Wickedness lies in your moistened lips

O, hello!
Let's revisit my Friday Frock, shall we?!
I had all these pix loaded and was about to find some fabulous words of wisdom to add...when our darling friend Ralph arrived from Wellington!
Needless to say, I was distracted by copious amounts of bubbly and this morning have a crippling hangover and I am never drinking bubbly again.
At least not until next time.
G has just bought me a bloody mary, quick pause now whilst I enjoy it's restorative powers....

Right, that's a little better.
Where was I?!
O, yes.
As Halloween is this month, and I know many of you get very excited about this, I thought some pix in the old graveyard G and I pass by every day might be interesting.
Old, by our standards, is late 19th century, incidentally.

I wore:
Frock-consignment shop in Alamagordo, new Mexico
Jacket-60's, opshopped
Belt-thrift shop in New Mexico
Tights-both retail
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, a lovely shop called Junk and Disorderly that was flattened in the earthquake.

This is  anative New Zealand tree, called a kowhai.
Gorgeous blossoms!

Earrings-lovely Sue
50's wire necklace-darling Max
Pendant-Oaxaca, Mexico, beading by moi

And we had a special guest appearance in the afternoon by.......

It was so good to see their sweet little faces!
We got a full tour of Basil!
I must pass on that Vanessa hasn't been able to get good internet reception, so she hasn't been able to visit you all and comment....sometimes it's just hard to get around when internet reception is good, let alone when you just can't get it!


I'm off to finish that bloody mary.....
Y'all give me the horn!



Melanie said...

Slap me - I was just distracted by that mightiest of manly men Sean Connery, man of myth, in your right sidebar, but I digress...

Your legs are like porcelain - which is a good thing. Or alabaster, whichever you prefer. I love your picnic scene. And biblicals around your neck are always a good place for them.

How wonderful to see the squirrels and Basil!! Life is real. Hugs to them both.

c... said...

What an amazing tree ! Never seen something like that !

bonsaimum said...

What a fantastic orange dress! The shoes, ooooh the shoes.......!

Misfits Vintage said...

Gorgeous, fabularse outfit, darling! Love that pretty dress - have we seen her before? That is my FAAAVOURITE pendant ever and I love your tights/shoes combo, especially against the marvellous cemetery lichen. That tree is divine - the flowers are beautiful. YAY there's the Squirrels!!! Happy weekend! Love you more than fishnets! Sarah xxx

Sacramento Amate said...

You are soooooooooooo wondeful, my dear Helga.
I always end up with a smile after seeing your post.
Much love.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That is the best necklace ever. The dress looks absolutely darling on you, demure on first glance then extremely minxish. I love a good graveyard, do some more graveyard posing!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You in a beautiful old graveyard gives ME the fecking horn!! The only one near us has those god awful ugly tiny "headstones" that are flat on the ground - urgggh! Details, details, details baby, you know how to get me going with all those wee touches ... feck-off Virgin Mary heart, neon yellow beads, leopard belt, orange fence nets - drool-fest plus baby and you got to grope Miss V!!!! xoxoxoxoxooxox

Melanie said...

I always enjoy a cemetery visit, there are no good ones in this town, I prefer the ones full of Victorian ostentatiousness .. not sure that's even a word, but hey ho.
I really love that tree xxx

Maria said...

that dress is just fabulous, and the tights and the shoes oh i love it all also very happy to see vanessa - i do love the squirels x

pastcaring said...

That dress is a beauty, and so are you. Looking rather elegant and wistfully ladylike in these pics, Helga, not like your old Goth grave-climbing days, hahaha!
The pendant is a triumph, I am having bag envy again, and hurray for meeting up with Miss V, hope you gave her an enormous squeeze from all of us! xxxx

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Gah! I love that dress! The orange! The dots! What a cool tree too. The last time I drank champagne a few weeks ago, I swore off it too. We'll see if I stick to it.

Vix said...

