Ribbons and bows so everyone knows

Wouldn't you know it?!
We're only home a week and we just couldn't resist popping into Retropolitan whilst out on some errands on Saturday!
So naughty; you'd think I'd done enough shopping in the States to last me at least a month!
Nothing tickled our fancy enough to buy it, though, but it was lovely to have a nosey!

I wore:
Frock-70's luridly lurex from  Vix!
Belt-thriftstore in Texas, I think
Coat-50's or 60's, inherited from G's nana
Fishnets-from Vanessa
Shoes-Trade Me
60's Handbag-New Orleans
60's beret-opshopped

I love it when 2 different people gift me things that satisfy my matchy-matchy urges!

A scrum of brooches, as G would say!
Top left one is from Sue, the right one is from Sarah, and the insane furry one is from Vix.
Earrings from Vanessa, and the 70's tastic necklace was opshopped!

Stacks of gorgeous old cases!

This jacket looks like it would have been worn as part of an Olympic uniform?!
(Crikey, that must start any second?!)

I spotted this hottie lurking in the menswear....

Yeah, baby, I'm looking at you!

More cases!

I'm rather fancying the anodised cups and ice bucket....
But no, nothing was begging me to buy it.......maybe I am shopped out after our trip??
Is this possible?!
O gawd, could I have lost my will to shop?!


I'm just resting.



Vix said...

Lurex-tastic!!! That dress looks absolutely farking amazing, even more sparkly than I remember, the shoes are so fabulous and that bag is amazing!!! You look wonderful!
What is that trouser leg in purple hanging next to G in his Peruvian hat? Is it a catsuit? Oh my life, I love it!!! There's a pink and lime green maxi that looks heavenly, too!
That Olympic jacket would suit G, he could sneak it to referee the ladies' football that starts TODAY!!!
Love you and I so want to go to Retropolitan! xxxxxxxxxxx

Trees said...

Beautiful dress - I love shiny things!!

You must take me to Retropolitan one day :D

Mary Lou said...

haha i´m sure you haven´t lost your will to shop, you just need a small break maybe;) and boy you look so gorgous in your purple, gold and glitter glory!

Sue said...

What a fantastic shop!!! I shall put Christchurch onto my bucket list I will and employ you as my Op Shopping buddy. How did you not spend?? Great restraint shown their young lady!!! I like that I am in a scrum of brooches with two of my favourite bloggers, and that we are pinned delicately on your above your boob!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love the insouciance with which G wears an orange knitted hat, like Bond himself. And the man shorts display above his head are rather fab too.

Purpleness and gold shoes is gorgeous!

The Grande Dame said...

Cases and handbags and lurex, oh my! And I do like G's orange hat. So annoying when you can't find anything you like, even a teeny tiny treat... I'm sure you'll recover from your shopping O/D quite soon!

pastcaring said...

Perhaps you just need a little shopping break to recharge, then you will be back on form. Retropolitan looks so fabulous! And so do you, all purple lurexed up, with additional wonder in those gold shoes. G has the uncanny ability to make everything he wears look cool, even an orange knitted hat! I'm not surprised Vix has her eye on those trouser legs in the wildly colourful print behing G. All the cases and bags look great, and the swimmers too.
And those cannisters.
And how much is the hottie in the menswear section, please? xxxxxxxxxx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Ace shoes; ace bag.

What a fantabulous collective noun: a scrum of brooches.

Perdita said...

Loving your finds and your outfit. Especially those gold shoes. Delightful!

two squirrels said...

Oh the dress is amazing, I was so meant to give you the purple fishnets!!!!! Yay!!!! I just love when that happens.
The fuzzy fur brooch from Vix is fabulous.
Oh Diane looks like she has the most yummy treasures in at the moment!!!!
Sweet if you ever decide to re home that gorgeous handbag, I know a squirrel that would love it.
Shopping is like breathing you can't stop for to long.
Love v

Sara from Ladylike Delicacy said...

I love the colours of this outfit, and those golden shoes rock! You look cool! :)

Vintage Jane said...

Looking grrreat as ever. I WANT those gold shoes - they are gorgeous! M x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I'm salivating over you & that amazing shop! I will definitely pop in there for a looksee when we're in Christchurch in 5 weeks time. I was especially drawn to that wall of bags. Yummo! Xx

bunnyp said...

I love the "hair-down" look you've been sporting lately, and it's such a fab color too. Miss u - waiting for Indonesia plans... ~bunnyp

thorne garnet said...

stacks of vintage suitcases, me want. Nice store, it's so tidy! Around here some of the retro stores are so crammed with stuff, you can see anything. Lovely kitchen things,too.

Bonnie said...

I love your purple fishnets and G with his orange cap! Please take me shopping with you as Retropolitan looks so like the kind of place I could get lost in. I loved looking at all the kitchenware.

xo, Bonnie

Maria said...

we need a thrift shop like that - proper thrift - ours are just selling over priced ex retail, (i stamp my foot in the unfairness!!!) x

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great. I LOVE the furry brooch. I bet it's all soft and fuzzy.
I feel disappointed whenever I go shopping and don't find anything that tickles my fancy. It's like you just missed finding a treasure.

