We’ll suspend the storms and the clouds in sight

Gawd, it has been the most divine Sunday!
Sunny, warm.....even with a slight hangover, just a divoon day!
(We went out for our friend and fellow bandmates birthday last night)

I got G to paint my toenails with Barry M's "Spring Green", courtesy of my beloved Vix !
How ludicrously appropriate!

A gin and tonic in the sunshine!!!
How very splendid!

Frock-70's, opshopped. Needs to be taken in. And ironed. I'll get around to that sometime!
60's triple strand necklace-opshopped
Locket-Ayesha's stall at a market yesterday
Cat pendant-opshopped

G didn't bother with clothes.
All the better for snuggling with Humpers!

Miss Peepee gave me palpitations today; she was out alllll night, and still hadn't turned up by 11am.......G had gone out and searched the neighbourhood, I was in tears, imagining the worst.......then we heard a plaintive meowing.....she was in the neighbours garage!!!
I cried even more with sheer relief!
The nosey little cow; it's not the first time she's been locked in a garage, but it's usually ours!
I so hope she's learned her lesson.
But it isn't likely!

G modelling his 70's platform clogs for you.

Now, I didn't go back for that frock.......I am still perplexed about it!
Almost all of you said to go back for it, but a couple of you commented on the neckline not being quite right.
I think that is what is putting me off.
And it's a little more expensive than I'd like.
Amber reminded me of Vix's words of wisdom:
If it doesn't make you feel fabulous, then it has to go.
Or in this case, not come home!



Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Always so nice hairstyles!

Devil made in Heaven said...

Now I understand why you didn't go back for that dress. :)
This green dress looks very good on you. I love such dresses but I am to short for them.
G's clogs are really cool!!!
Glad you found Miss Peepee back. My cats are like my children. I once run over street in my pyama's because one of my cats was missing. :D

Louise Mc said...

I love this outfit, it's all sorts of Margot fabulous! Such a beautiful shade of green too. I bet you were frantic about your pusscata? It's awful when something like that happens to your fur baby, but at least you got little Peepee back. Xx

c... said...

Love the green dress , the nails and the hair ! And what hapiness that the cat is back !You worry so much over the "babies" when they are gone.. I´ve got two so I know.

Frugal Queen said...

hi - I really, really, want to be you for the day xxxxx trading places the movie #2?

Maria said...

ooooh perfect frock for a sunny gin and tonic - our new fiesty kitten hides, has us all panicked then sashays out of her hidey place to lots of cooing and love - she is very clever x

Perdita said...

Love the green dress and nails. What a lovely day, too ... we've got top notch weather here, for once, too!

Stacey said...

I'm green with envy(haha)! This frock is gorgeous, even without the adujustments & ironing. And look at you matching your gin glass to your frock - you're all class lovely!

Kitty said...

Resplendent in green my dear, I love that your glass matches too! G's clogs are awesome!!

Mama Wolf said...

Your hair is amazing! (as are G's clogs!!)

xoxo Mama wofl

Vix said...

Ironing's overrrated!!! You look totally gorgeous, hurrah for pretty frocks, Barry M and sunshine, you delectable wench!!! G's clogs rock but I reckon you give us a bit more of him next time.
Bad, bad kitten. How evil is that little minx?
You would have bought that frock straight away if you'd really, really wanted it. I loved the one you chose more.
Love you!

Miss Magpie said...

I know I was one of the ones that said go and buy it but I do go along with your reasoning and if it doesn't feel right you won't get the wear out of it.

I have the matching earrings to your cat necklace!

Rose&Bird said...

Gorgeous dress, I would totally wear that myself! I love that G paints your nails for you - every girl should have a nail painting servant ;-) ! Worrying about Pee Pee going missing, glad you found her in the end. Cats, eh?! I thought the dress in the previous post was lovely, but I also thought the neckline was too high. Perhaps ripe for a little re-invention?

Renia said...

So beautiful dress! I love it! You look like a spring:) Kisses

Poppy. said...

I'm jealous of your Sunday! I was also hungover but I spent the day sitting in A&E with a friend who was convinced her foot was broken.

Barry M are the best for really bright bold colours, love them!

Mrs. D said...

Yay, kitty back safe and sound!
As for the outfit, can I say I am green with envy? :D

Anonymous said...

Hm, I'm wondering if I could convince my man to paint my toe nails while HE is naked.

We live in a house with many closets and have been known to inadvertently lock up our kitty. I'm glad yours was found.

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy green green grass of home - you look PERFECTLY SPLENDID mi amor! That maxi is one of my faves - I love the bodice and the sleeves and the mega ruffle so much! G in the nude? Well, there's a surprise!!! So glad kitty came was found safely - what a cheeky! I love these beautiful happy pics darling - and G's shadow is delightfully creepy/fabularse! Love you more than gin and tonics in the sunshine! Sarah xxx

audrey said...

Looking absolutely divine as usual! I love all the green that you're sporting. I'm so lazy when it comes to ironing too - sometimes I just hang up the wrinkly article of clothing up in the bathroom while I'm taking a shower and hoping that the wrinkles would be steamed out. It usually doesn't work, haha!

Vintage Coconut said...

OIIIIYYAAA! I love your green frock SO MUCH. G is a great toe nail painter, I hate to think what my toes would look like if I asked Mr. Coco to do them. *bwahahah*
I sure hope G put some clothes on to look for the cat around the neighborhood. ;) *hehehe* I could just imagine the police chasing a nude man who was calling out "Here kitty kitty kitty" Somehow I just can't see that situation looking good. =D

bonsaimum said...

The cat pendant is divine. Sinbad, my old cat,now passed,used to always get locked in the neighbours garage.You would think he'd get the message, but no, curiosity won out every time.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

your kitties are so naughty!! I say don't get the dress, I like it but if you're not happy then don't get it, especially if it's too expensive! I love your divine greeness, you look wonderful xx

Anonymous said...

So glad your darling kitty was found safe!!
The color green was created with you in mind!! You look fabulous in that frock!!
"G" is rocking those platforms-LOLOLOL

pastcaring said...

Ooh you gorgeous gal, sipping your G&T in the sunshine with everything matching, right down to your Spring Green tippy toes! Love those sleeves, great for wafting and waving.
I just had to scroll back up to see what Sarah meant about G's shadow - it's hilarious! Glad to see he is keeping his mystery - just photos of his gorgeous face and fabularse clogs, and NOTHING in between. Quite right, have some dignity! I am chuckling at Melanie's vision of a nude G out hunting for pussy in the neighbourhood... Hehe!
Oh naughty Miss PeePee, worrying her Mama like that. One of ours has a habit of staying away from time to time, I hate it. But she doesn't care.
You know the score with frocks, if it's not feeling quite right, then it isn't right for you, so leave it for someone else to love. There'll be plenty more out there! xxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love this particular shade of green you're wearing Helga, it looks so fresh and apple-y, and now you've made me want to buy yet more nail varnish, damn you! xx

Melanie said...

Gorgeous in green! Our cat Jessica used to hide under a laurel bush from us as we searched for hours and hours and got increasingly more hysterical. Of course, we couldn't assume she was under there, we would have to suffer until she was ready to come out.

Penelope Cat said...

I do love you in green and your dress is divine. So glad Miss Peepee turned up - we've had a few times where Luna has stayed out all ours and we worry sick because she has no common sense or self-preservation instinct.

Looks like a beautiful day too.

Nikki x