Sunrise breaks its fatal perfume, and I am dizzy to distraction

Sunday was a quick visit to the monthly (Spring/Summer/Autumn) Shabby Chic market.
G and I had a little poke around, found feck all, and fecked off home for a relaxing afternoon drinking wine and enjoying a cheese platter.
Surprisingly, sometimes I simply can't be bothered sniffing for bargains!
I was more interested in working on my little jacket (3 bound buttonholes successfully done, hurrah) and reading my book.

I reckon I'm getting down with this posing thang!

Should a 45 year old be prancing about in lurid colours and patterns that don't disguise my size, posing like a twat in view of the whole world?!
I say hell yes.
What else am I gonna do?!
Cut my hair, get every item in the "must have" wardrobe list and die?!
No thanks.
I'd rather look like an idiot and live.
I don't do rules.
I do me.
And so does G!

I made this frock earlier in the year from some fabularse curtain fabric the lovely Sue sent me!
It's far better gracing my bod than my kitchen window!

Jacket-70's, opshopped and Helgafied
Belt-from a frock gorgeous Lucy sent me
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, from a school fair
Hat-60's, opshopped
Sunglasses-vintage shop in Portland (spotted by G!)
Earrings-the sweetest Squirrel
Necklace-70's blingtastic, opshopped
Pendant-no idea, found it in my knicker drawer a while back!
There's gold in them there drawers!

G has been channelling his inner Ramone in these super tight jeans lately.
We picked up the faux Chucks the other day, and with the stolen-from-me belt, he's definetly looking the part!
Can't remember where the T and the cap are from, but we opshoppped the little naval jacket a few weeks ago.

Rock the hell on, rulebreakers!



MistressCatgirl said...

I just LOVE that dress on you. You can pull off any outfit and what's more you love what you wear. G looks very dashing and you are a bad ass mam!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yuss ma''am, rock it!! Great sewing skills, I must say. Very impressed. Love that green.
Very summer!

bonsaimum said...

Rules--what rules. Dress how you want and in what makes you happy. I love that dress and G looks uber cool.

Sheila said...

I love how you dress! The bright tights, the colour, the totally unique style...rock on, girl! Love that G likes to dress to.

A new follower. :)

Sara said...

You rock. I hope I will not obey ANY "rules" when I am in my 40s. I want to think like you, and be myself !! :)

Your outfit is fabulous, that print in that dress is cute!

Ivy Black said...

Oh yuss...feck rules for the over 40's! What is that all about? Mix it up, pile it on and show it orf I say.
Have to say too that G is rocking those skinnies.

Brooksie said...

I love breaking fashion rules! I also love all of the bright colors you wear, they make me happy!!!

Dashfield Vintage said...

You two are awesome and a totally inspiration! I was at the fruit shop today and saw a lady with her young daughter. She (the mother) was dressed in beige from head to toe and had a pair of ugly sandals... and I could help but wonder at what point she decided that she needed to start dressing like an old lady. And I vowed there and then never to go down that path!

Vix said...

Those bores who tell how how to "style" stuff and make the rules can feck right off. I'd rather look like an idiot than a beige clone any day, too.
That frock is sublime and I'm dying over that hat! Hooray of accomplishing buttonholes, I'm still too scared! G's red and black combo is so Ramones!
Jon's acquired some rather marvellous skinnies over the last few months. He usually takes old jeans in himself but the idiot hipsters are getting bored with them and donating them to jumbles so he's snapping them up!#
Love you!

Sacramento Amate said...

How not to love you and WANT everything you are wearing??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Trees said...

I want to learn to make bound button holes too! I LOVE this dress Helga and I say rules are made to be broken and you break them all so fabulously!

Radostin said...

Rules? YOU RULE!

Max said...

if more 45 year olds larked around in blindingly colourful outfits the world would be a much happier place. you make me want to wear green tights and blue shoes, and that is a good and powerful thing! go you!

Anonymous said...

I adore you!!This beautiful outfit really makes my day, the dress pattern, the wonderful hat and the long princess hair, who really cares about age, especially if freedom makes all us look younger and happier?
Have a wonderful week!
Love xxxx

char said...

Those tights and shoes look so fab together, and the dress is lovely!
I am impressed and inspired by your buttonholing. I have been meaning to do the buttonholes on the blazer I'm currrently making for what seems like an age now - must get on with it!:)

Vintage Jane said...

