no no - although i had to cut back this year, apparently it has a lot of calories, who knew? next thing i'm going to hear is cigarettes are bad too x

two squirrels said...

Oh that is the most beautiful head piece, I just love it. All fabulous ladies should have a black velvet cape, gorgeous.
The blue floral dress is divine.
Toast to a good wine, yay!!!
Love v

Sue said...

How do you always look so dam good?? If I drank copious quantities of wine and ate all that lovely food you showed us I would burst!!! Being vertically challenged I almost look square some days already!! So you drink for me okay.

Renia said...

Beautiful dress! I love your tights and shoes. Kisses

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Gorgeous frock Miss H! Blue definitely suits you! Xx

Kitty said...

I know I say it every time but fuck me woman you are simply out-fucking-standing in black!!!!
Can't wait for the massive food post, I hope after your visit to mine, you know I'm like you with food-and wine, for that matter!! Can't beat a bathtub or 2 full of red I say.xx.

Priscilla said...

I love your blog! And this post is awesome! I have posted my own Shoe Story. If you have a minute, I want to hear your comment about it. ♥

Blow A Rainbow

thorne garnet said...

Yum....wine. I use the empty bottles as edging around my flower beds: free and recycled!

Krista said...

You are more gorgeous than ever in these quite glamourous pictures. This frock the cap and the blue in your hair are all fabulous! I love a good bottle of red but I might fall on the opposite side of grunt as I like mine a bit more sweet. I recently have had a new love for pinot gris maybe it's the cool sweet crispness in the summer sun that appeals to me.

Those ear rings make me wanna bite you! Give G a big squeeze from me!

seƱora Allnut said...

whouu, so elegant and glamorous!, and I always love your headpieces and accessories, you're a queen!
love specially that dress and the teal shades all around it!
(and I'm also a huge fan of red wine, and I'm living in La Rioja!)
besos & wines

Vix said...

You divine creature, those pictures are a sight for sore eyes as is that heavenly frock and beautiful head piece!
I have to go easy on the red wine as it makes me go absolutely mental and do even more bad things than I do on any other booze. I'm a cheap slut who loves rifling through the 3 for a fiver shelf in the off-licence, much to our wino snob friend's disgust!
Love you!!!! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

That blue was truly made for YOU. Love your flowery crown.

I just read a quote the other day that said,
"None of the world's problems were ever solved over white wine." I thought you might get a kick out of that.
And here's one for your beer lover (my man loves the brew too)
“Twenty-four hours in a day; twenty-four beers in a case. Coincidence?” - Stephen Wright

c... said...

Fab !!

Anonymous said...

My goodness we are a match made in heavan....although I will and do drink whites, at the end of the day drinking wine doesn't feel like its proper unless it's a red. More grunt, the better to, I agree. Something about the first ip of a rec that makes you go hmmmmm.

Food well yes, of course I love that too of epic tasty proportions. But beyond that I love your velvet cape what a treasure and the dress is just gorgeous. X

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

White wine and ORANGE JUICE?? Dear God, is nothing sacred?! But I'll forgive you cos you look nice and grunty red wine made me laugh!

pastcaring said...

Ha, love wine of any colour but oh the red stuff gives me a BAD head... If I drink a load of it, that is!
You are looking pretty damn hot while having a little drinkie-poo! Beautiful frock, and I am loving the turquoise tights and that gorgeous headpiece.
PS. i'm with Lakota - white wine and orange juice? Please! But you are forgiven cos you're gorgeous! xxxxxx

Stacey said...

I've never tried white wine with orange juice, but you look so fabulous drinking it that I'm very tempted to try it! I'm quite a fan of this frock, and the beautiful matching headdress.

Anonymous said...

You are rocking the headpiece!!
The outfit is gorgeous. You were made for the color blue!

Back in my wine drinking days (which coincided with my poor college student days) the wine of choice was Boone's Farms Strawberry Hill. This lovely rose' could be had for 99 cents at any local convenience store such as 7-11. Class-say!!!
When feeling flush we sprung for TJSwann's Easy Nights- a lovely white wine that could be found for $1.49 at said 7-11!!!
I was a CHEAP drunk--lololol

Misfits Vintage said...

Simply EXQUISITE, amor!!! The headpiece is DIVAAAHN and the frock is splendid - and the earrings, the earrings!!! And the velvet cape is perfection, mi amor. Skype tonight!!! Love you more than VELVET! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Admiring the headpiece and the interesting heel on the shoes. I'm laying in a supply of Alka Seltzer to take as I read the calorific food post!

Bonnie said...

You look gorgeous and I love your earrings but OMG I totally loved your food and travel post. I loved how you referred to our grocery stores as foreign! I take it all for granted but it's fun to see it through your eyes! Glad to know you had fun and I promise not to stay away from blogging for so long!

xo, Bonnie

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Looking gorgeous lady! Yes love food, yes love wine but I'm a white gal, yes match made in heaven ;o)

Camelia Crinoline said...

That cape is fabulous. You look very fancypants I love the flowers in your hair and the print on your dress.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I bloody love that cape! And your headband, so gorgeous. I love fruit wines but am rubbish with normal wine as it makes my face bright red and gives me a headache booo, thank god for GIN

Keep looking lovely! xxxxx

Mrs. D said...

Fabulous! Love how the flowers in your hair complement your dress perfectly!
I love wine too and I would recommend that you try Portuguese wine if you ever come across it. It is quite nice but unfortunately we don't export all that much...


Anonymous said...

stunning outfits, you are so inspirational