In this crowded place there is only you

I took Amber out to Rangoon (aka Rangiora) on Saturday for the Two Squirrels garage sale, and to pick up a bicycle she had won off Trade Me.
(Amber collects retro bicycles!)
It appears I was on a roll with the green and orange combo!

I wore:
Frock-50's, Madame Butterfly's
Coat-60's, from an old work colleague
Shoes-Goodwill in Santa Fe
Handbag-60's Rex, opshopped
60's headpiece-dog lovin' Sarah
Orange beads-sexacious Desiree
Ivory coloured disc necklace-darling Sue
Gloves-60's, Two Squirrels , I think
Sunglasses-vintage shop in Portland

Amber wore:
This amazing pointy hood crocheted with her very own hands!!!
She also has matching fingerless gloves!
I believe the patterning  is called crocodile stitch.
Soooo cute!
(smart arse)

The lovely Clare passed this award on to me!
I have to share 7 interesting facts about myself:

1: I have a phobia about being underground

2: I can watch movies where people are being brutalised and not be moved, but if it's animals I can't bear it!

3: I love vinegar, and will even drink it from the bottle

4: I have been a member of the Abba, Duran Duran and Models (Australian band) fanclubs in my youth.

5: I saw Simple Minds twice in 1986, and Jim Kerr winked at me...probably because I was exposing a fair amount of cleavage.

6: When doing Bohemian Rhapsody at kareoke once, with my friend Justine, I peed myself laughing and had to go home.
(I cried with laughter all the way through, and could only manage the ooo bits. Justine had to carry the show.)

7: I can't look at a bottle of Southern Comfort without shuddering due to not one but two unpleasant experiences.



Trees said...

Green and orange is just perfect on you Helga! I love your headpiece especially.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love the green & orange combo. The buttons on that cardi are so cute, love the hairpiece & the delicious bow on that frock. Just gorgeous! Xx

pastcaring said...

I just love that dress! I get on a roll with certain colours too, but then if it's working for you, why not? That gorgeous little headpiece is divine, and I have just realised that I don't have any bright green tights... I need to rectify that in the autumn!
Did you find any treasures at the Squirrels' garage sale? Not long till their big adventure starts...
Amber's hood wouldn't look out of place in the Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth Chic! Isn't she clever? xxxxx

Melanie said...

Love the dress and headpiece!
I'm absolutely with you on number two. I won't even watch wildlife programmes because I get traumatised too easily.

CityScape Skybaby said...

Looking lovely again Helga, and I love your friend's pointy hood, I need to learn to knit properly!
I don't like being underground much either, my idea of hell would be a potholing holiday or going on a submarine, the thought of that makes me shiver.
I can't watch anything being brutalised really, my dad used to say "it's only a film" but I'd always think things like that do happen in real life too and I can't look at it. My oldest son can't stand women, children or animals being hurt, but if it's men he can watch it no bother.
No famous man has ever winked at me sadly, but I did see Gerry Love from Teenage Fanclub walking through Glasgow last week! I was so starstruck because he was always my favourite Fanny!xx

delia hornbook said...

Orange and green is lovely reminds me of late september summer nights when the leaves are just on the turn truely beautiful. Love your friends hat to ;-)) dee xxx

Louise Mc said...

I thought that my being underground phobia made me a bit odd, so it's good to know that someone else shares it! I hate the LDN underground, I will always walk if I can and if can't then I'm anxious the whole time I'm on it, I never go in caves they fill me with dread and my worst would be to be buried alive! Oh... I love vinegar too. Xx

Anonymous said...

I love the Helgastic green and orange combination and that glimpse of zebra: pure devilish eye candy!
I really can't crocheting, but if I could I would cover my house in that amazing crocodile stich!!!Awww!!
Thank you for sharing your answers, I'm scared of karaokes (except by myself and I practise a lot!) and I can't handle to sing the Queen in public too!
Lots of love

Annie said...

Gorgeous dress and headband. Green and orange is a great combination.

