All I want is a photo in my wallet

Have a few more pix from our weekend in Kaikoura!
know, it was ages ago now...where does the time go?!

The cows are hiding...
That's ok, if they pounce I can throw my chilli chocolate and coffee into their eyes and make my getaway.

The Saturday dawned bright and sunny and clear...we were up early to go to a garage sale with our lovely friends Dave and Jana.....

It developed a bit of a chilly wind, though, so some rugging up was required!
G spotted this old cardboard case for 50 cents!

Where we went for the garage sale is where Dave and Jana are moving to shortly...this will be their view to the East. (Out of the car window. Classy.)
To the West are the mountains.
It's really rather picturesque!

We needed a hot cuppa after to warm up.
I was entranced by the crockery colours.


Frock-50's, Two Squirrels !
Light blue cardi-60's, opshopped
Navy cardi-60's, opshopped
Coat-a crimplene dream from Vix !
Shoes-secondhand off Trade Me
Vinyltastic knitting bag as handbag-opshopped
Necklace-gift from G
Hairflower-from Sarah !

There is another posts worth of Kaikoura pix, I'll save those for next week!



Vintage Bird Girl said...

I can't take my eyes off that's SOOOOOO pretty. I could bask in that print all day! Love it mixed with all the blue. Oh what I'd give to feel the cold again. I am fed up with sweating in polyester already. Great score on the old suitcase too....well done G! Xx

Anonymous said...

Your photos are timeless, so it doesn't matter if these are from the past week! I love the white belt on this beautiful frock and the last photo in the pink blossoms is just Spring!
Love xxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

What a stunning place, oh to live somewhere so beautiful. You look divine as always, splendid in blue. X

Sue said...

Oh it said "Blossoms" I thought you said "Bosoms". And both were lovely!!!

The Grande Dame said...

Your rings are incredible! Love the blossoms pic and your matchy-matchy heels & stockings! x

Vix said...

Kaikoura (yeah, spelt it right without having to go back and check) looks absolutely gorgeous and so do you, in red, white and blue!!! That frock is ace all rocked up with the studded belt and that crimplene coat! Love the white specs and the splendid bush in the first pic!!
Yeah, keep those scary cows at bay with their sad eyes and shitty arses!
Those cups are rather lovely, chunky enough to escape the dreaded twee-ness!
Love ya!

Sacramento Amate said...

Gorgeous in blue and blosooms, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sara said...

Great outfit as always! I like that cardboard case, so cute - and cheap!! :)

Melanie said...

Blossoms already? I love that last photo of you. True perfection. And the first one should be a postcard. Next time I want to see a photo of a pouncing cow with you throwing your chilli chocolate and coffee into its face during your getaway. LOL! Now THAT would be a postcard.

pastcaring said...

Yeah, all I want this morning are these fab pictures of you!
Not feeling the bovine love then, Helga? I don't think cows are capable of pouncing, maybe blundering and head-butting, but they were obviously cowed (ha!) into submission by your gorgeousness!
Love the pics of you having your coffee and chocolate with the mountains as a backdrop. And the final photo is a beauty.
Sunshine, mountains, sea, friends, hot cuppas, garage sales - it's all good stuff! LOVE! xxxxxx

one denim bird said...

Gorgeous pics Helga! You look amazeballs in your blues and lilacs together with blossoms and coffee and garage saling - how could you go wrong!!! xox

Misfits Vintage said...

EXQUISITE as always, mi amor! I love that divine frock and the crimplene coat is PERFECTION - and I always love you the most in those splendid sunnies. This place looks so beautiful - put it on our road trip agenda! Love you more than fifty cent luggage! Sarah xxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Your hairstyle and flower are gorgeous, you are beautiful in these blues. Good job evading those vicious wild cows!

Luna Tiger said...

What a beautiful place ! Even on holidays, you're always stylish !

MistressCatgirl said...

Love the last photo. It frames you really well. Cows can be cute (and delicious) but stinky. I miss the sea.

Lucy Nation said...

That picture of you under the blossom is so lovely. Spring is such a picturesque time of year is it not,? And your outfit matches it perfectly. I love the print on your dress with the blue coat and tights xxx

Krista said...

You look as pretty as the beautiful scenery, your country looks so scrumptious~ I can see where you get it:) I love your dress, your new addition to that most envious collection of cases, and that metaltasic belt! Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

Such fresh photos! It starts with those white sunnies and sunshine and just keeps on going.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

So beautiful! Chilli chocolate and coffee? Yes please!

HRF said...

I adore those blues on you. Gorgeous color with your hair and skin tones.

The setting is so very serene. How lucky you are to have gone there.

LandGirl1980 said...

I facking love the titles of your posts. Took me AGES to remember what song this one is from. I had to google it!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I love the pic of you under the blossoms Helga, everything about it is gorgeous. And I like the sound of chili chocolate and coffee. Love you looking like a wandering traveller waiting for a lift with your cardboard suitcase too. xx

Kitty said...

Send 'im over. You know what I mean!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Gorgeous as ever my Darlink. And look at those beautiful blossoms, they go so well with the soft blue of your dress and the sky. Just watch out for those cows.

Devil made in Heaven said...

You've had an amazing view overthere.
The cardboard case is lovely. We use them as storage for shoes and clothes. :D
Love your outfit. xxx

Lynn Dylan said...

Oh. My. That dress is, as you might say, DIVOOON!!! It is amazing, and you look gorgeous in it!!