Am I still dreaming... words to spare

On me:
Frock-from the sweetest Squirrel
Crinoline underneath-Etc
Handbag-vintage Rex, via a friend
Headpiece-vintage, costume shop sale
Necklace-New Orleans
Earrings-60's clip on's, opshopped I think!

On G:
Top-probably Retropolitan, or maybe opshopped, can't remember
Pants-the sweetest Squirrels
Sunglasses-Vegas, baby!

Well, I am rather amused to find I am not the only one lusting after Richard Armitage!
You wenches in the UK have been keeping him all to yourselves, you shameless hussies!
Tough titty, you have to share his scrumptiousness now.........
Seems I have some catching up to do!
Thank you for letting me know all that he has been in.
I have already got North and South on the top my dvd list.....and then I have a whole series of Spooks to watch! Might save that for some cold Winter nights....
As our friend Amber would say, that's "totally tits!"



Melanie said...

Oh my, did you and G punt in the park? What a scandalous phrase - there should be asterisks in there somewhere. Next time, video please, of the two of you punting and singing opera as you skim the tranquil waters. You BOTH look awesome!!! I love your pink skeletal cameo appearance.

Sue said...

That Punting striped building is more than fabulous!!! I think we should punt up here on the mighty Waikato River. Not sure how life jackets go with punting tho'. You two gorgeous creatures of the South look Amaze Balls again!!! Move over Wizard and make room for you two style icons!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

FACKKKKERRR Your PUNTING dress is MARVELOUS. I am crazy over it.... REALLY IT LOOKS LIKE JUBE JUBES in my favorite flavours. (And amongst ducks even) OooOoOooOo

That place looks AWESOME and so do you!

freckleface said...

Haha! We wouldn't want to share our home grown booty with just anyone, but since it's you lovely Helga, that is just fine! :)
I can't tell you what a tonic it is to see you in those sunshine pics and you both look lovely. That V-neck effect, nipped in waist combo is so great on you. xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I agree with Mel, "punting" sounds so lovely and rooooooooooooooooooooood!!!! After seeing you in glorious tiered frockage, complete with appropriate punting gloves, I'm going to have to include "punt" in my vocab - "punt you're a hot punting punter!" or "oh punt it, that punt in the ute nearly punted me off the road". See? You're a punting inspiration darling! Oh do nick one of those punting gorgeous striped punting blazers for me next time will you love? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

pastcaring said...

Did you have a go? I imagine all sorts of Carry On Punting moments would ensue if you and G went for it! You were both very suitable dressed, I must say, for an afternoon messing about on the river. Gorgeous frock, loving those polka dots, and the pearls and spooky cameo. G is always dapper and divine, of course.
Big snogs to the pair of your for new year! xxxxxx

Marla Robinson said...

What a great boat shed, very cool. You have totally inspired me to purchase something polka dot this year. I love all your lovely polka dot dresses. Your cameo necklace is truly beautiful.

The Grande Dame said...

Such a perfect Lady in your white gloves! Beautiful green cardi, very summery with your pretty print dress!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

weirdly - I'm so pleased you have celebrity crushes and have a lovely real life man, I always felt guilty about fancying men on t'telly box whilst with Mike! Now I don't care and my life is full of preposterous crushes. and a real man to squeeze.
mmm Richard Armitage.

Anyway, you look fabulous, perfect for messing about in boats. This really makes me long for the summer. Such a fantastic dress and all that green and white is just so summery and wonderful. I bet you and G wanted to nick those blazers and boaters! How cool would you look in matching ones? xxxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh, gloves and duckies and so much more! G's straw hat, your polka-dot frock, aren't the two of you spectacular punters! I love the interior shots as well, what a neat place - you have the best and most stylin' adventures. Enjoy that new DVD list! ;)

Anonymous said...

I adore how your outfit matches the colours of the glamorous boat sheds,that place is beautiful and so British!I'm sure that G could rock one of those great boater/student jackets on the wall, I'd love to have all the straw hats in there!
The cameo necklace is fabulous and so are you everyday of the year!
Lots of love!!

lawyerdoll said...

Amazing spot... I hadn't been there! I was hoping to see in in a kayak or canoe in your fancy duds!

