Can't touch this

O, my GOODNESS, we are having the most delicious day here!
Yes, I'm gloating, and I'm not sorry!

Thrusting the booboids towards the sun!
Ah, this is perfect weather.
And it's only November!
I'll be shivering in my boots come May, but for now you Northern Hemisphere hotties can live vicariously through me!

I wore:
Blouse-actually a frock Vix sent that I re-modelled by shortening and making a jabot with the cut off
70's skirt-also from Vix
Early 80's velveteen Barbara Lee waistcoat-opshopped
Shoes-the real deal 70's, a gift from a former friend
Handbag-70's, opshopped for  $2NZ about 8 years ago
Earrings-gift  from my friend Justine
Sunglasses-vintage Orotons, from Sarah, with whom I just had a splendid impromtu Skype!

And look, it's not one outfit but two!!!
Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate our Nix' 40th birthday!
We went to a Korean restaurant, and it was awesome!
Then we went to The Darkroom to see some friends perform.
On the way home, G took some snaps of my outfit for me...

Frock-from sweetie Curtise, but somewhat refashioned by moi
"Cape"-was a 30's bolero I picked up in San Francisco that I ripped accidentally under my arms because it really wasn't my I trimmed it and it makes a most fetching little cape!
Belt-a thrift store in Alamagordo, New Mexico, I think
Tights-retail, I suppose
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, New Orleans
Coat-opshopped, picked by G
Earrings-60's, opshopped
Hairbow-Japantown, San Francisco



OP SHOP MAMA said...

I love those last photos with the spikey foliage in the background..

Yes weather is GLORIOUS alright!!!

Those platforms in no. 1 outfit are the BOSS!!!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Oooh shiny! I love the bolero and green dress combination. The jaboted blouse is fabulous. I don't mind this weather. It's not too hot. I don't like it when it gets any hotter.

Sheila said...

That waistcoat is divine! Love it!

You are so perfect with your tights and accessories. The grape pearl earrings are my favourite.

BellaBean Vintage said...

That green dress is lovely - it looks like the cabbage tree is a fluoro attachment! Yay for warm weather!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Check out that beautiful blue sky! It's almost as fabulous as YOU! And I love a double dose of frock action too. Xx

Mrs. D said...

Lovely! My favourite outfit is the first one but I like how you altered the bolero into a little cape! Now that's inventiveness!
Hugs, Sara

PS: I'm jealous of the sun :( I am now facing a 45 minute walk to work in the cold and I'm not happy!

Melanie said...

You are looking positively biblically Madonnaesque with those rays of light shining out around you. And the first outfit is immaculate from its conception to its fruition with that spectacular addition of the jabot.

Sue said...

You have Yukka Wings because you are a bad ass angel of the night!!! Like you in sparkling green I do.

Hannah said...

Oh my look at that sky, lush! Adore the frilly blouse on you. The green ensemble is delightful, that cape of my die xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my goddess!!This post is a cult!!
I love these day & night photoshoots!
The backgrounds are perfect to frame all your glorious creativity!
I'm bewitched!The print skirt is lovely and the green frock with the golden cape is stunning! I adore the holy Helga with the palm crown, definitely an icon!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Lots of love XXXXXX

Kitty said...

Nothing wrong with a spot of boob thrusting either, as we know!! These jabot doovers really suit you, by the time your Mrs Slocombes age you be the master!! Or should that be mistress? You know what I mean!!

Bohemian vanity said...

Both outfits are stunning! Skirt and bag of the 1st one are adorable!!! Lucky you to have such amazing weather, i am jealous. XX

Perdita said...

That second outfit is possibly my favourite ever of yours. It's perfect. So perfect I want to totally rip it off and steal it for moi (both metaphorically and literally) but won't as I am a fine upstanding vintage person and stoop to neither copycatting or actual mugging of bloggers for clothes. (Looks innocent).

char said...

Love love love that cape - what a fab going out outift ;) X

Fiona said...

Wow look at that weather! Great ensembles, the first has a touch of the Tyrol about it methinks. If it wasn't for the Yucca or whatever in the background you could almost be high on a hill with a lonely goatherd. Maybe not, can't imagine Fraulein Maria in pink tights swigging red wine, more's the pity.

Misfits Vintage said...

EXQUISITE! Love the divine first outfit - you are the boss of the tights with open shoes and I adore that waistcoat. The second outfit is abso-frickin-lutely SPECTACULAR!!! The green frock is incredible and the foliage is perfection - I think you need to make a HAT like that! It's quite halo-esque! SPLENDID skype darling - and ha! we have the same post title! Love you more than love! Sarah xxx

thea mia said...

I like your tattoo. It's too cool to have those. And your outfit too, It really looks great on you. Very beautiful indeed.

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Krista said...

