The flower you place on eternity's grave

Just look at these bleak bloody trees!
It wasn't even 5pm this afternoon!
No forestation to speak of down here!
It was sooo cold today, I wouldn't have been at all surprised if snow was forecast!
O, meep, I am so tired of all this Winteryness......

Le sigh.
But a gal does her best to look slightly pale and interesting amongst the gloom....

70's frock-from the fabulous Vix
70's blouse-Dashfield Vintage
50's coat (with opshopped faux fur collar thingy haphazardly pinned on!)-opshopped
Tights-San Francisco
Boots-secondhand from Trade Me
70's tooled leather handbag-opshopped
60's hat and scarf ring- from Crochet Queen Sarah
Earrings-from the sweetest Squirrel !

Ooo, I sort of want to expose myself........

Not really!

Lovely Malayka has asked, bless her, for a nosy into what I ever so glamourously call my "sewing/dressing room"......I am slightly leading you all up the garden path, as they say, about this room.
It is not at all glamourous!

Not yet, anyways.
We did a little renovating earlier this year, and my room is currently what I privately call "The Pit of Despair", as it has little storage, little light, and isn't anywhere I especially like being at the moment.

It will be fabulous, when we have the money to make it so, but not for sometime.
(And we have just had a big holiday!)
When it is fabulous, I shall be showing it off in the most ridiculous fashion!

Bring it on!
And Summer.


Until then, please bear with me!


delia hornbook said...

Summer when you find it please send it our way to im happy to share it with you ;-)) Its blinking damp, dull and wet again here its very depressing. But your like a little ray of brightness to brighten up that dullness. You look gorgeous. dee xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love love love that dress.
You look like a wonderful dash of delicious colour amidst that winteryness. x
I've done an olympic post, inspired by you of course! x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh you look so pretty in pink! Gorgeous frock & I love the coat & boots. It was 25 degrees here today & I was whinging about how hot it was. It's flippin winter people, but you wouldn't know it here in Queensland. I hope there will be a bit of winter left in NZ when we arrive at the end of the month. I'll email you soon about a hopeful catchup! I've already got my outfit planned....Hehe Xx

pastcaring said...

Trees? I see no trees, for I am mesmersised by the beauty of Helga and her magnificent boobage!
You look rather regal in this outfit! Maybe it's the non-smiling and the urge to expose oneself... you know royalty, they do that all the time, stony faced up above but flashing in all down below. So I've heard.
Anyway - pinky gorgeousness aplenty! What a darling hat and such a great frock. Bag envy, again.
You may have the winter blues but you are always pretty in pink, darling!
Can't wait to see your sewing/dressing room when it's done. xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I love summer, but I miss winter especially the layered stunning outfits, the pale skin appeal and the fabulous coats like yours!
You are gorgeous and dreamy like a movie character waiting for her lover in the forest!
I simply adore this pink floral frock and hat!
I'm trying to grab the cold air from your photos
and sending you lots of love and heat!

LandGirl1980 said...

I need to get me some boots like that for winter :) Although, I am still waiting for cocking summer to arrive!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh darling - you are such an exquisite gothic beauty in the bleak park of despair! Your frock is splendid - the hat is perfection and the coat is divine. I'm also bored beyond belief with the winter situation and ready to give nature a piece of my mind. An ACTUAL piece! Love you more than leaves, Sarah xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

oh Winter I do not miss you! Unless it's sparkley frosty weather but not yet please. You look gorgeous, all that pink is spectacular - truely an outfit Mrs Slocome would be proud of. Very jealous of those boots! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

I'm feeling the same way about summer! Another hot (over 90), humid(over 70%) day with another afternoon thunder storm? That would be different, NOT! Don't get me wrong, I love it being light out until 8pm, just hate, hate, hate the humidity. It would be nice to sit on the deck in the evenings( without being covered in sweat and bug spray)Le sign

Vix said...