Anonymous said...

How fabulous you both look!! They should've sold tickets for the crowds to admire you and G whilst you punted!!

Maureen said...

Lovely pics, you are having a super early summer!

two squirrels said...

Looking truly scrumptious miss Helga and mr G looking very handsome. Perfect attire for a wee punt on the Avon.
Thank you for all your lovely comments and friendship over the year, just lovely.
May 2013 see lots of wonderful things happen and loads of great fun.
Love always the squirrels Vanessa & Warren

joyatri said...

Oooh, stripey blazers. I have a thing for vertical stripes (as you seem to have for polka dots - to each her own geometric shape and patterns, I guess).
Yes, you've started a Richard Armitage lust wave. I may even re-join Netflix (in spite of their wretched customer service) just to see his films.
Pretty, creepy cameo. Pretty creepy, too.
Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I do always read yours even though I might not always comment.
Happy New Year to you and G!

Anonymous said...

Looking magnificent as always, my dear!

bonsaimum said...

Great locale and even better outfits. :)

Sara said...

happy new year!! hope you're celebrating in fabulous style ~ sara

Punk Glam Queen said...

Still loving that frock... okay love nearly all your frocks! I'm frock happy have far too many! Have you read the Nigelissima book yet? Dying to hear a review as it won't be out here until Feb. Happy 2013, Buona Fortuna e Molti Baci! XXX

Renia said...

You look so beautiful! This necklace is amazing! Kisses x x x x

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Oh that dress! I love that dress!

Vix said...

Punting heck! What a delightful blast of summer top get me in the mood for the beach!
So lovely to get to join you and G in bed last night, even if it was only for a couple of minutes!
HAppy New Year!!!!
See you on the other side!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tami Von Zalez said...

Put ya on my top ten fav list this year!


Forest City Fashionista said...

As a fan of the "Carry On" movies when I was a child (they seemed so naughty!), I was with Curtise on the "Carry on Punting" idea. I can picture you in that gorgeous dress being chased around the striped building by G, at triple-speed accompanied by a crazy soundtrack.
Happy New Year, you crazy cool punters, you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Punt me! You both look DIVAAAHN darling. You matchy match the building exquisitely and G-Star is always a hot testicle-man superstar loverman! I love your gorgeous frock and the gorgeous floral headpiece. And were you tempted to steal a couple of those jackets? I could see Desiree rocking the crap out of one! Love you more than punting, my love! Sarah xxx

MistressCatgirl said...

Both you and G always look great together. He looks dapper in his outfit and you look lovely. Wish I could get my man to dress up every once in a while. I guess as long as I look good it's all good. Lol.

Stacey said...

You look divine! I love your polka-dot frock, and all your pics are gorgeous. Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Planned to match the houses?

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Happy New YEAH!!! x

Style Sud-Est said...

What a great place you were at
Punt! Lol ok that's missing from my french culture!
You 2 look so divine Darlings
That cameo is an inspiration gorgeous

Happy NY looking forward to see hou in 2013 you are a great inspiration, love your madness!

Kiss, kiss

Ariane xxxxx

Hannah said...

What gorgeous surroundings you are in my dear. You are looking fabulous as per, seriously how many dresses do you own?! xxx

Krista said...

Honestly I don't think you could look bad in anything, or nothing :). Love you spread all over that boobie statue showing us your gorgeous girls! Happy new year to the gang! Summertime, it was 25 degrees today, my nipples froze and fell off, I hope I can find them soon:). Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm just dotty over that dress! Loving the green cardi with in so well with the green boathouse and boats. Your hair and hairpiece are a nice soft contrast to the bold colours and I think that bag is EXACTLY the one I need to find to match back with a pair of shoes of mine.xx Shauna

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Hurrah for punting on the Avon!!! These pics made me feel so happy, that little river is such a pretty part of town. You look gorgeous in that frock, & I love it teamed with the green cardi. You & G are most certainly the most stylish duo on the South Island! I'd love to rock a punt with you!!!! Xx

Devil made in Heaven said...

What a lovely place you went to.
I think I could spent hours in the sun overthere. (with a lovely glass of wine ofcourse).
And you both look gorgeous. Your dress is way to gorgeous.