I guess every-one who drinks has a bottle of something that makes them shudder. I can only say it's a good job we don't see Cherry B around very often these days!

Annie said...
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Kitty said...

Oh you are just the bloody queen of lush-ness today you sexy wench you!! Ans is that a new hair colour?? Looks quite like mine, I accidentally went darker, boo for me but it's totally stunning on you.xx.

Perdita said...

Green and orange- super amazeballs as ever!

Although it is summer here, I am also coveting that croco-knit-snood.

MistressCatgirl said...

Very lovely! OI like the headpiece too. You have a great jacket collections.

Krista said...

You always do these color combos I never think of green and orange who would have thought. You look fabulous dear and Amber's pointy hooded is making me wanna steal it! She did an amazing job, and its looks killer!!!

Vix said...

You minty chocolate wench in your frock of fabulousness! Your hair looks super-amazing today and the orange accessories are sensational!!!
Loving Amber's dinosaur hood, she's an amazing hooker!
I don't blame Jim Kerr for giving you the eye, saucy boobalicious minx!!
Love you!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Gorgeous!

My post will be posted by the end of the day! my time!
Gee so lazy i am with posts!
I love your august 9 post, so fabulous, i love so much your mix of patterns there, wow!
Adore your green and orange girl - loooking good Helga love!

Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous color combo and you of course look absolutely fabulous in it!!!

I LOVE Amber's hood! Is there directions somewhere?? I want one!!

Southern Comfort :::::shudder:::::
I, too, have a BAD experience with it involving greasy pizza. The evening ended with me hanging on a rain gutter hurling techicolor!

xxxxkissesxxxx Tamera

señora Allnut said...

orange and green is a lovely color combo and you rock it!
love the green tights and leopard shoes ensemble, so fabulous!
and that gloves and hairpiece!!!!!
besos & colors

Anonymous said...

I love this colour combination! My mum used to drink vinegar from the bottle as a child =) xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love your handbag!! What an amazing find. Also, I completely agree with you about Southern Comfort.....good god I feel sick thinking about it.

Sue said...

More interesting facts about Helga, I love them!! I don't like being underground either. Especially those underground car parks, shuuudddder!!! Looking gorgeous as ever!!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous coat and that dress is delightful. I too am not moved by humans getting hurt in films only animals! I am evil perhaps. Aha Helga peeing herself, told you are rock n roll xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh I just love this dress so so so much!!!! It is just gorgeous, I think it's the fabulous pattern. You looked just beautiful on Saturday sweet, and I got a "ruby Woo" kiss too!!!!!
Amber green knit hood is scrumptious.
Love v

wardrobeexperience said...

oh, another awesome vintage dress ... love!

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I adore you in orange and green! Will you just look at those gloves? Amazing! Love the tights too! Your friend's hood is just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Vinegar! Do you have a preference--white, amber, rose?

I've begun to collect stuff for an eventual package for you...two frocks of green, another of navy, and a purse as well...

Ivy Black said...

Green and orange gorgeousness! I adore that frock.
What about that amazing hood...whay a clever girl.
I'm with you on number 2 on your list.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

hahahahahahahahahhahaahahhahaha, you are the funniest loveliest lady ever - your 7 facts are fucking HILARIOUS! Apart from the brutalized animal bit, I also hate that. I love the way you're always bursting out of your cardi's - no wonder you got winked at, one can only imagine what amount of heaving bosom was on display. Amber is adorable - I love the pixie hood. You look hot in orange and green. Arse Squeezes all round!

Mrs. D said...

You're so funny, I read the list of facts and some of them really made me smile. The one about the Karaoke was the best!
Lovely outfit- I'm loving all the leprechaun green in this post. Plus your friend Amber's hoodie is to die for. Where can a gal get her hands into something like that? I'd totally wear it when the snow is back!

Misfits Vintage said...

Orange + Green + Helga = FABULARSE! That is one of my FAVOURITEST frocks ever - and I ADORE the bright tights with those great shoes and OMG how I LOVE that bag! Amber's hood is FABULARSE! Love you more than crochet. Sarah xxx