And I love, love, love, love the way you groove

We've had a country wide storm over the weekend; it's been windy as feck, wet and generally arsebiscuity weather!
The sun is coming out this afternoon, however, and I remembered that I hadn't shared these pix from a couple of weeks ago at our favourite (and local) graffit wall!

I really like burgundy, and usually love to mix it with pinks, but I also adore it with teal.
The frock is an 80's find that I've had for ages.
I shortened it and added some lace trim and a ribbon that happens to have the same burgundy and teal colours nearly as soon as I got it.

Jacket-velveteen! Opshopped
Tights-vintage fair Queen Vix! Wouldn't you know it, they go perfectly!
Boots-Trade Me
Knitted hairbow-garage sale
60's vanity case as handbag-Trade Me
50's sunglasses-the very lovely Sue
Earrings-from a friend, from one of the 'Stans
Rose quartz and silver necklace-G bought it for me in Goreme, Turkey
Other necklace-a Shabby Chic market

And for good measure, I found this gorgeous flower arrangement in the bedroom on Friday night....
G will roll his eyes, but I have to tell you that he has astounding flower arrangement skills!
I can't arrange flowers for shit, it always looks like one of the cats did it!



Trees said...

I love graffiti and this wall looks totally FAB - I love the velveteen blazer *swoon* and Vix sent you the perfect tights - is she telepathic? :)

We have had the WORST weather EVER here - freezing cold, wet, windy.

Here's hoping the long weekend next weekend will be better!

MistressCatgirl said...

Love the burgundy and teal together. The wall is pretty cool too. Have you ever seen any of the old school graffiti in LA? Some of it is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Burgundy and teal are like a little dream it.
Sweet print and I'm loving you plastered against the wall showing your fabolousness.

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look great against that wall Helga, especially standing on that ledge you look like you're floating against that background. A burgundy velvet jacket has been my holy grail for years. I always remember Kate Bush types of girls wearing them and I've never quite found the right one. xx

Fiona said...

You are a vision in burgundy and teal against that fabulous explosion of colour. G's flower arrangement has a touch of the Ikebana's about it and so glad to see he also uses a beer bottle as a vase. x

BellaBean Vintage said...

Killer boots and a great wall!

c... said...

Burgundy mixes good with colours !

bonsaimum said...

Great wall, great outfit. G buys you some beautiful jewellery.He has good taste.

seƱora Allnut said...

love first photo, it seems that you're floating on a psychedelic colorful sea!!, amazing!
Such a pretty color combo and fabulous vintage sunnies and bag!

pastcaring said...

Ha, I thought you were hovering magically in mid air in that first pic too - nice trick if you can manage it!
Love the burgundy/teal combo, and that ribbon you added is gorgeous. I always appreciate seeing the famous Von Trollop pins, especially in those fabulous tights from Vix.
G is a man of many talents. Said it before, saying it again - he's a keeper!
Hope the champagne was gooooood! xxxxxx

Bohemian vanity said...

Super nice background for taking pictures ! Your outfit is really nice, i like the frock combined with that amazing tights ! XX

Vix said...

I'm drinking tea from my Banksy mug toasting your fabulous urban backdrop, it's glorious and highlights your fabulous outfit to the max! Loving that frock with those tights, a match made in heaven and the jewellery overload is making me slobber on the keyboard!
Poo to crap weather and storms and over the weekend, too, how rude!
G has amazing skills, I could make a single flower look like shite!
LOve, Vix

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

Ooh, I love your little case! Woop! Great colours too, they're brillo. You look a bit like you're levitating in pics some kind of technicolour lady genie.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I love how well your outfit matches with the graffiti. You are such a babe! Also, there is something about the photo of the adorable case and that little bit of orange graffiti that makes me so happy.

thorne garnet said...

I, also thought you were hovering! What fun that you match the art!

Renia said...

You look so beautiful! Love the neckleasse! Kisses x x x

Anonymous said...

He really does have floral skills! I use to have a lamp just like that. We had many an orange tinted wild night with that thing...until it got kicked a few too many times.
Are you trying to blend in with that graphic wall? You could never hide're much too captivating!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Damn it!! I thought you could fly. I love the teal, pink and burgundy together. Delicious! That dress is really gorgeous! I'm enamored of your bag too xxxx

Melanie said...

I thought you were levitating with magical powers too, but since I already know you are a superhero I was not surprised. Or perhaps in this case you could be Glinda, Good Witch of the North's, Groovin' Witch of the South. I have never had an arse biscuit. Perhaps it would go well with peanut butter and jam. Love your lexicon!!

Louise Mc said...

I was trying to figure out how you were levitating in the first couple of images, just another Helga skill I guess? You look fabulous as always, I'm looking forward to seeing all your spring summer looks while we freeze through Autumn and winter. At least there's you to brighten it all up. Those boots are divine by the way. x

Hannah said...

Love all those necklaces so gorgeous, the print on your dress is yummy. You look beautiful as usual, G does have some great flower arranging xx

Misfits Vintage said...

I have had the most ricockulous loathing of burgundy my whole life - I do not know why!

But YOU HAVE TURNED THE BEAT AROUND! I am so going to try burgundy and teal now, having seen the LIGHT from Saint Helgita of the Holy Colour Combination!

I love these pics, amor - you look beautiful and I love the graffiti wall too - your vanity case is exquisite and I seem to recall purchasing those tights!

Skype Skype Skype!

Love you more than COLOUR! Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh - and the flower arranging is ARTFUL, like G-Star himself. xxxxx

Krista said...

You hot bitch! I can barely even notice the killer graffiti because you look so yummy! I love this dress and the shortness of it really looks good on you especially with those boots! G really does have an eye and a big heart or even putting flowers in the bedroom!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the vanity case. The shape of those sunglasses is fab. Stylish and a good flower arranger; what a catch that G is.

Anonymous said...

That restyled dress is killer!!Adding that lace trim was brilliant and the skirt lenght now looks perfect on your python legs!I love your sunglasses and your stunning bag too!
You are an artwork!

Anonymous said...

You are rockin the burgundy and teal!! The graffitti wall only accentuates your stunningness. And those glorious gams encased in tights of fabulosity!!

I bow to G's floral arranging skillz!!


Devil made in Heaven said...

Your sunglasses are so lovely!! And you are looking cool in that outfit. Love to see how the colors suit the graffity.
It is so romantic to find those lovely flowers in your bedroom. I really have to show this blog to my hubby...... (or my cats... )

xxx have a wonderfull day!

Rose&Bird said...

Pants to stormy weather, it's been wet and a bit windy here too. Great colour combinations and the dress is so pretty. G is a man of many talents, those flowers look great x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Gorgeous!

Yes that graffiti kicks ass so does your outfit
You chose the perfect backdrop for it
Which compliments which that is the question
It seems it was there just for you Helga fabulousnous!

Nice flowers G is indeed talented

Ariane xxxxx

Sue said...

Super duper flower arrangement!!! I don't do formal flowers so I love it ♥