But I'm a pure new pleasure seeker

Are these petunias?
They're not an especially nice flower, ( nor even a nice name!) but they do come in fabulous colours!
They're blooming like mad round our way!

This is a magnolia tree.
(G calls it a mongolia tree!)
Terri asked what the tree with the red blooms in my last post was.
It's a rhododendron. Of the tree variety.

Early 60's frock-Etsy
Jacket-Retrofunk in Oamaru. I think I said the other day I'd opshopped it. (Senile moment!)
Sweet 60's slip-the sexacious Desiree
Shoes-Trade Me
60's vinyl handbag-opshopped
Sunglasses-Portland vintage shop (thanks G!)
Yellow beads-darling Claire
Necklace-can't remember. Just found it in my knicker drawer!
Earrings-the sweetest Squirrel


Lovely Mrs D has passed the Liebster award onto me, the sweetie!
Thank you!

I have to answer 11 questions:

1 - What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mrs Slocombe!

2 - Sweet or savoury?


3 - What would be your dream home - a palmtree hut at a paradise beach or a log cabin on a snowy mountain?

Oooo, both!

4 - What was your most embarassing moment ever?

Wandering about with toilet paper hanging out of my knickers...

5 - What was the victory you are most proud of?

Conquering my fear of deep/dark water and floating naked down a river.
6 - What was/is your favourite pair of shoes ever?

I adore them all!

7 - How many pairs of shoes do you own (come on, be honest!)

I seriously don't know, but easily over 50.
8 - What is your favourite place to go to in your town?

My house!

9 - What's your favourite dinosaur?

The nasty little ones in Jurassic Park that made mincemeat out of the big guy in the car...I think they're raptors? I wouldn't want to meet one, though!

10 - Are you a cat or a dog person, and why?

Not sure why, I figure it's genetic!

11 - What has been the most memorable trip you have made?

Um, possibly Egypt, or Turkey.
Memorable because of the sheer volume of history I had to stuff into my little head!

I also have to tell you 11 things about myself....

1: I have a girl crush on Gizzi Erskine and fairly lesbionic thoughts about her and Nigella....
2: I loathe arrogance
3: I am convinced I am Mrs Slocombe's love child
4: I would love to be able to play piano, but am far too lazy to learn
5: If I couldn't read I'd probably want to kill myself
6: I talk to myself all the time
7: I fancy knife throwing
8: I have never been to France, despite wanting to for years
9: "When the levee breaks" is my funeral song of choice
10: I have an odd obsession with Sweden and Swedish blogs. Can't understand a word of 'em, but I am fascinated by the lovely pictures!
11: If I was 20 years younger, I'd take up roller derby



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

The dinosaur that ate Dennis was a Dilophosaurus!! I probably know the whole script by heart as I lost count of how many times I watched it with Michael!! lol Roller Derby eh, okay, what would you wear? ;-D Were you winking at me on the swing!! Saucy bint! ♥

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Very springish colours in the garden.They're polyanthas. I have no idea how to spell that.
Love all the bio stuff. Yeh I love scandinavian blogs too - I'd love to go op shopping there!


Sue said...

I call those flowers potted colour because every time I see them for sale they are called potted colour, butop shop mama is right!!! I can imagine you as a roller derby chic.

Hannah said...

Lovely ensemble, really like the tweed jacket on you, very prim. Aha the nasty dinosaur, that was the first film I saw at the cinema. xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh looking simply lovely today Miss Helga!!!! The jacket is a wee cutie. Prettiness on a swing!!!!
Not the dinosaur daddy!!!! I just really wanted to say that.
Sending love to you lovely lady!!!! From squirrels on tour.
Love v

Trees said...

Yah! Spring is on the way - we went to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday and it was simply lovely. You look spectacular Helga:D

Fiona said...

Ah yes Polyanthus is what they are and you look perfect frolicking amongst them. I also talk to myself and did that loo paper thing (oh gawd, the embarrassment!)

Mrs. D said...

Roller derby seems a lot of fun! I'd like to try it myself but given my not so strong physique I safely stay home :)

Thanks for answering the questions, you're so much fun!

pastcaring said...

I was just feeling very pleased with myself that I dragged the name polyanthus out from the back of my brain, and look, everyone has already told you...
Looking like a naughty country lady, Helga, off to make vats of jam, raise hell with the local WI, and hack through your estate on your horse, while sipping whiskey from your hip flask. Or should that have stayed a private fantasy?!
Lovely colours, and I love the necklace you found lurking among your knickers!
Always wonderful to know more about you, darling. Ooh, you and Nigella and Gizzi in a hot steamy kitchen, imagine... xxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

What a lovely ladylike ensemble, those shoes are divine. You seem to be something of a flower expert, horticultural Helga. Xx

Melanie said...