You spoil us with your magnificence! Holy hell honey both outfits are beautiful in completely different ways. Thanks for a bit of sunshine that day shot has me jealous of the warmth. I love that dress you made into a blouse and the print on that skirt! But hot dam mama that metallic green dress is like candy on you and the backdrop makes you look like the fashion icon you are!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing with your cunningly jaboted bazooms thrusting towards the sun!!

I adore the lime green caped majesty of you frolicking in the glow of neon!

Forest City Fashionista said...

The spikey foliage looks like sparks of fabulousness radiating from your spectacular outfit!! Soooo jealous of your sunshine - we've had so little here in the last few weeks.

Vintage Coconut said...

"Briiiaaaghhh!" Here I am with my little portable heater. This morning I bundled up in a fleecy hoodie and threw my hood over my head. My coffee is what kept me warm... And then I see this!!
You can bet your a$$ I will "live vicariously through you"

I almost exploded with happiness when I seen your green outfit. HOLY shimballees you are one flashy, shiny, sexy Chic.
Don't stand next to traffic in that outfit you are bound to cause accidents. May even attract un-wanted attention. =p

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great! Both outfits are fantastic. I love your tooled leather bag and the sequins detail on the second outfit.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Dear Helga, I am ALWAYS living vicariously though you! I so admire the results of your refashioning magic, that jabot in particular. You are iconic in both evocative ensembles, the last photo is truly holy! xo

Vix said...

I love how you're standing in front of the foliage and created your own leaf cape thingy! that green dress is beyond fabulous and the skirt and blouse combo rocks!
I'm insanely jealous of your sunshine, gloat away, I'd be doing the same if I see any ever again!
Give Nix a birthday arse squeeze from me!
love you!

Shybiker said...

Fabulous outfits. The colored tights really add pop.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

We could use some of that sun here, but until we get it, I will live vicariously through you for sure! I love that shimmery green dress :)

Renia said...

You look beautiful in this green outfit :) Kisses x x x x

Bella Q said...

You are 31 flavors of gorgeous. And raucous. And sexy. Your heat just steamed up my Seattle winter. Nuff said.

pastcaring said...

Oh that's right, rub it in, while we Brits are in our faux fur and hats! But since you look so magnifique, while thrusting your bosoms skyward, I will forgive you!
I love the first outfit with the cute little waistcoat encasing the booboids to perfection, and you do rock a jabot, darling! Those sandals, to quote your fabularse self, give me the horn!
And the re-made green frock is beautiful on you, especially with the addition of extra sequins. Yay for starburst foliage!
Have a gorgeous sun-filled weekend, my lovely! xxxxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

look at your leaf wings!! You look fantastic I'd like to touch but unfortunately I can't. All that wonderful blue sky! I'm highly envious. Not sure if I like the sexy secretary pink and brown number or the acid green show stopper. You just get more and more fabulous xxxx

liz said...

Awwww that last outfit made me smile! Love the drippy little sequin "cape", and the green is, well, always just right, isn't it? :)

Stacey said...

I do love you in a jabot! They're such a Helga thing to me now, whenever I see one I think of you. I adore the little bolero-turned-cape too. So glam, and perfect with your little green dress.

Lucy Nation said...

Where to start? Absolutely fabularse double outfit feature missus! I love the green dress with that darling vintage cape. Nightime shots are great aren't they. The first outfit is so slocombe-esque and so you! Lovely weather to have your luscious locks blowing in the breeze xxxxx

Sacramento Amate said...

I love when you Thrust the booboids towards the sun, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Loving you and wanting all your dresses.
Coming over to raid your closet , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Happy weekend, my dearest.

Devil made in Heaven said...

Wow, I love the 70ties shoes from your first outfit. And that skirt is gorgeous.
But I really love your second outfit. I love the fabric of your frock.
I hope you all have had a wonderfull evening, but I think you did. :)

joyatri said...

Blogger keeps eating my comments. Let's hope this one takes!
Thank you for treating us to two outfits. I want that waistcoat. The fact that yours is velveteen (one an never have too much velvet or similar fabrics in one's life) makes it the perfect addition to my wardrobe.
Your shiny caplet makes you look like a very glamorous super hero. You definitely have super hero powers when it comes to your re-fashioning skills.

Annie said...

Oh man, I can feel that sun from here! Both outfits are fab, but I am particularly taken with your skirt in the first one. Lovely! xx

bonsaimum said...

What a combination, glorious day and a glorious outfit.Your evening wear is amazing.I love the green dress.

delia hornbook said...

Blimey just look at that blue sky oohhh im jealous i can close my eyes and pretend to feel the warmth of the sun to, you enjoy it. You have the most amazing vintage waldrobe of clothes you look gorgeous, dee xx

karensomethingorother said...

your closet must be amazing fun to poke through. Wait...that sounds rude. Your outfits are both wonderful though.