In our lighter moments, precious few

We went to see The Hobbit!
G has been waiting patiently, but eagerly, for this.
The timing was right.

I was perhaps a little too hasty pulling on my tights, as I managed to get them all twisted.
Too bad.
I also managed to get chocolate all over my frock during the film, too.
I don't often eat chocolate, but it was Lindt, which isn't too sweet, and was orange flavoured with bits of nut.
Rather tasty, I must say.
If you look close, you might just spot a smear on my lower lip.
I really am a messy and sometimes disgusting eater!

We loved the film, and I quite fancy the dude who plays Thorin Oakenshield.
That sounds like a panty liner.
Doesn't put me off, though!
The actor is Richard Armitage; haven't seen him in anything before, but I shall make all efforts to now, as he had lovely penetrating (right down to my knickers!) eyes.
Fecking SCHWING!
Almost as sexacious as Colin in Pride and Prejudice!

I wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped
Jacket-70's, opshopped
Tights-the vision that is Vix
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-a Rex, via a friend
Belt-80's, opshopped
Necklace-made it myself
Earrings-Siem Reap, Cambodia

Other things to dribble over:
My experimental stuffed peppers, oozing with cheese and chillies, fish tacos I made for dinner last night, and a simply scrumcious sauce ( heavenly on the tacos) we got at McIlhenny's in Lousiana!
Makes my mouth water just thinking about it........


PS: Clare, darling, I do seem to gravitate towards trees generally, I think, but yes, more so when I am pissed!


Misfits Vintage said...

Bloody EXQUISITE as always, my love! Pink + Yellow + Polka Dots + Floral + Chocolate Smear = PERFECTION! The Ganesh necklace is QUITE FUCKING SPLENDID!

I'm off to check out your new movie star lover boy - he might be my drought breaker. HAAAA!!!!

Love you more than skype! Sarah xxx

Indigo Violet said...

I too am part of the Richard Armitage Army! That will be my main reason for seeing the film. And I LOVE your necklace almost as much.

Trees said...

I love yellow, pink and red together - so pretty and those tights ROCK! Rich and I STILL haven't seen the Hobbit - we really should get around to that soon. Also -fish tacos? They sounds amazing!!

bonsaimum said...

Oh Helga ,you do have such wonderful taste. Richard Armitage was also in the last series of Vicar of Dibley as her love interest; the Robin Hood series-as the sheriff of Nottingham; Spooks, I think from the 3rd series on; and also in a series called Strikeback. Happy viewing.

Carina Rosenholm said...

We also Went to see the hobbit yesturday but i did not look that glamourous! I did eat popcorn - not chocolat and after the Movie We went home and had - stuffed peppers !! And some other hot stuff , love tabasco sauce .

Vix said...

Phwoar! What a gorgeous, summery outfit! Twisted tights and chocolate dribbles regardless you look gorgeous!!!
It's 7am, I'm looking at your stuffed peppers and dribbling (and it sounds like I've been watching too many Carry On films!)
I love Richard Armitage, he was in legendary British TV drama, Spooks. Find the box set and watch it, it's a veritable perv-fest of some of the most divine male actors including Rupert Penry-Jones & Matthew MacFadyn.
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rose&Bird said...

Looking fabulous! I'm a member of the Richard fan club too - as Vix says he's been in a fair bit of TV stuff here. Another one to look out for is North and South - period drama ahoy!
I'm in two minds whether to see The Hobbit - slightly cheesed off that it's in three parts when the book is complete.

Rose&Bird said...

P.S Richard was in series 8 and 9 of Spooks.

Fiona said...

Yes indeedy, Richard Armitage is rather lush. First saw him in British period drama North & South, he's also Guy Gisborne in Robin Hood.
You look delish in your neapolitan ice cream coloured outfit, who cares about twisted tights ?

pastcaring said...