I love that outfit. Cute jacket, gorgeous colours. The dress is fab ... I couldn't make a tea towel, let alone a dress. M x

delia hornbook said...

I salute you, you gorgeous lady being you and being relaxed and comfortable within yourself and what you wear is what its all about and you always look gorgeous you have the knack of knowing what suits you and it shines. G knows how to rock it to my Jake would love his outfit. dee xxx

pastcaring said...

Gold in your drawers? I should say so - and I bet G agrees! That fabric was definitely destined for your delicious body rather than a boring old window, the frock is a triumph!
Yay for navy shoes (finally!), matching handbags, glorious bling, and 60s hats! And of course for Ramones-channelling G, and for not giving a flying fuck about rules!
Love you more than the contents of your knicker drawer! xxxxxxxx

Perdita said...

The fabric of that dress is to die for! :)

Lynn Dylan said...

It's a grand thing to be comfortable in one's own skin! You look great in the hat!! I love it!!! And I wish I could sew like some of you ladies can!


Miss Simmonds Says said...

I hope when I'm 45 - which you are not you youthful looking wench - I'm dressing however the fuck I want. You look amazing - that little hat is so cool! I hope I'm also as good at making my own clothes as you are one day! xxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

This outfit is making me feel all hot under the collar. The entire combination is sublime. The frock, the fabric, the fit, the green, the cropped jacket, tights, shoes & accessories are sublime!!!! Love it, & G looks pretty darn hot too. Even Paul was suitably impressed! Xx

Pam said...

you look lovely as always dear... (and springy too - which seems odd of course since it's Fall here). but you KNOW what i want... B O O T S!
patiently waiting, and sending love,

Anonymous said...

Very cool combination on you today. The hat and jacket look like they can top off many things together. Lovin' G's look too!

Krista said...

Feck the rules!!! So funny you should say this, I found the most delicious crazy hot pink lacy dress this weekend, reminds me of prom but it looks fab on and the clerk ringing me up said oh won't this be great in the Spring and I said Spring has sprung baby I don't need a season as my reason I'll wear that in winter! You and G both look so well put together. I love this dress and jacket you made you talented lil tart:) G is looking extra foxy too in those tight jeans, ass spanking in order!!!! I miss you both! I love you both!
Happy week!

thorne garnet said...

bound buttonhole? Crap I can't make those, three cheers to you!

What the heck is a must have wardrobe list? My "must haves" are underpants and a bra. Everything else is fair game.

The curtain looks much better as a dress. And G looks awesome.

rock on, indeed

Anonymous said...

I am DISTRACTED by you in your fabularse dress!! LOVE it!! It does look far more fetching accenting the booboids then hanging from a window!!
RG is looking spiffy as usual!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I LOVE your comment "I'd rather look like an idiot and live"! I have come to realize that those us us who embrace our inner "crazy lady" and don't give a crap about what other people think of how we dress are having way more fun than most people. I love this outfit on you, especially the hat and those fab sunnies. G is definitely working the cool punk musician look and it suits him.

Punk Glam Queen said...

What rulebook? I don't like rules. Or ageism. You look amazing and as long as you feel fantastic you will look fantastic! No boring old lady clothes for this nearly 53 year old rebel -- my style has been a part of me too long and I'm not gonna go old lady. (Or even lady-like.) XXX PS Love that G is channeling his inner Ramone -- I do that often as well, miss them so much!

Vintage Coconut said...

The shoes with the bag make a serious statement, especially with those green tights. I am crazy about your fruity dress.
You and G are one heck of a sexy couple.

Louise Mc said...

Rules or no rules, you look hawt! That bag is to die for too. I need some green tights I reckon. Sometimes bargain hunting is just too much effort... Especially with wine and cheese calling. Xx

Maria said...

when i hit 40, i admit i thought it was time i started dressing 'properly' - and feck i was utterly miserable, it was only really when i discovered blogland that i realised i was a big banana and should carry on as i was - so big thank you and hugs miss helga - i adore you x

Renia said...

I love your hat! You look beautiful in those colours! Kisses x x x x

Annie said...

That fabric works so well as a dress. I am very impressed with your sewing skills. And that is simply the most fabulous hat!


