O, I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a thing to wear

Actually, I have no intention of going out tonight, that song just popped into my head from the ether!
What I am going to do is cook G and Si a Thai fish curry in a while, as they are recording, and otherwise I am going to stare at the goggle box and probably have an early night....
Such is my life!

Today, however, G and I went over to Jo's for a few hours; G is going to help Jo replace some weatherboards on her house next weekend, and needed to measure up and get said weatherboards.
I made a feta and artichoke quiche for lunch and was generally encouraging.
That's how I roll.
Next week, whilst they work, I will make lunch, pour drinks, make dinner and add glamour.
All in a days work, really!

Frock-opshopped and considerably altered by moi some years ago
Belt-thrifted in San Francisco
Tights-can't remember, Trade Me, I think.
Handbag-60's, Junk n Funk,sadly flattened by the earthquake
Pendant-Oaxaca, Mexico
Earrings-Palm Springs

This is Jo's neighbours Cornish Rex, named Wolf.
She's massive bastard barking mad.
And prone to wandering far and wide!
She's ever so soft and personable.

I love Jo's front door.
Don't you just want to grab that ginormous knob with both hands?!
I know I do.

I caught Wolf yawning!!
Looks like something from that "Pitch Black" film!

Jo's rampant front yard.
There's gnomes in there somewhere....ugh....

I might now continue watching Black Books from where we left off last night.
Dylan Moran gives me the motherly horn.



Trees said...

I shall be signing Smith songs all evening now! I have no intention of going anywhere tonight either - such is spring weather, cold and miserable. I love that frock you've altered and your sunnies and of course glamour is essential to any home DIY project!

bonsaimum said...

A beautiful outfit indeed. Wolf is absolutely a cat and a half-what a cutie. I know what you mean about Dylan Moran--whoooarhhhhhhh!!

Hannah said...

Perfect ensemble for cooking, flowers and frills. I love the pendant, I have a thing for religious iconography. Those pink wedges are darling. Wish you could come round to my house and cook for me. Wolf is gorgeous as is that knob, love a nice knob me xxx

c... said...

A absolutley perfect dress for a chef! And a bartender..

pastcaring said...

Don't you think "I haven't got a stitch to wear" would be a great name for a vintage clothes shop? In my virtual fantasy life, I may run that shop, and dress up in all the merchandise and invite everyone round for parties among the finery...
But back to you, and not going out tonight! Thai fish curry and TV sounds OK to me!
I love the fact that you make delicious lunches and add encouragement and glamour while manly G goes about his weatherboarding work - you ARE the perfect couple!
I love your bright floral frock, made even more splendiferous by the blue petticoat, and your flamenco-ish poses. Petticoats are meant to be swished and flashed, I think.
Wolf is a crazy skinny little creature, I bet she loves stalking through the wild meadow of Jo's front yard?
Love you at least as much as big knobs, darling! xxxxx

In the Ruins of Berlin said...

Helga, you´re such a sexbomb in this rosy little number, the colourcombination is purrrrfect! xxx

Sara said...

"This man said 'It's gruesome that someone so handsome should care'"... Ah I love that song ...! :D
You look marvellous in any colour, it's so cool! And that cat Wolf is really cute :D

Melanie said...

That front garden and that cat are TREMENDOUS!

Judy C said...

I'd wear everything you have on. Probably not at the same time but I love all of it. You have a special way of combining. I especially love the shoes and lady, you have great legs.

Lucy Nation said...

Ha ha, yay for nights in, impressive knobs and Black Books. Bernard Black is my hero. Wolf is a little scary isn't he. I love the front garden though, so pretty and wild, and the front door has so much character. I love your shocking blue petticoat and what a domestic goddess you are! xxxx

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love the fishnets, especially how the net gets smaller at the toes. Perfect for peep toed shoes!

seƱora Allnut said...

love that blue crinoline and the summery print of your dress, and love your fishnets and pink shoes!, and your fabulous sunnies and bag!!
you look so absolutely gorgeous!!
besos & have a nice weekend!

Rose&Bird said...

Good reference, but I can't believe it would be true! Lovely dress. The cat looks a bit mad - Rexes wouldn't look out of place in a gothic fantasy film I think. I love Black Books too. Have you seen any of Dylan Moran or Bill Bailey's stand up stuff? I would highly recommend both if you haven't.

Shybiker said...

Wow. You've got style, babe. In some ways, you approach fashion the way I do -- as a blank slate for self-expression and artistic exploration. Which explains why our outfits sometimes veer outside the norm... May I have a slice of quiche, please?

thorne garnet said...

I adore that pendent. And I love your friend's crazy garden. That cat is pretty freaky looking. Have a lovely weekend

Annie said...

I bloody love Black Books! "The music was too loud, the food was cold, the drinks were few, and the people were many. It was everything I expected, and less. I'm never going outside again unless I need someplace to throw up."

