Beneath a valentine, I see a locket is shining

Just a little touch of the old Goth in me....I must be feeling the effects of the Halloween excitement in the blogosphere...although it doesn't really take much to make me feel like some heavy black eyemakeup, I must admit!

Frock-retail sale years ago
Waistcoat-Trade Me
Vintage cape-the sweetest Squirrel
Boots-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Hairflowers-not too sure, I think a couple were gifts
Necklace-New Orleans
Cuffs-one at least is from our Vix, not sure about the other!

Have you noticed I rarely wear bangles, or bracelets?
I love them, but they tend to annoy me for some reason.
So it's just for special-like that I get them out!


Sun through the trees tells me I will be there soon

Ah, a sunny Saturday with a glorious Nor'Wester!
Perfect for trotting on down to my friend Anissa's vintage market!

But first I had to have a posing session by the river across the road!
The Avon "River" winds its way through Christchurch, but isn't much more than a stream, really!
Still, we manage punting, and some rowing on it!
The best thing about it is the bird life; G and I love checking out what's happening in duck world, and at the moment there are baby paradise ducks in abundance!

Frock-50's, Repetory theatre sale
Belt-a thrift store in New Mexico. Las Cruces, I think
Fishnets-retail. Now stocking due to the Hungry Growler syndrome.
Silver dancing shoes-the sexacious Desiree
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Hairbow-gift from Nix, ages ago
Sunglasses-50's, from lovely Sue
Indian earrings-gift from G
Necklaces, from top to bottom-Wasteland, San Francisco/ 60's, opshopped and tweaked with some orange ribbon as its pretty broken/ a Shabby Chic market

At the market I got to meet Jenny (it was Jenny, wasn't it?!) of  BellaBean Vintage !
What a sweetie, and sooo teensy!
I was concerned I migth do her an injury accidentally with one of my booboids.
Just looove her frock!

I came home with a lovely piece of fabric and some gloves from Jenny, plus some fabularse vintage buttons!
The green ones sre for that little jacket I'm making, when I pull my finger out to finish it!
I was quite well behaved.


Their eyes are wide and their love is pure

I went for a Double Floral Friday....
It only seemed fitting, in light of Sarah's floral themed week, to finish it off with a double whammy.
Frock-Two Squirrels sale
50's coat and tights-from Jumble Queen Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
70's patchwork handbag-opshopped (I've had this forever! I don't think it's ever made a blog appearance before!
Jewellery-gift from G last birthday

I had a little luck at an opshop on the way home.
Pickings have been slim lately, but today I found a pair of retro saucepans, a 60's furry beret, a nylontastic 60's bedcape (this'll make a great pattern for future little capes) and a longish pleated blue frock. I'll need to take it up and hopefully not loose the flippy hem.

Beret label love.

Tonight G and I are off to his primary school anniversary or reunion or something like that....
I so wanted to go to my class of 82 reunion last month, but we couldn't afford it, so I'll have to make do with G's!
We have no idea what to expect, but we're gonna make a fun night of it, whatever the case....
If in doubt, get plastered, I always say.
Have a splendid Friday, darlings!


It's not the side effects of the cocaine

But I'm thinking that it must be love!
Purple and orange together is a colour combination that makes me happy.
Orange is so zingy, it perks up anything it comes into contact with, really.
The insane orange floral 60's hat makes me especially happy.
There's a touch of lunacy that comes out when I wear it.

And it gives me amazing pyschic powers of purrception....

Frock-60's, from Revamp Queen Vix
It's got a little nod to Sarah's Floral Week!
Jacket-early 70's, opshopped. Would have had pants to go with it, I suspect.
Lavender tights-from the States
Orange whalenets-can't remember. Maybe Trade Me a few years back?
Shoes- from florafied Sarah
Vanity case-60's, opshopped

O, on another subject entirely:
I rarely look at my stats, but just happened to today...and found that if you google "swiss ball" porno, you will find:

Helga "making some dodgy porn" with a swiss ball........?!
At least I look fabularse!


There'll be crocuses to bring to school tomorrow

In Spring, I tend to play Joni Mitchell's "Blue" album a lot.
It's an alltime fave of mine.
Musically, lyrically, vocally it just touches me, and not in an innappropriate way!
I've always fancied playing piano, but have never gotten off my arse to learn.
This merges into another fancy of mine, which is to sing Joni and Kate Bush numbers in a dark, dingey, but not smokey, bar, whilst looking effortlessly fabularse.
A gal is entitled all to her fancies, and also to not be arsed making them reality!

Frock-part of a 60's two piece, opshopped about 15 yeasr ago!
Coat-gift from Nix, she found it for $2!
Socks-G's Mama
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, from a Wellington friend
Floral headpiece-handmade by gorgeous Hannah, and from a giveaway she had  while back
50's sunglasses, earrings and grey beaded necklace-from lovely Sue
Chain necklace-from our Vix, who is on the mend!
Pendant-from Kensington Market, I think, my first time in London, 1989


All the star blues brothers are gonna be out here in a minute

 It's a long weekend down here; Labour Weekend, in fact.
It's been sun, sun, sunny!
And a whole lot of nuthin' has been going down.

We did, however, brave the city's biggest mall to do some shopping with a pile of gift vouchers I got from work.
They could only be spent at this particular mall, dammit.
So we gritted our teeth, gussied ourselves up and made our way through the masses to a shop that sells kitchenwares.
For that is what I wanted.
Stuff for the kitchen.
I happily purchased 2 plain white* dinner sets, a baking dish and a thingy to hold my cookbooks.
That done, we scarpered out as fast as we possibly could!

I wore:
Frock-50's, Trade Me
Cardi-60's, opshopped
Belt-thrift store somewhere in New Mexico, I think
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, a vintage shop in Portland
Bow-made by moi
Sunglasses-50's, from lovely Sue
Chain necklace-from beautiful Vix
Swordfish eye necklace-a long defunct arty shop
Other necklace-a Shabby Chic market
Earrings-San Cristobel de las Casas, Mexico

G wore:
Hat-Primm, Nevada
Top-60's, we can't remember where we found it
Pants-70's, Retropolitan

That's a glass of bubbly and orange juice in his hand!
We needed to crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate surviving the hideous homogenousness of the mall!


*Vix will be thrilled, she can't bear to eat off anything but plain white plates!