If you could deal with your reflection, I'm sure you'd see into my eyes

Yes, indeed, it's drunken shenanigans!
No tree in sight for a change, just the local graffit wall.....

Nix, G and I decided to pop on down to a local bar for a few drinkies last night...after having had a few drinkies at home....
Of course we had to prance about like fools!
I really dig Nix' frock, and that handbag of hers is a favourite!

I wore:
Frock-made by moi out of an old caftan
Jacket-late 60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-50's, was G's Mama's. I painted it and decorated it....sacrilege?!
Hairbow-a vintage velvet bow tie

Obligatory drunken lavatory posing....

I can home yesterday to a surprise parcel of joy from Tamera !
A darling vintage silk bow tie, a fabularse pair of earrings that the sweetie had converted to pierced for me, one of her incredible cards, and....

She made me this insanely gloriarse enormous Mrs Slocombe brooch!!!
Thank you, darling!!

In other news, G and I spent today ('twas a public holiday) clearing out our garden shed, which has been full of who-knows-what crap for years....
I found a small stash of old Siouxsie posters!
I'm quite excited about that.
I think I'll get them laminated, as they're pretty old and torn, but still enjoyable.

I also found this old Incredibly Strange Film Festival poster!
This festival used to tour the country yearly, with all sorts of old cult films.
Thanks to this festival I discovered the talents of Russ Meyer, one of my favourite film directors ever!
We've re-organised, created a pile of stuff to go to the opshops, stuff to sell, and total rubbish!
A long time mission finally accomplished.
I feel virtuous.
Better have a glass of wine.
Happy Friday, lovelies!



Trees said...

OMG - we had that Incredibly Strange FF in my flat at uni! You guys seriously have too much fun down there in Chch:D

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Must learn some of your amazing poses = have to drink quite a few drinks then.

Sheila said...

Drunken shenanigans...love it! I would party with you anytime.

Fab eye make-up, the remade bag and those posters are amazing.

Sue said...

You do drunken shenanigans the Best!!

Melanie said...

The two of you look smashing - or smashed... I mean smashing!! I always love your drunken photo shoots. You have the most artful way of placing your bag on the ground. Congrats on the clean-out. Oh, and that boorch, I mean brooch, is AWESOME!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The BAG, THE BAG, THE BAG!!!!!!!! I neeeeeeeeeed to get up close and personal with your beautiful sacrilegious handbag. If that's a few minutes of between-drinks antics, I'll be your barmaid any night! Your shoooooooz and coat and frockage and I love Nix's frock too and yay for discovering your stash - I love the film festival one soooooooo much! Have a lovely weekend darl!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great bag!! You did an amazing artwork! I was looking for something similar to paint, so I don't think that it's a sacrilege, especially if working on something vintage make us love it even more! The make up and the hair are astonishing and so the drunken/coloured photo session!!
Tamera's brooch is one of the most creative that I've ever seen, beautiful!!Squeee to all your Siouxsie poster and your love for Russ Meyer deserve a double squeal!!!
Have a wonderful weekend my Pussycat!!

The Grande Dame said...

What a fabulous brooch! Perfect! I love your purple legs too.

Annie said...

Love a bit of drunken shenanigans! You both look fab, and like you're having a blast.

I am so impressed with what you've done with your bag. You've really inspired me to do something with a boring cream one I was thinking of donating.

And how utterly brilliant is that Mrs Slocombe brooch? Wonderful!
Have a great weekend! xxx

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

OMG the Mrs Slocombe brooch!!! it´s brilliant! xxx

pastcaring said...

Hurray for drunken shenanigans in fuck-off purple tights! I agree that Nix's dress and handbag are wonderful, and the print on your used-to-be-a-kaftan is gloriarse. And a gorgeous purple coat as well - matchy-match Queen!
Tamera knows you well - earrings, a big bow, and Mrs S fretting about her pussy, puurrfect!
Well done for getting your shed shit organised, definitely do something with the old posters, they are fab.
Wine for the virtuous is a universal law, I believe. Enjoy! xxxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

Those photos look great, like they've been taken on film. I love purple soooo much, looks great on you. Have a great Friday. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

SQUEEEEEE. Not sure what I love the most - the vandalised handbag is amazing. I want one. I love the brooch, it's bloody amazing! I want one. I love all the posters, they're all fantastic! Preserve them all. Mostly I love you, you look gorgeous xxx

thorne garnet said...

Forget the shenanigans, it's the purse and brooch that got me going. You made that purse way better, vintage isn't museum. The Siouxsie posters are bringing back lots of memories, love that band.

Krista said...

Yah for drunken displays of affection!you both look good and liquored up and me wants to play too! I love your purple shadow too, sultry! Oh my goodness the brooch from Tamera is exquisitly tacky and will look so good on your glourious chest!

I am digging all the old posters you found especially that film one, how cool is that! I love rediscovering things I forgot I had! Enjoy the weekend love!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Utterly delightful and great fun as ever, Helga! And what a wonderful discovery in the shed, hooray!

Krista said...

And how could I not comment on the magic bag you made holy crap mama I think you need to share with us how you did that. I lurve it!

Vix said...

No-one does drunken goings-on as well as you do, we're always to pissed to even think of getting the camera.
Your make up is fabulous and I'd happily slap both your lairy arses. The handbag is a work of art and as for Tamera's creations, I'm speechless. that brooch is possibly the best thing I've seen ever!
How cool is your Siouxsie stuff? Very!
Love! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Beaśka said...

Jeżeli przyjmujesz wyróżnienia i bierzesz udział w blogowych zabawach - zapraszam:)

Anonymous said...

Such glorious drunken debauchery!!!! You both look amazing!!!
Your purse re-do is STUNNING!!!

I am delighted you enjoy your stuff!!! I can't wait to see what outfit Mrs Slocomb will grace!

bonsaimum said...

You are such a scream. :)

Hannah said...

Oh my god your hair and that bag are divine! And those posters are going to look amazing in your abode! xxxx

Daniel said...

PURPLE JUICYNESS MY LOVE !!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX your purple lips and eyeshadow greatz my love! QU€€NXXXX And the Mrs Slocombe brooch !!! Can't wait to see you rocking it !!!

Lucy Nation said...

Wow, vintage Siouxsie posters. They will look great framed. My favourite is the blue 'Autumn 1985' one. There's nothing like a bit of drunken posing. The grafitti wall is the perfect backdrop. You and Jo look fab and I would love to join you on a night out!

Btw, love the Miss Slocombe brooch xxx

Devil made in Heaven said...

Those posters are a great find! :) I've been cleaning out all the boxes from our moving and really surprised what I find, but not such cool posters. The photo's of you girls are funny. Brings a smile on my face. :D Wished I could come with you sometime. Must be real fun.
I love both your bags. Nix's handbag is sweet and I love what you did to yours.
xxxx have a lovely day!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my Gosh that brooch is going to stir up some great future stories... I can just see it now. (Well imagine it.) *bahahaha*

Misfits Vintage said...

Congrats on getting that shed cleaned out darling - you are domestic superstars! The posters are FABULARSE and probably belong in your loo. The drunken shenanigans pics make me CHARTREUSE with envy - book me in for one or ten of these next Easter! Tamera's darling parcel is fabularse - the Mrs Slocombe brooch is AMAAAAZING!!! Love you more than kaftans! Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Woops forgot to comment on this one, i LOVEEEE these drunken pics, you are freakin hilarious, love yer work!!!!