My breath melted my words into strange alphabets

Seeing double?!
Not yet?
Then you haven't had sufficient Friday cocktails!
Go on....pour yourself something extra tasty, even if it's breakfast!
It's most certainly gin o'clock somewhere in the world!

How the hell did it come to be the first of December tomorrow?!
(cue trebley voice: December will be magic again!)
It's fecking insane, I tell you.
My Mama always told me that life goes faster the older you get.
How damned unfair!
Just when you're getting a handle on things, finding confidence in your ageing skin, finally not giving a pink feck what anyone thinks of you...shazzam, slamdunkaroony, you're flying through the remainder of your life at such a fast pace that your drink spills!
So bugger it all, why shouldn't you break a few rules and prance around like a ninny.
I most certainly spent most of my week doing just that, and intend to continue.
And I'm likely to wear tights with open toe shoes or sandals over the weekend....
I'm just outrageous like that.
What rule are you sexacious beastesses going to break with me?!


Looking for a red light house of sin

Sooooooo, here's some pix of our old rock band, Swamp Donkeys!
The "Ass of Evil" was our little catchphrase.
This gig was a toga party at the university one year, hence my mini toga.
G and I, and sometimes our bass player, loved dressing up in insane outfits, much to the disgust of the lead guitarist and drummer...neither of whom had much of a sense of humour and took themselves far too seriously!
Something I could never do!

How do you like the Wonder G outfit I made for my sexacious boy?!
He's always had a thing for Wonder Woman.
Hilariously, one of his nuts fell out during the gig, and like a true trouper, he didn't miss a beat!

Speaking of bands, G's band The Provs have a gig in December.
(That's the band he drums in)

I guess I'll be playing the part of the groupie....


Breathe life into me, spin me round

O, hello there, pussy.....

Jo's pussy, Argenta, is an ocicat !
She's quite hilarious.
She and Jo's neighbours cat, Wolf, gallop around like insane things and make huge thumps, bangs and messes....!
She always has that petulant expression!

Writhing in ecstasy!!
The cat, that is!
I was later on, when I sampled some incredible Waiheke Island wine over dinner.......

I wore:
60's squaredance frock and beads-from the sweetest Squirrel
Jacket-70's, opshopped and cropped by moi
Shoes-retail sale
Handbag-60's vanity case
60's headpiece and leopard bangle-from my darling Sarah
Other bangle-opshopped
Brooch-Shabby Chic market
Sunglasses-a vintage shop in Portland

I found some rather fabularsehole shoes on Friday, at the one opshop I popped into on our way to lunch....
Recognise that logo?!
That's Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. logo......
$10, thank you very much.
They are full leather, and beautifully made...and have never been worn!

Now, I want to say a big hello to a new reader, Sara!
Thanks for your very sweet comments recently, and yes, we do get off at lunchtime every Friday!
11am, to be precise. We work 4 nine hour days, and just four hours on Fridays.
It's bloody brillant!


And if you said you love me, how could I mind?

We had a rather productive and splendid time in Lyttleton with Jo over the weekend!
We arrived fairly early Saturday morning so she and G could have all day replacing weatherboards on her house, but first we had to pop on down to the farmers market in the main street, as I needed some fresh local produce to have with lunch and dinner. Once that was bought, we popped around the corner where they have a secondhand market, with clothing, bric a brac, furniture etc, and then just up from that is the weekly garage sale, with all manner of bargainacious secondhand delights!
I can see why people love living in Lyttleton!

This is the view as we walked down Jo's street.

I just thought this house was looking pretty in the sun!

I scored this hideoustastic heraldic  icebucket for G and a 1975 Vogue sewing book for moi!

And also an early 80's batwing frock I rather like; batwings aren't normally my bag, baby!

Lunch was a triple cheese flan, salad and boiled new potatoes...

Jo's bookcase.
(She built it herself)
I love to paw over her extensive and impressively organised book collection!

Dinner wasArianne's recipe for General Tao's Chicken, which G calls Chairman Mao's Chicken, rice and steamed veges.
It's one of G's favourites, and we only ever use free range chicken, incidentally.

Jo made a gorgeous rhubarb crumble with whipped cream for dessert!
Neither G nor I are big dessert fans usually, but this was incredibly delicious, with Jo's own crumble recipe all crunchy and gingery good!

Chef's priviledge.

After dinner and a great deal of divoon wine, we staggered down the hill to the Porthole for a nightcap.
And that, as they say, was that!
I'll treat you to outfit details tomorrow!


Come with me to the candy tree, you need to free your mind

G and I had a date today.
After work, we went for lunch-Thai-and then we went to see the new James Bond film....
It was all rather splendid.
The sun was out, the ducks were quaking....
I even squeezed in a spot of op and vintage shopping!
Ah, doesn't it make you feel happy?!

It seemed appropriate to air my new frock; I finished it on Monday night and am very pleased with it.

Frock-made by moi using fabric from BellaBean Vintage
Jacket-70's, opshopped
Shoes-thrifted in Santa Fe
Headpiece-from the sweetest Squirrel
Jewellery-gift from G last birthday
Handbag-60's vanity case

We stopped in at Etc, a vintage shop on the corner of Barbadoes St and Edgeware Rd on the way to the cinema, and I found myself a white crinoline!
Been looking for ages....
Despite being somewhat inebrieated at this point, I managed to restrain myself from pawing through their other goodies, as Daniel Craig was waiting...

Do you know, I have been complimented on my fabularseness 5 times by random strangers in the last two days?!
And I got chatted up.
That rarely happens.
I didn't even have my booboids on display.
I find it quite gratifying, actually!
Especially at my age, young man!