Get yourself an egg and beat it

You'll notice a theme in this "what we stuffed our faces with in the States" post...
Lots of Mexican!!!
Terri asked if we tried any Cajun food.....I am ashamed to say, that although I intended to, I did not!
It was a Mexican Fiesta for me!
It's hard to get good supplies here in NZ, and Mexican restaurants here tend to treat Mexican like it's gourmet....and charge accordingly!
But we know the truth!
So when we are in the States I indulge myself....

G isn't a Bud fan especially, but the cans were huge and cheap and patriotic!

Nothing gourmet about this, it's just good homey style cooking with fresh ingredients and lashings of refried beans!
An interesting point: a can of refried beans is as little as $1US.
In New Zealand, the same sized can will cost over $5NZ (about $4US), or you might find a special in the $3-4 range.......
I kid you not!
It is my ambition to make the perfect refried beans, but so far the secret has eluded me!

Chile rellenos

Dos Equis is G's beer of choice in the States, usually, but he makes a point of trying every local beer he can!

My dream grocery store...

These quesadillas did me for lunch and breakfast the next day!

The sign, bottom left, is my fave ever!
The inside was fabulously Brady Bunch-ish!!
Check out the light fitting below!

This was a local bar, for local people, (in Progresso, Mexico) and the proprietor was clearly a little confused at a couple of gringoes staggering in!
We were given 3 plates of the most gorgeous tapas-y thingys...but I can't remember for the life of me what they were. I was already well plastered by this point!

My dream sack of tortilla chips!
I was nearly hysterical with joy.
I am quite happy to eat tortilla chips and salsa (fresh) everyday.

I expect that would be my last meal request, if I was required to make one!



Anonymous said...

I am incredulous that refried beans are SO expensive there! My two youngest daughters have worked for a long time at Mexican restaurants and I'm told that the secret of good refried beans is LARD, of all things. I've been making a lot of fresh salsa lately as we have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year in spite of our drought.

Shame that you missed out on boiled, spiced crawdads and gumbo!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ohhhh despite having nachos for dinner tonight this post is still making me drool. So you actually went to Mexico? I would love to go there one day.

pastcaring said...

The food looks so good! I love Mexican but haven't found a good one here in Sheffield, the food has a tendency to be really samey and blah... Like you, I could eat tortilla chips and hot salsa all day, plus some guacamole!
Love the pink paisley frock you're wearing in that last photo with the insanely huge bag of tortilla chips, and I can tell G enjoyed sampling the various beers.
Have some more yoghurt, have some more spam! xxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Oh my god...Mexican food is lush. I could eat it all day. I'd love to go shopping in that store.
The picture of G and his Bud is ace.xxxx

Trees said...

This WHOLE post is simply delicious....Mexican food is my absolute favourite. Giant bag of tortilla chips? To DIE for!!

Sue said...

Make sure your last meal request is written down somewhere other than here, I would hate you to be given a huge bag of something you didn't like. But then that could be a way of stalling. Did you sleep with that big bag of chips then???

Miss Simmonds Says said...

THIS IS TORTURE!!! I'm off to make breakfast now because this post has driven me insane with hunger!! There isn't much doing over here in the way of proper Mexican food, but there's some exceptions. OH god I love tortilla chips so much! I know if I went to the US I'd come back weight 20st. You lucky people! xxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh yum yum yum yum yum yum!!!! My wee tummy is growling!!!!
Love v

Maria said...

i lust over mexican food, guacamole is my food crush i make it when i need it (quite a lot) and fresh salsa yum - man v food (TV) too shows some good mexican - i love this post, i fear i may have dribbled on the laptop x

Perdita said...

I looove Mexican food, especially the portions of Tex-Mex in the USA! HUGE! More is more.

Ulla-Marie said...

I could eat / drink frozen margaritas for breakfast lunch and dinner

Pam Foley said...

your crawfish enchilada in louisiana was at least a LITTLE cajun! i can give you a refried bean recipe, they are better than canned (and cheaper too - but take a long time - do you have a crockpot?). still miss you. no one has sung 'galveston' to me in a long time.

Wildfell Hall said...

so agree about cheapness and greatness of Mexican food stateside (oh ok and in mexico)....we eat it a couple times a week and pretty much can never get enough...wonder how hard it is to make refried beans? it's so cheap and good here that I never think to attempt it myself! maybe I need to send you a Mexican care package!

Lynn Dylan said...

That food really does look delish!! I love Mexican food. Oh, and the guacamole looks divine. I crave avocados. Maybe it's all the good fat in them that my middle aged self is screaming out for. You look lovely in your bright skirt, heels and red bow!


Vix said...

I love Mexican food but other than some hideous chain there's nothing around here whatsoever! I want to move in with La Dama so she can make me divorced eggs and lard-free beans!!!
You looks so happy with your tortillas (and so you should, I can eat a bag that size without a thought) and I love G's expression with his mahoosive can of lager!!!
Love you more than chilli! xxxxx

La Dama said...