Gawd, you look glorious despite the chilly looking bacvkdrop! I love how you've Slocombe-d that frock up with that 1970s blouse, it's just divine.
Poo to the shitty weather, it's not raining today and quite warm for a pleasant change, I can't bear to go back to sodding winter again!
Love you!

Krista said...

You are the most colorful creature in all of NZ this winter. Why just seeing you among all the bare trees would warm even the coldest of hearts. I love this dress and your bag is amazing but I love you most! Sending a warm squeeze and big wet kiss your way!

MistressCatgirl said...

You look lovely as always. I wish I had one of your jackets that fit me well. I've found a few but they don't fit over my chest.:( Oh well guess I'll have to make myself one.

Anonymous said...

Stunning, just stunning!! I love the pink hat with the maroon coat!! You look as if Heathcliff will come sweeping in from the moor to carry you off for a romp by his fireside!!
Maybe that's who you were flashing off camera you naughty minx!

I wish I could send you some of our heat. It is miserable again today!

Penelope Cat said...

Ooh, definitely looking a bit Miss Slocombe and a lot fabulous of course. A very opulent outfit with the blouse making it look a tad Edwardian I think. I'm loving the pastels with the strong colour of your coat too.

Nikki x

c... said...

Love the coat , love every thing thats red right now , in sweden it soon will be winter again and im hoping too find a nice coat that will keep me warm and looking stunning as you do !

Style Sud-Est said...

You do look very pretty in all that color rose ( pink) lovely Helga!


Hannah said...

The coat is gorgeous my lady, you look ruddy lovely. Those earrings are divine. We do not have summer here I am kinda of looking forward to winter least I know what to expect! xxx

Lucy Nation said...

I must admit I'm kind of jealous of your cold weather. I'm getting sick of the humidity here and I'm yearning for tights (so I can flash my colourful pins Helga style)and boots and cardigans. But I know what you mean about everything looking so bleak. I suppose the goth in me has just always been a winter person.

As for your sewing/dressing room - you know I would love to see it...along with the rest of your fabularsehole pad

"Share it with me"!!


Renia said...

You look beautiful, true lady! I love your coat. Kisses x x x

Louise Mc said...

I have a hat just like that, I'm sure I don't look as good as you in it. You look glamorously autumnal, like an autumn queen. Xx

Vintage Coconut said...

You look like Royalty in those bleak bloody trees!
So fancy and fabulous. But then I got a reality check when you said you wanted to expose yourself. *HAHAHAHAH*
Oh yessssss this is not Royalty it's the ever amazing HELGA Von Trollop!

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look very romantic and lovelorn here Helga, with a little hint of highwaywoman, it's the lace veil and the scarf and the swishy long coat I think. Long deep red coats always look very romantic and dashing, sadly I've never found the one that looks right on me much as I've searched but you look gorgeous in yours, only making me want one even more!
I can sympathise with how you feel about your sewing room, our bedroom used to be my cosy sanctuary but it's a depressing, cluttered pit these days and I'm so wanting to give it a makeover.
And thank you so much for your lovely encouraging comment on my blog, I said thank you there too but not sure how it works here on Blogger, you maybe would never have seen my reply and I wanted you to know how much your friendliness to a newby was appreciated. xx

seƱora Allnut said...

your fabulousness and pretty colorful dresses are always flourishing, no matter the weather!!!!
lovely color combo and pretty petticoat appearance!
besos & heat

Dashfield Vintage said...

He he well okay I'll try and wait ;). Love that it's called the pit of despair (males me even more curious). We call our home the 'house of mistrust' because there is always so much pranking and trickery going on! Brr it does look cold down there (I always feel silly for complaining about the cold up here because I know it doesn't compare to what you guys get) but you have done a fantastic job of dressing for the occasion

lasophia said...

I want to lick that bag it looks so delicious. Right up my alley! Winter will be over soon. Just as summer will be over here, and then you and I can be more content. until then, burrrrr.

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Really a powerful and beutiful look!

Sue said...

How fabulous and convenient, a label to tell you your coat is for all weather!!! Heads up tho' SUMMER is getting closer all the time, we just may need to cheer it along a bit. ♥