Shake up the picture, the lizard mixture

Oooo, it's like a variety show today!
Or even a spot of "show and tell"!
I'll show you mine if you show me yours any day of the week!

I was prompted to mix it up a bit by the dying of my camera battery when I was taking the above pix yesterday afternoon....those two are the only pix I got!
So I pulled out a few pix that were lying about, just waiting to be part of a post...

These are my poor, poor hats in their humble box home...
They're getting a bit squashed, but I really just have no better way to store them at the moment...

Some fabularse red, white and blue inspiration from my (she's mine because I suspect we've swapped spit) gorgeous Sarah and the sweet Sara...both rocking my most favourite colour combination like stars!

I've been slowly, gently, (because I just don't have the stamina for sewing that I used to) putting together this little jacket from a pattern that our invalid Vix sent me and a piece of retro fabric I have had kicking around for over 12 years....
I have completed the shell, and when I tried it on I found it rather boxy, so I added some darts to shape it a bit.
The sleeves were too sticky outy, so I had an idea of a sort of gather/pleat, at the hem, with a wee button to tart it up....
I tried the jacket on and showed G what I had been up to; he liked it.
I showed him the sleeves and how I didn't like them, and he suggested doing exactly what I had planned to do to sort it out before I could tell him.........
And then he proceeded to make a suggestion that I had originally intended to do, where I was going to add a little cuff the each sleeve, and/or a tab, and a band on the hem of the jacket.....
Freaky possums!
G reckons he must be gay on the inside, because this kind of thing happens a lot, and it goes with his flower arranging abilities and his status as my hair colourist and toenail painter....
I reckon he's just lovely.
What do you think?!

The other day I quite liked this neckline where my frock from Lucy (who seems to have ceased blogging?) , my cardi, scarf and scarf ring met up.

I'm also slowly, gently working (ha, well, cutting out) a frock from a 60's pattern and some crimplene dream fabric I opshopped some time ago....I didn't have quite enough fabric to be able to cut a neck tie on the bias, so I made up a collar pattern, using newspaper! You can see where I've made a note to add seam allowance; this is a typical thing for me, where I forget to add it to the pattern and have to make a note so I don't forget when I'm cutting out.
I could make a nother pattern....but it's so damned basic and casually doen I just can't be bothered!

This is what I wore to work today.
The weather turned wet and bollocky, as Spring weather tends to, so it was a nice glass of red wine when we got home to get over it.

I finally found some navy shoes!
$1:50 on Trade Me.
I'm pretty pleased with myself.
Smug, even.

Lastly, I'm going to check out this market next weekend.
I suspect it has something to do with vintage!
A sweet friend, Anissa, has organised it, so how could I not go?!



Max said...

love the first dress, very alice, and the fabric you're making the jacket from is to die for-is it vintage? have a grand long weekend x

bonsaimum said...

I love your purplely/mustardy work outfit.And those shoes OMG.You should tie G down and don't let him out of your sight!!! A man who can give fashion advice AND colour your hair is rare.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me so much!!After reading your fabularse post I was ready to restyle a recent vintage find and I was googling 'Patty Boyd fashion magazine' (because the dress reminds me of her) and you come out of the screen: awesome!!Great frocks, I love the pale blue one, the whole outfit has a strong 'Alice in Wonderland'theme and I drool over it!
The purple and orange one has a Boyd-astic print, I'd love to find a similar one someday!
All this post is an eye candy thank you and thank you again!!!
Love xxxxxx

c... said...

You are such an inspration ! You make start up some diy projects !
Last night I tought myself tocrochet granny squares ! With a little help from google ;)

Anonymous said...

loving the jacket your working on doll x

Perdita said...

Hmmm... liking orange and black, most tempted to try it myself this weekend!

Love all your sewing stuff, I always find other people's projects so intriguing...

Vix said...

You've gotta to love a bloke who does your roots and offers dress making advice! I've got one, too. I hope when they finally meet they won't roar off on a Norton into the sunset to make chutney (that's what Jon's up to) and flower- arrange together!!!
That creation you're up to is bloody fabulous. I adore the fabric and am so in love with that gorgeous purple psychedelic mini and mustard tights combo! The Saritas in their red, white and blue are stunners!
Lucy is back!! I'll send you her link!
Love you! Vix

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Both outfits are amazing! I especially love the purple and goldenrod. Awesome to see some project action shots - you are so talented, and that little jacket is divine.

Anonymous said...

I love the entire outfit with the pumpkin tights. What an unexpected color combination and it's gorgeous.

I bet your hats would look awesome lined up around the walls of your bedroom on one long continuous shelf dedicated just for them. But you'd have to keep them dusted. ;( Or alternate wearing them often enough to rotate them and disturb the dust frequently.

Krista said...