I fecking love it all! The frock, the tights, the jewellery, the bag!! You look so beautiful pondering that exotic looking tree.
You fabulous does your hair look here?
Buggering hangovers, I was sworn off booze until an hour ago and now I'm rather looking forward to another lairy session later!
Hope you gave those Squirrels a massive squeeze!
Love! Vix

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

Ooh I love this dress. You look gorgeous. I adore the whalenets over white tights too - I might have to buy some for that purpose.

I hope you've recovered now.

Nikki x

Veshoevius said...

The basket bag is so cute and love the Virgin Mary pendant!

thorne garnet said...

The BVM pendent is soooo cool! Love the colorways your wearing. And I freaking can't wait for it to turn cold here (it was 82 yesterday) so I can wear fishnets over tights! That tree is outer spacey!

Hi, Squirrel!

Krista said...

Oh my sweet tangerine dream you look like liquid gold frolicking in the graveyard, please tell me some dancing was going on:). I love that native flower tree so unusual and beautiful! So nice the lovely squirrels made an appearance! Enjoy the rest if your weekend!

Annie said...

Great outfit. I am particularly liking the jacket and jewellery.
That tree is utterly beautiful and the whole cemetery looks very peaceful.

Bloody Mary's are most restorative. G is a good man!

Annie xx

seƱora Allnut said...

love your dress print and that fishnets layered over white tights, so pretty!
And I Believe in Restorative Powers of BloodyMary!, yeah!, it's one of my favorite cocktails!
besos & happy weekend

MistressCatgirl said...

That Virgen necklace is just wonderful. I love the dried pressed flowers in it. I love how your tights always complement your outfits. I need to expand my stockings inventory.

liz said...

Fantastic that your necklace matches the tree blossoms!

Renia said...

Beautiful outfit! I love your shoes! Grat meeting:)! Kisses x x x

Louise Mc said...

I love that heart shaped pendant, so pretty. Hair of the dog, what a way to cure your hangover, I have to say if I looked half as good as you do with a hangover I'd be happy. I love those shoes too. xx

Kitty said...

good to hear my concoction has made an impact, lol!!

Anonymous said...

I love how the flowers on the tree picked up the yellow in your jewelry!!
You of course look your usual fabu-freakin-tastic self!! I love the dress and tights and oh just everything about the outfit!!

Sue said...

What a cool old cemetery. Great place for those gorgeous photos. Love the Kowhai tree. Oh and rather like the large heart pendant!!

Trees said...

Yah! The squirrels - good to see you two together again.

I do love that pendant from Mexico - I love that really over the top iconic stuff from that part of the world.

I rather love very old cemeteries - like the Bolton St cemetery in Wellington. I think its partially as I am a history geek and partially because I'm a bit creepy at heart;)

Devil made in Heaven said...

I love bubbles! Sweet bubbles. I don't love the hangovers, but the next weekend I forgot about them. :)
The photo's are great. A gorgeous sparkling lady next to an old grey grave-stone. The shoes are cool!

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

You just make me chuckle! I was rather expecting you to click your heels three times at the end of the post and buzz off somewhere! But, non - just off to finish the booze. I'm enjoying some Croatian Muscat that I bought while I was REALLY drunk at a food festival. So drunk that, when I looked in my bag the next day, it was full of nice surprises I'd forgotten about. My bank balance was a less pleasing surprise...

Forest City Fashionista said...

I love traipsing around in cemeteries, but the ones close to me are very boring; love the ones in Europe with the spectacular sculptures. Am wiping the drool from my mouth at the sight of the freaktastic Virgin of Guadelupe pendant!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it all! I am especially a little bit in love with that beautiful pendant! love the tights too :) have a fab week hun x

Vintage Coconut said...

My God that kowhai tree is one of the most gorgeous tree's I have ever seen. OH and you of course look LOVELY DRAPED in it's blooms!
I am so jelous you got a full tour of Basil how spoilt you are Helga.