Now you do a little dance and you take a drink of water

We're off to Kaikoura for the weekend!
(Here's a sneak of my packing. I'm having a blue theme. I find it helps to have a colour theme, as packing traumatises me!)
Whilst G and I are having a dirty relaxing weekend celebrating his impending birthday, I'm having a giveaway!
Most of you probably already have this book, but if you don't, I have a copy for one lucky lovely!
( Open to International readers, of course! )

It just happens to feature our very own gorgeous Vix !
I really like this book, it's quite lovely.
All you have to do is leave a comment telling me how much you love me that you would like to enter; you have until  Monday night 11pm NZ time!
It's only polite that you be a regular reader.
I'll draw a winner by random number later in the week!

Have a splendid weekend; get your goodies out and give some random stranger a thrill!



So won't you say you love me?!

G and I were on the way home from a family lunch in Upper Riccarton the other day when we came across this bridge in the University grounds....and G was straight into a Dirty Dancing moment!
What could a gal do but prance around on the bridge in homage to a fabulous film that I need to watch again as it's been far too long?!

Mountains of Helga.
One of those JEEZ, are they really my boodboids?! moments.
I must be the one packing the watermelons!

Maybe I can somehow throw these melons over the side....


Frock-70's, my gorgeous Sarah on our first meeting in Sydney 2011! I've altered it by taking off the sleeves and making a jabot, and I also added a collar for a more 60's feel!
Shoes-a stripper shop in Vegas; G bought them for me
Handbag-60's vanity case
Earrings-a market
White bow-Japantown, San Francisco

I'll make you so proud of me!


We don't follow fashion, that would be a joke

O, red, white and blue, how I love you!
I don't think I've worn this frock since the Summer before last!
I sometimes stumble across forgotten frocks in the melee that is my clothes rack and get all excited.....such is the case with this 70's maxi, opshopped a few years ago....the weird faux houndstooth print rocks!
And it's perfect with my newly cropped jacket!

My Barry M Spring Green toenails are the only thing that don't match (which slightly upsets me).....but as Barry M stays on forever, I can't be bothered cleaning it off until it begins to peel itself off!
I'm pretty sure I have just the right shade of blue in my drawer too....
All my Barry M nail varnish is from my beloved Vix , bless her.

I really like the above pic!
I look sort of long and splendid!

Frock-70's maxi, opshopped
Jacket-80's, opshopped and cropped by moi
Handbag-60's, a school fair
Shoes-retail (sale)
Earrings-60's clip ons, the sexacious Desiree
White and blue beads-opshopped
Red beads-darling Sue
Pendant-lovely Kitty
Red bow-Japantown, San Francisco


Blackbird singing in the dead of night

G and I had a Friday afternoon date.
It involved a little wine in the park, a frolic with a sculpture, pizza and a little grocery shop.......