Emalina said...

People who follow fashion and the supposed 'rules of style' just look soooooo boring. Love that hat!


birdmonkey said...

Great colour and pattern combinations- inspiring xx

Sue said...

Totally agree that the fabric made a far better dress than a curtain. But in saying that, you could probably still wear a curtain and look HOT!!! Age is merely a number and as the saying goes, it is mind over matter, if you don't mind, then it doesn't matter!!! My kids are mortified that I intend to age but not grow up. Oh and I am quite liking being 50 or fiddy as the gangsta lot say!!

Bohemian said...

I agree... who made the Rules anyway?!? *Winks* I say LIVE and be uniquely and boldly yourself always. Better to be looked over than overlooked at ANY age! We just did a Vintage Fashion Show at our Antique Mall this weekend, so well received... and so Fun to see Today's Youth Embracing Yesterday's Fashions and putting their distinctive personality, Style and Spin to it Today, giving it new Life and a Fresh perspective on Vintage Wear.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

This is a great dress...I think I need one and I need to attend a kitchen tea or 1950's coffee morning wearing it-just SMASHING!!!

ratso eats chilli said...

Dear Helga,
you both look wonderful. Love your & G's stylin.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Right on, Helga! Rock on, you sexy thing!

PS; I love the pattern on that dress :)

AhkaVintage said...

I'm loving the lime green. You rock my world almost as much as Desiree from Pull your sox up.

Anonymous said...

sunshine? whats that? :D loving the colours x

CityScape Skybaby said...

As another 45 year old you're an inspiration to me Helga, so please don't ever stop prancing about! Love your hat, it just sets your outfit off nicely, I know what you mean about not being bothered looking for bargains some days. There's only so much stuff you can buy, though I have a sister-in-law who would dispute that. xx

denise jane said...

Wew! That outfit really does burst with colors. You pulled it off. You go girl.
perth sheds

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow this is one of the most fabulous outfits I've ever seen. You look fantastic. I love those green tights. If I had a pair, I wouldn't know what to do with them! Haha! So I really respect your style. You have some serious talent, Miss Helga. :)

Oh, and G's outfit is awesome as well. Love his red shoes!!

Misfits Vintage said...


Darling, you look SPLENDID - I ADORE this fab frock and the blue/green combo is AMAZING! I love these pics - so bright and happy and sunshiny and I just love that shed and the lovely lush green grass. G-Star is hot, as always - skinny jeans and chucks - YEAHHH!

Love you more than COLOUR! Sarah xxx

Melanie said...

Dearest Helga, I would like lessons in twat posing and living! I don't see any idiots here, just your absolute fabulousness! Exquisite frock from drapes.

Veshoevius said...

Amen to no rules! What a fab dress! You and Vix need to put together a book of curtain couture - I love your creations out of bedsheets and curtains!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Wonderful color and patternexplosion!

Style Sud-Est said...


I see you on Facebook all the time, but so delinquant when it comes to your blog, sorry!

Your blog is looking good these days Helga and so do you!

Love that hat perfect for you

You are right about doing your own thing!

Ariane xx

Hannah said...

Screw being dull, you are fabulous I wouldn't think it would be appropriate being any other way for you! G is looking mega cool xxxx

Mrs. D said...

I should take inspiration from you and learn how to pose properly in front of the camera. It is an art I have yet to master properly and you nail it perfectly!

Kitty said...

I *knows* dis dress!!! Actually I visited Desi yesterday and we were just saying we wish you were here again, we had so much fun that day!!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

"What a marvellous print" was my first thought about your lovely dress - exactly right! Your poses are fabulous, as ever. I certainly wouldn't be visiting (nor adoring as I do yours) a tragically rule-bound poor sad dead little blog of a place. Hell YES, Helga!

Stacey said...

You are perfection! I am quite envious right now of your gorgeous waist & beautiful posture - oh, to remember the pre-pregnancy times when I actually had a waist!

Devil made in Heaven said...

:D The last thing you do, is looking like an idiot. You are one of my role-models! A very big vintage inspiration. I love your outfit. Love all of them. When I found your blog a world opened for me. Now I don't mind anymore what people think of me and my way of dressing up. Always think of your saying, it is better to be looked at then to be overlooked! :D
And G looks very cool in his Ramone outfit.