Am I still dreaming... words to spare

On me:
Frock-from the sweetest Squirrel
Crinoline underneath-Etc
Handbag-vintage Rex, via a friend
Headpiece-vintage, costume shop sale
Necklace-New Orleans
Earrings-60's clip on's, opshopped I think!

On G:
Top-probably Retropolitan, or maybe opshopped, can't remember
Pants-the sweetest Squirrels
Sunglasses-Vegas, baby!

Well, I am rather amused to find I am not the only one lusting after Richard Armitage!
You wenches in the UK have been keeping him all to yourselves, you shameless hussies!
Tough titty, you have to share his scrumptiousness now.........
Seems I have some catching up to do!
Thank you for letting me know all that he has been in.
I have already got North and South on the top my dvd list.....and then I have a whole series of Spooks to watch! Might save that for some cold Winter nights....
As our friend Amber would say, that's "totally tits!"


In our lighter moments, precious few

We went to see The Hobbit!
G has been waiting patiently, but eagerly, for this.
The timing was right.

I was perhaps a little too hasty pulling on my tights, as I managed to get them all twisted.
Too bad.
I also managed to get chocolate all over my frock during the film, too.
I don't often eat chocolate, but it was Lindt, which isn't too sweet, and was orange flavoured with bits of nut.
Rather tasty, I must say.
If you look close, you might just spot a smear on my lower lip.
I really am a messy and sometimes disgusting eater!

We loved the film, and I quite fancy the dude who plays Thorin Oakenshield.
That sounds like a panty liner.
Doesn't put me off, though!
The actor is Richard Armitage; haven't seen him in anything before, but I shall make all efforts to now, as he had lovely penetrating (right down to my knickers!) eyes.
Fecking SCHWING!
Almost as sexacious as Colin in Pride and Prejudice!

I wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped
Jacket-70's, opshopped
Tights-the vision that is Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-a Rex, via a friend
Belt-80's, opshopped
Necklace-made it myself
Earrings-Siem Reap, Cambodia

Other things to dribble over:
My experimental stuffed peppers, oozing with cheese and chillies, fish tacos I made for dinner last night, and a simply scrumcious sauce ( heavenly on the tacos) we got at McIlhenny's in Lousiana!
Makes my mouth water just thinking about it........


PS: Clare, darling, I do seem to gravitate towards trees generally, I think, but yes, more so when I am pissed!

You can do magic-you can have anything that you desire

G asked me if I was doing a post.
I said, well, where do I start?!
I've got piles of pix and no clue!

At a bbq...

A divoon dinner out....

Flowering cacti in our garden...

A few drinkies at a local bar, featuring local colour Jimmy on guitar...

G donned his best Stubbies for a bbq at ours....

I loved Jo's 60's number!

G put up a rack for (most of) my coats and capes in my sewing/dressing room where the fireplace used to be.
I have filled those splendid drawers with (some of) my hats, and the case underneath holds my hair ornaments....

We had a wonderful re-connection/evening with my bestie Justine, who moved to Wellington a year ago...

Running a couple of errands in the rain....

Hope y'all have been having the most splendiferous of times, getting (and giving) loadsa lurve!


You've got the power to know, you're indestructible

I felt this was just the right outfit to go and see a few metal bands on Thursday night.
60's, golden, glittery....knowing it was going to be a sea of black, that I would stick out like dog's balls....
Must've done the trick; I was hit on by some slightly sordid looking guy whilst standing right next to G!
Yeah, I must still have it!
Although I didn't feel like I had anything but yawns and bags under my eyes on Friday; we didn't get home until 1am!

Frock-60's, Etsy
Shoes-Trade Me
Sequin clutch and mink brooch-the divinity that is Vix
Headpiece-Wildfell Hall
Other brooches-markets
Locket-markets, strung by moi
Sunglasses-50's, lovely Sue

In other news, G and I paid off our mortgage earlier this month, and to celebrate, we treated ourselves to this splendid mid-century clock!
We've always wanted one, the timing was right, and we had some spare cash... it was destiny!

Smugness be my name....