That cat is seriously scary! But your friend's garden is gorgeous.

Love the dress and crini, and the sunnies too. Have a great evening! xx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Ah, Helga, you are my flamenco cancan dolly in your springtime gear! The touches of red and your tights and shoes take it up the requisite several notches - beauty!

Renia said...

Beautiful dress and shoes. I love your cat! It's so lovely! All those photos are amazing! Kisses x x x x

LandGirl1980 said...

Your post has cheered my gloomy Autumn day. That, and the fact I had to scroll down quite far to get to the comments box and caught sight of Connery in all his leather, hairy HOTTNESS! YEAH BABY!

Franca said...

wow that second cat picture is scary! like a dinosaur! still, she's lovely! all cats are!

love the brough colours with the pink!

MistressCatgirl said...

Love the bright print of the dress and petticoat and shoes. Oh I love it all. The cat sure is pretty but looks like it needs an prozac or something.

wardrobeexperience said...

if i could i would swim across the ocean to steal this awesome wicker bag! ... and i really need a blue petti coat. ;)

Ivy Black said...

Can you get any hotter? I love a bit of petticoat flashing. I am mad for Black Books and Mr Moran..I laugh until I pee myself.
Have a great weekend, gorgeous.xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

OOOOO wolf yawning looks like something from the trailer of a horror movie!!
I must say you look fabulous amongst all of the flowers--the most stunning blossom of them all!!

Thai fish curry sounds YUMMY!!

Sue said...

That is now my most favourite outfit I have seen you wear!! I love it all so much that I WANT IT!!!! Mmmmmmmmm!! Helga haft meir meift!! (more than likely spelt horribly wrong but you have more of what Moccona coffee has!)

Lynn Dylan said...

You always give me a giggle! Love the frock. Love the yard with the gnomes and the door knob. And I just ADORE your description of all the hard work you'll have next week adding GLAM. xoxo Lynn

Krista said...

I'm with Curtise great vintage shop name you came up with! This outfit has me weeping with pleasure I friggin love it, would never be able to take it off- EVER! You are so bright and beautiful hug me now dammit! I love Jo's wild yard, best kind of garden is always a little wild just like people! The orange fish nets and hot pink shoes are worth fondly for hours!
Love you!!!

Louise Mc said...

Ah, I love that blue crinoline. How wonderful that G is such a practical type, you need only be a glamourpuss. Xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Very summery!
I love that wicker bag..

Fabulous tulle!

Kitty said...

Really is there such thing as the motherly horn?? I'm so horribly pissed I av nio idea!! BUT i do know that when Im straight i'll need that recipe BADLY you sexy woman you, and some DVD recommendations too, PLEEEEEASEEE!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think that everyone needs a Helga in their life to pour drinks, make lunch, add glamour and be generally encouraging (I know i would LOVE that)
That is a cool, but kind of batshit-crazy looking cat. Love your pretty candy coloured outfit, and that is one bigass doorknob.

Devil made in Heaven said...

That feta quiche sounds very yum! And I love fish curry. It is a shame that you don't go out wearing this gorgeous outfit.
Wolf looks cool! He looks more like a tiger. I am a big cat-lover.... <3
I love that front yard with all the flowers growing in the wild. I wish I've had a garden like that but my hubby doesn't like it. :(

Miss Simmonds Says said...

no only is Jo's cat of Cornish origin but her garden complete with wall wouldn't look out of place there either. I love the mind bending pinks, blues and oranges together, fabularse. The wicker bag is gorgoeus - no way I want. I want your shoes too, perfect heel height for me

delia hornbook said...

OMG You look so beautiful i love your outfit today 50's heaven. Those glasses are the same ones that the girls gave me to wear the other week on my hen do except mine had normal lenses. You look fabulous. That little cat looks pretty spooky to me like he wants to jump and tear your skin or something. dee xx

Vix said...

Cornish Rexs are my dream cats, I've always wanted one, they're so demonic and evil looking and their fur is so velvety. Jo's garden is my idea of heaven, too.
You look totally wonderful in your frock of many colours, I love the raggetty punked hem and the neon petticoat and you for mentioning The Smith!
Love you!

Style Sud-Est said...

You are spectacular Lady!
That outfit is stunning, Helga at her very very best !

Misfits Vintage said...

Extraordinarily good you at adding glamour and being supportive! That cat is quite horrifying - it reminds me of the I Will Eat Your Soul creatures - remember? The garden is delightful - love the old bench, and you, my darling, are SPLENDID as always - the frock is divine, your hair is perfection and you know I LOVE that Mary pendant. You are my ideal woman, that is my ideal garden and that cat scares the bejayzus out of me!!! Love you more than petticoats, Sarah xxx

Bella Q said...

You are my Coco Roche. I love you.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

I love all of the colors, especially those stockings!

Wolf is a doll!