Anonymous said...

I SO wish we had ANYTHING like Retropolitan near me!! Sigh!
I am drooling over the vintage kitchen stuff!!
LOL at the spiffy shorts display on the wall-
G looks FABULOUS!! Only he could rock a vested suit AND a bright orange cap with dangly bits!!
I remeber having a furry pin when I was a kid in the 60s. It was a poodle, i think. Or maybe a beady-eyed rodent of some sort. I wore it pinned to my muff (NOT THAT ONE!!) The one to keep my hhands warm in. I can see this comment devolving rapidly into smut so I will shut up!


c... said...

Love the shoes - hey im a shoe aholic...

Lucy Nation said...

I expected you to be clad in scarlet from your post title! As is, you look a vision in purple with your trademark purple lipstick. I'm amazed you found nothing in Retropolitan. I can spy a few things I'd have found hard to leave behind. Especially that blue leather bag with the wild retro floral print on it, and those homewares...swoon! I particularly love the wall of shorts on display too;) xxx

Anonymous said...

Your makeup and accessories look especially stunning in this post. Purrrrplllee! I must get that lipstick!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

flippin eck that coat is amazing and G looks like a pixie in that hat! Love the sexy lurex! xxxxx

lady liquor vintage. said...

The lurex dress is too amazing on you! I love how you've even matched your lippy to it ;) That shop looks too good, & your new bag is aces! XO.

señora Allnut said...

lovely and fabulous purple&gold matchy outfit to go for a walk to a so pretty shop!
I'm admiring every little detail of glamour!!, the brooches, the fishnet tights, the golden shoes!

Renia said...

I love your blog! Always, when I visit this blog, I see so many beautiful things! Pritty bag. Kisses x x x x

Louise said...

I think a scrum of brooches is a perfect description. Those shoes are gorgeous, but that bag is seriously droolsome. I love tapestry bags. You look hot! Xx

Krista said...

You sparkly beauty in purple, wow Vix really did good on this one and paired with those gold shoes, you are hot mama. I love your carpet bag too! G, ah G, I loved seeing him and you are right looking good as always! I love all the short shorts on the wall. We could never tire of shopping could we.
Wuv you!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the furry brooch and that item you found in the menswear department. I've had a break or two from shopping...although never more than a couple of weeks.

Ulla-Marie said...

Longing (well ... almost) for fall when I see your look. Is relieved to not live near the store, given that long line of kimonos ..

Kitty said...

A rest is never a bad thing when one is over 40 my love, but never fear, I'm SURE the urge to shop will return when the right items present themselves. As far as anodised cups in a holder go, IMHO you can do much better than that set. Having said that, their swimwear collection is to die for!! I'd personally *kill* for it!!
Loving the purple on you, and I'm especially loving the gold shoes, they amazingly-squee-bump-and-grind worthy!!!

Kitty said...

Umm, yes, no apologies necessary I know, but I've had a wee few drinkies tonight!

Misfits Vintage said...

OMG amor how am I SO behind the times!? You you EXQUISITE! The lurex frock is magnificent and the COAT is DIVAAAHN darling! A murder of brooches is always fabulous - especially the spectacular furry little critter. And duck a dyck, that shop has MANY splendid treasures - go back and nab those anodised cups STAT! Love you more than vintage luggage! Sarah xxx

Mrs. D said...

That is a magnificent Lurex dress! I love it, it appeals to the magpie in me.
When I got back from the US I did a little rest too, but now I've gone back to normal. So don't worry. Things will get back to normal! :D

Penelope Cat said...

I love your outfit - especially the dress, I'm a sucker for anything purple and shiny.

Retropolitan looks amazing and I love G's shirt - it confused my eyes at first and I thought some pixels had gone awry.

Nikki x

karensomethingorother said...

well, obviously the second-hand store here sucks even more since I've seen your fun photies. Also, Helga, I hate to be crude, but you are SEXTACULARLY hot in that outfit. NO. I'm freaking for the lurex dress and the gold shoes. It's like you're sexy yummy new years eve right in the middle of the year!

Veshoevius said...

Ooooh the purple lurex and the gold shoes are wonderful together! What a fab shop! Amazed you didn't go wild!

liz said...

I never get tired of Lurex! Also: you two are awfully cute.

La Dama said...

Purple glittering lurex and gold fab shoes.
That purple coat is absolutely gorgeous,I am also digging your hair down.
As is that whole mass of brooches, especially love the furry one.
Eyeing them bags and bathing suits. You will get your shopping mojo back soon.

Fiona said...

A fur brooch, how mad is that? Are you constantly stroking it ??
What a superbulous shop, espesh loving the kitchenalia (Tupperware jug with lid just like mum's) and the cases.

Stacey said...

That purple frock has Helga written all over it! It is fantastical! I rather love the fur brooch too - I'd always be distracted into stroking it!

Hannah said...

This is purple lurex & gold heaven, think this is my bestest favourite ensemble from you.You look like a disco goddess xxx