What pretty flowers! I also love a magnolia tree :)
I have Scandinavian roots so really should think about going there at some point, probably to fabric shop as I have a soft spot for their textiles, especially those with birds.
I love those swing pictures xxx

Kitty said...

those white stockings are so PURE!!! LOL!! Nice contrast with the red shoes too!!

Devil made in Heaven said...

It is funny to see that spring is in the air at your place and overhere the leaves are slowly falling down. :)
You really must go to France when you have the change. It is my favourite country. I really cann't get enough of it.
Roller derby's are cool! I am to afraid to get hurt otherwise.....

PepperReed said...

Love all the color that your Spring is bringing! You are the most Radiant Flower, of course! We call the flowers by their 'common name' of Primrose over here in the US, so I'm glad I got to learn what the scientific name is. They're just lovely and I'll be putting some in the garden next spring.

I know you've just been DYING for the weather to get better and I'm glad its on its way. Our summer in MI/USA was Horrible; way too hot/droughty here, which is very unusual, so I am QUITE ready for a lovely fall; cool evenings, beautiful leaves, cozy sweaters, apple crisp, curled up with cats, fires in the fireplace (with S'mores!), soup, and books!!

Shannon said...

Darling Helga Von Fantastica...I looooooooooooooong to see a glimpse of your closet. How do you organize all those fab handbags...how do you put an ensemble together...how do you store your jewels? I love your take on life. I am jealous that flowers are just blooming where you are...mine are just fading as we head into Fall here in Canada. Love and kisses Shannoire

audrey said...

Wonderful! You look fantastic!

Maria said...

pyschadelic garden, so pretty - since watching 'shirley valentine' i was always glad to know other people talk to themselves - france is pretty although i once wandered onto a nudist beach x

Anonymous said...

Helga! You are shining again. Love the pattern mixes here. It's perfect.

Congrats on your award! I always enjoy reading the answers people write and I'm with you on the Roller Derby. I'd love to be that tough!

thorne garnet said...

those flowers are called primroses over here. Which makes me laugh, with that a Trololp standing in front of them. LOL We also call that tree a tulip tree, because of the shape of the flowers. A friend of mine once told me that there was nothing wrong with talking to yourself, because you'd alway get an intelligent answer

Perdita said...

You a so Mrs Slocombe's love child!!

Loving that belt especially, in today's outfit. :)

Renia said...

You look beautiful in those clothes. I love the frock!:) Kisses

Vintage Coconut said...

*SOOO many pretty flowers*
You look Sex-a-cious your hair is so bright and flamey and vivid.
Magnolia trees are my favorite and (If Mr. Coco and I have a future girl baby coconut, her middle name will be Magnolia.) Shhh don't tell anyone. I know it slightly sounds stripper-ish but Pshhhh
Apparently people who have their first name as Magnolia often get called Mongolia *lmao* So that's why I wouldn't use it as a first name.
That playground you were at looks so fun. I wanna ride on that tire thing!

lady liquor vintage. said...

I bloomin' love the red bag & shoes! The print on the dress is gorgeous too. XO

Anonymous said...

Ah-primroses--I must say they look dull when in the glow of your Helga-ness!!!
your outfit is gorgeous--love the warm shades and mix of patterns!!
you are most DEFINITELY Mrs. Slocum's love child!! but who could the father be???

YvonneSedition said...

Excellent funeral song choice : ) Think I may be with you on the Gizzi Erskine thing too...

Bella Q said...

You are gorgeous as ever! My bloggy girl crush just will NOT abate!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering my question! Fairly envious of all the pretty flowers I'm seeing in your posts as things here are dry and brown and crunchy. You'd be fabulous at roller derby...and if you're too old to take it up, surely you could put together the look.

Stacey said...

Oh, Spring in your region is looking almost as good as you! That's a kickass frock!

Krista said...

I love all these flowers but you make them all look pale in comparison. You have been to Egypt and Turkey? Dang girl you are well traveled!

Poppy. said...

You're never too old for roller derby! =D

Melanie said...

I miss a post and already it's spring there? Gulp! Those flowers are incredible - how is it possible to refrain from swinging in such an environment, especially with such a fabulous slip to show off? We'd call those flowers pansies here, I think, but I have orange thumbs, so what do I know?

Lynn Dylan said...

Love that outfit! LOVE it!! Love all the details you shared too. I have got to get better at detail sharing!


PS -- But beagle pictures up just for you!

karensomethingorother said...

loved the factoids, Helga. I always enjoy these memes when you more creative girls do them. Oh, and look how pretty you were by the primulas. Well, it is spring in your part of the world after all.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I can see you doing roller derby, you'd be terrifying!! I love all these facts, you're not only hilarious so interesting! Yeah imagine not being able to read, I'd end it all.I love your 70s-tastic brown outfit, you look like a naughty librarian

vintage_kitten said...

I just love your outfit.You have sexy legs.we have magnolia trees here to in the south.They are so pretty when they bloom.I love the white ones.xx