Because her nails are deep in your hair

Frock Friday and a little opshop jaunt!

I wore:
Frock-70's, from the lovely Lucy, as is the headpice, to which I added some glittery butterflies!
Cape-50's or 60's? from a sweet soon-to-be-travelling Squirrel, as were the gloves!
Red cardi-thrifted in Utah
Navy cardi-60's, opshopped
Belt-80's, opshopped
Tights-retail, covered in crap from an old pair of boots
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, a school fair for a lousy $1 a year or so ago
Sunglasses-Sarah of the incredible patchwork skirt

Especially for Sarah ......

I scored:
A rather old and unusual basket
(I was so proud of myself for resisting the lure of vinyl bags, but couldn't resist the lure of wicker!)
Some storage containers for dried beans etc
A faux fur collar.........

Not a huge haul, but I was perfectly happy with that!

Besides, there was a free pookie with the basket!

Refried beans?
Yes please!
I tried the recipe that my awesome friend Pam linked me to, cooking them overnight in my slow cooker, (thanks, mummy!) and I am really impressed with the results!
They're on the menu tonight........



Stacey said...

You look absolutely scrumptious! I love the red & blue combo, and that cape is totally fabulous. Plus, your new wicker bag matches your outfit!

Huli said...

Hi Helga! I just found your blog via "Pull your socks up!" & I'm lovin your style!!! I'm from NZ too & am a wee bit of an opshoppin addict myself ;)
have a great weekend!

Vintage Coconut said...

MY HEAVENS that basket bag is so cool. I would have NEVER resisted it myself. Free pookie did you say?
I don't know how Jersey would feel about the free pookie.

you are looking immensly amazing.
Those sunnies just top off the look, they are the desert to your dinner.

Franca said...

your finds are divine! and I love the sunnies!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Oh that basket is perfect (I'm glad your cat thinks so too)! And I love your outfit. It's great how the cold weather doesn't hurt your amazing style. All I want in winter are my old jeans and lots of merino... then I throw a vintage coat over the top so that nobody knows what I really look like underneath!

Sue said...

"curiosity killed the cat but information bought it back". Well I think that is how that old saying goes. Don't you love how nosy cats are? Mind you I would get in that basket too if I could fit and knew you were going to look after me!!! You have a good old weekend now.

two squirrels said...

Oh I want to find a basket that comes with a cute wee pussy cat. She is just beautiful, as is her mummy!!!!! The cape was so meant to be yours!!!! It looks fabulous on you, I just looked silly in it.
Hoping you have a super duper weekend.
Love and squirrel kisses.

Melanie said...

Oooh I love that wicker bag and the collar is scrumptious, it looks almost identical to my hat! I almost gave my hat to the charity shop as it was a bit tight, but just couldn't do it and once I discovered I could wear it atop my up-do, I was over the moon!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You look like a Super Woman super hero with that gorgeous cape. How cool is the basket??? Seeing the pussy in there made me giggle. Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face! Xx

Kitty said...

OMFG I fecking totally love everything woman!!!
That cape is to die for, definitely!!
And I'm totally with you on the Mexican food, I can never get enough of it, you've so made me want to go back to America now ya bugger!!
Love your stuff you sexy thang.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Perdita said...

Red and blue... love it! Those are the colours of 2012 round our way thanks to the Jubilee and Olympics!

That basket is superb. I can never resist a sexy bag or basket!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Mexican food? I am there!!! You look so gorgeous baby and what a tidy wee haul you've scored there!! I do love a jolly good wicker basket and that has to be the hugest fur collar I have ever seen!!! Rock it like your sunnies baby!! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxox

Miss Simmonds Says said...

have you ever heard the saccharine song "kitty in a basket"? You must. You look fab, I wish I could rock a cape, you're such a superstar! A girl always needs some fake fur. Like the goddess Patsy Stone said "you can never have too many shoes, hats and gloves". All that red is scrumptious. XXXXX

ratso eats chilli said...

Dear Helga,
I'm so glad you are back!
you always look fantastic.

thorne garnet said...

Love the basket. One of my cat Miss Kini Cat Whisker Face love to sleep in a wicker magazine basket. I;ve never seen glasses that look like that and that cape!

Penelope Cat said...

Beautiful! I love the blues - they all seem to match so exactly as well. The blue and red toghether remind me of the old nurses uniforms and their blue and red capes. Your cape and glasses are ace too - the white outline on the glasses makes them look as if they've been photoshopped in.

Great haul but I especially love the basket and that adorable puddy tat.

Nikki x

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those sunnies are Spec-tacular!! Glad you found a refried beans recipe that works.

Anonymous said...

OOOO-can't wait to see what you do with that awesome collar. I think the kitty just rocked that basket!!

love your outfit!! you've inspired me to add bright colored tights to my wardrobe come cooler weather!! And i must say those sunglasses are the bomb!!


Maria said...

i love capes, i lack a decent winter coat because of my obsession - i adore you in yours and all your loot is just marvellous x

Renia said...

I love your cape! You look absolutely beautiful! Your cat is so cute! Kisses, x x x

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else, your sunnies are stunning!

Hannah said...

The bag is amazing! you are look chic and I love the cape/jacket! Good haul as per usual, I want to see your tea tonight please! xxx

MistressCatgirl said...

Lovely and lively outfit. I love wicker baskets too.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Fab basket find and LOVE the shades!

Anonymous said...

You look fab. I'm particularly sweet on shoes and sunglasses. Oh and that basket in freakin' cool.

Lynn Dylan said...

You look great! I love that cape! I have been scouring the racks for good vintage coats and capes and they're rather hard to find!


pastcaring said...

Well of course no one could resist a wicker basket complete with pookie!
You look as gorgeous as ever, love the red and blue, and the cape is delightful. And I cannot wait to see you in that faux fur capelet! You will look most glamorous.
Mexican for tea - scrumptious! Have a great weekend, love! xxxxxxx

Trees said...

You look so great in red & blue - what an awesome wicker basket too. I want Mexican food not too!

Anonymous said...

For all the one-eyed beans!!I love the basket, and you are bloody gorgeous in red and blue, is one of those matching that one usually doesn't dare to wear but it's completely awesome!!I love the glasses and the blue suede shoes (this is what I'm singing after reading this post)..
Huge kisses to you and your cute kitty cat!!

Fiona said...

The basket, sunnies, pookie, and you.. all FABULOUS!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh fuck a duck - how did I miss THIS? You look absolutely SPLENDID amor - the frock and CAPE and sunnies and OOOH THE WICKER BASKET!!! You are just frickin SPECTACULAR - love you more than refried beans! Sarah xxx

Krista said...

I too am having a wicker love affair! This basket purse is gorgeous and pookie approves too! I am loving those sunnies and cape as well! Horray for beans in the crock pot, that is how I cook mine too! You can also pull them out and mash them up stovetop and add a bit of bacon fat and ta-dah refried beans!