Aye!! Amor you are making miss my Mexi-food even more but I will be home real soon. I will show you how to make some real Mexican beans my Mama doesn't add much lard to my beans.I will be the first to bring you a big ass bag of tortilla chips and salsa at your deathbed.
G hombre with that can of Bud is just too hilarious.
love the pic of you on that sol bar. you should showed that bar man my blog and said you know a Mexi-lady in England.

thorne garnet said...

Refried beans are easy to make: a drained can of pinto beans, chili powder and cumin. Heat a skillet, add a bit of oil, dump the drained beans in, mash them with a fork. Add water and spices, simmer about 20 minutes, add more water to keep the beans from sticking,I don't use lard. You can also toss in some salsa. For fun, use black beans instead of pintos and if you're really hard core, dried beans. Yum!

MistressCatgirl said...

My husband is always telling me that one of the many perks of marrying me was that I can cook authentic Mexican food.
You're right about not having access to the right ingredients for better food. My mom had to mail me a ton of spices and herbs. There aren't that many places to buy them and they are super over priced.

Anonymous said...

Mexican food is comfort food!
When we were in Mexico a few years back the best food we found was a woman who lived in a tiny little house on the edge of town. We found her by accident because of a little sandwich board sign out front. She was there mostly for the locals but her food was so incredible that's the only place we ate for the rest of the trip.
If all of us bloggers got together and had a retreat we'd definitely have to stock up on the beans. I love them mixed with a bit of cinnamon.

Anonymous said...

We have a large hispanic population locally and I LOVE going to their markets (also the asian ones)
The food looks scrumtious!! And like Terri said-lard is the key to refried beans.
You looked fantastic on your chow adventures.
G should try some Old Milwaukee or Pabst Blue Ribbon the next time you're in the states(Come to Washington DC!!!). Now that's some Klass-say beer.

Forest City Fashionista said...

All those photos of yummy spicy/cheesy/saucey plates of deliciousness have me drooling on my desk! When I finally had real Mexican food in Mexico, I was sooo sad when I came home and found that nothing that could be had here even came close to the fabulous flavours.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Yum! Mexican food is my favorite too! Sadly, the one place here in town isn't the best, but I do make it at home a lot. I have been to some superb Mexican places in bigger cities. I learned the hard way once that (even though I love spicy foods) you should never ask for your Bloody Mary extra spicy in a Mexican restaurant :)

Hannah said...

My love for Mexican food is so deep so this post is blowing my ruffled knickers off. I want to lick the screen! That sure is poop about the refried beans! There is this fabulous website called where I get my supplies! xxx

karensomethingorother said...

Helga, thank you for posting more fun foody/kitsch photos from your trip. I was having a great bummer of a day, and your mini vacation in pictures was so much fun. Now I need a beer and a great big bowl of fresh salsa.

Oh...and that ENORMOUS margarita too.

Stacey said...

Oooh, I do love a good spot of Mexican! I think I would have died & gone to heaven if I encountered that bag of tortilla chips. When I was a little kid I used to love eating stacks of them plain, can you believe it? Now I prefer them with some salsa, haha.

Misfits Vintage said...

Where the fark have I refried bean??? OH LOOK AT ME - I'M A COMEDIENNE!!

Refried beans are about my fave thing in the world too - my lovely mountain friends recently came to stay and made me some exquisite refried beans - I shall demand the recipe and send it on STAT!

I love all of your fab food pics, darling - I can close my eyes and pretend I'm there with you!

Love you more than avocado! Sarah xxx

Annie said...

Glorious! I haven't had a decent restaurant Mexican meal since I was in the States, there's only a less-than authentic chain round my way.

I'll give thorne's recipe a go, the tinned refried beans you get over here just don't taste nice at all.

I am admiring your pink swirly dress (love your hair in that pic), and of course, your enormous Margarita!

Krista said...

I'm just back from San Diego where I stuffed my face with all the Mexican food I could, I can so relate to this obsession! Lard is the secret to perfect refried beans, that and a little bacon fat! These pictures make me hungry and also miss the two of you more than the dollar tacos!
Here's to eating your way across country and looking fabulous doing it!

taylor said...

Hi Helga, I try to stick to the microbrews. Budweiser = corporate swill (but I totally get the novelty thang).
If I had run into you in San Francisco I would've said: "You've inspired me to drink more." :)
This little Texan is hilarious and a total lush. Here you go:

Vintage Coconut said...

MY LORD!!! My mouth was just WATERING with every food photo you posted. *GUSHHHH* I WANT SPICY FOOD NOWWWWWWW!

P.s. Yes your Cans are HUGE Helga.... BUT THEY MOST certainly ARE NOT CHEAP!!

*WAIT* *wait* we are talking about the beer G is holding???


The Grande Dame said...

Oh. Good. Lord. My mouth actually watered at all this yumminess. Must. Go. There. Now!!