Totally digging this mash up! Today work outfit is the best print and color combo I have seen in a while, you look hot mama! I'm jealous that G does your hair and has mad flower arranging skills, Chris will help me one day I'm sure I guess I just have to ask :). Your new jacket is looking really cool too!

thorne garnet said...

Hat are the hardest thing s to store. Awe, so that's what you've been making, love the fabric. When we make patterns at work we always write the seem allowance on the pattern pieces( and sometime on the fabric in the seem allowance) You can't remember everything. Love the purple/yellow/white dress, can't believe you have tights to match! G sounds more and more like a dream, The Doctor vacuums and cleans the bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

G is da MAN!!!
I love the jacket and you're so right with the "customizing " you'll be doing to it!! Can't wait to see how you style it up!!
I love the dress you wore to work--so pop art!!

MistressCatgirl said...

Newspaper is a great cheap medium to make or alter patterns on. That's what my mom taught me on. I need to get a couple of hat stands for my collection.
Both Saras look lovely.

Hannah said...

Yeah you need to sort your hats out lady! Get some hooks or something and hang them on the wall! The jacket looks beautiful, I wish I had your seamstress skills. G is just cool simple as! xxxx

Janice Tutone said...

I love your style & blog! Do you have a past post on how you fix your hairstyle?

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

My God, 12 posts in one!

The first pic looks like my costume in my first ever dancing concert 9complete with tap shoes). Love. :)

Who is that HOT SPUNK in the red, white and blue?

I have my hats in bix gift boes. Looks pretty than cardboard, not expensive, but not good if cats decide they are a nice place to sit.

LOVE the jacket you made. Aodre the fabric.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in your work ensemble today. As for you and G thinking alike--he simply understands you!

Sue said...

G is one of the best and a total keeper, so he needs to be looked after. TOF is a keeper but we won't tell him!! Your hats need their own room.

pastcaring said...

So much loveliness to admire!
Fabulous frockage, poor piled up hats,, gorgeous gals in red, white and blue, spectacular little jacket, beautiful orange, mustard tights and fabric-covered buttons, and the much searched-for NAVY shoes!
Phew, I feel like I have a wonderful tour around Helga's crazy brain!
Here's to G's inner gayness, it makes him the perfect man, and I am ashamed to admit I want to borrow him off you... Just a little bit. To do my roots, and maybe arrange some flowers, nothing untoward, you understand!
LOVEyoumore than vintage markets! PS. Did Vix send you Lucy's link? She's back on the scene and sharper than ever! xxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

all wet and bollocky made my day

I love those shoes, the jacket is fab, obviously G could never look at anyone else with you around, you've got one of those freaky couple psychic connections going on.

You look gorgeous, amazing 60s prints all round xxxx

Lynn Dylan said...

Oh, I reckon he's just lovely. :D I love those first two pictures! That blue with the black... Is it you who says DIVOON? Well, it is DIVOON!


The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

What a great post! That purple, black, and orange outfit is scrumptious, as are you!

CityScape Skybaby said...

I enjoyed this blog of random bits and bobs Helga, I have the same problem as you with storage, so many things not getting treated properly because they're all squashed in corners here. G just sounds lovely and like he's totally into you! Maybe that sounds wrong, he's totally on your wavelength! Love the navy shoes too, what a bargain, I've never looked at Trade Me but I'll have to visit it, see if I can completely fill this house up with more stuff. xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Fuck me, how did I miss this? Am I on DRUGS?

This is like a Helga Cocktail - a little of this and a dash of that... i LOVE it!

the blue frock with the trim is EXQUISITE - please send it me STAT. Thanks. The jacket looks amazing - can't wait to see it finished and gently caressing your magnificent bosom.

G is a little gay, in the BEST possible way - and what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man he is!

And finally - yay for the hideous mustard/purple frock - haven't seen it in AAAAGES - you are so frickin EXQUISITE, darling! Oh and thanks for the redwhiteandblue love!

Love you more than HATS! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Your jacket is coming along nicely, you will get there slowly, but surely is the key to sewing when the mood hits you! xx

Sara said...

OOoohh it's me there! What an honour :) Great post, I love that first pic of you, beautiful blue dress:) And did you know that you are the goddess of accessories? Great mixing and matching as always!

karensomethingorother said...

Navy shoes! Success! And now I'll have Duran going through my head all day. Good song though.

Devil made in Heaven said...

When your G is gay, my hubby is also. No, this is really not gay, this is a man with great taste!
When I see everybody sewing the most coolest things I want to try it to. Next weekend I will try it. :)
Love the way you go to your work. That dress is amazing. Wished I could go to my job in my dresses.
Maybe when I find another job..
Big hug! xx

vintage_kitten said...

I'm dress drooling right now.I love those shoes,the two saras look great in thier red white and blue.beautiful dresses.