Snap, we went to see The Hobbit yesterday too! Popcorn for me though, not chocolate, so no tell-tale mess afterwards, ha! Enjoyed the film, and yes, you are totally allowed to fancy Thorin, though none of the other dwarves were up to much... Do hobbits do it for you too, or elves? I love that my pedantic boy, a child after my own heart, kept whispering to me whenever the plot deviated from the book. He takes is very seriously!
Anyway, enough of Middle Earth - look at you, like a frothy ice cream sundae, deliciously pink and yellow and polka dotty with extra strawberry! Love those tights. Love the look of those peppers. Love YOU!
PS. Who does Barry Humphries play? Saw his name in the credits but didn't spot him. xxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Ooh, forgot to say - another spooky snap, been listening to Roxy Music a lot lately too! It's all that heavy weather we're going through...

seƱora Allnut said...

love your (twisted) tights and your colorful outfit, so pretty dress and fabulous color combo!
(I've been also very enthusiastic about watching The Hobbit, because I've loved that book for ages, and now I'm not enthusiastic about waiting two years more to watch the complete story!, grrrr
besos & lindt chocolates

Anonymous said...

I went yesterday too! Totally loved Thorin as well and Mr Darcy...yum....sexual tension!The pink polka dots are so light and fun on you- beautiful as always. xx Shauna

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm rather relieved to know I'm not the only messy eater. My theory is because I have a small mouth, I seem to make such a muck trying to stuff my gob. I love your colourful is smile inducing indeed. Xx

Emalina said...

I can't see any chocolate anywhere! But oooh you look so lovely in your pretty outfit! those tights and the beautiful necklace are particularly fabularse! I don't know that actor - off to check him out now!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Gorgeous!
Looking splendid as always
Love those tights! I have a similar pair, i should wear them but they do get all crooked when you put them on!

Merry Holidays to you and G

Mr D wants to see the Hobbit as well , we saw Django unchained, excellent movie

Take care lovely

Ariane xxxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

hehehehe, so I was right, you're a drunken tree fondler. Talking of fondling the Richard Armitage is rather sexy isn't he? You look fabulous, love love the dress, pink, red, yellow and orange together are fabulous. xxxx

Anonymous said...

This post awaken all my senses!
The colours are great and the pink polka dots dress went straight in my wishlist!I love the Siouxie red shoes and the yellow and bright red combination!Those tacos seem so tasty even in photo and the orange chocolate sounds delicious too!!
I need to watch the Hobbit now!
Love xxxxxx

Lucy Nation said...

The Hobbit was great. I saw it accompanied by cocktails, quality street and popcorn. Richard Armitage is an interesting actor I must admit. I love your red shoes and clashing polka dots. I also love this song by Roxy Music, one of my faves. It's been in my head all day thanks to this post xxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I looked looked and squinted but never seen any chocolate on your face. Sometimes I can be a messy eater too. When I was little and would eat spaghetti My whole face was orange by the time I was done!
Now I am a little better and manage to only give myself a clown mouth. But the Mr. is scared of clowns so i have to be CAREFUL I don't want to scare the pants off him. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Richard Armitage was in the later series (series 7 onwards, I think) of 'Spooks' (may be called MI5 outside of the UK.) I think he's been in quite a lot of other British TV too - no doubt there's lot of clips of him on You Tube if you fancy checking him out!!

freckleface said...

Ah now, I can contribute to this too. The first time I saw Richard Armitage was in North and South, and a brooding mesmerising delight he was. In fact someone was talking about The Hobbit earlier on today and it wasn't until RA was mentioned that I woke up and started paying attention. Good taste Helga, and Rupert Yummy-Bummy Jones in Spooks is very manful. Sigh. If you haven't seen them, you have a treat coming your way. xx

Hannah said...

The pink polka dot got delightfully well together, you look like a delicious ice cream sundae! Aha sounds like a pantyliner, you are a genius. The food looks filthyly gorgeous xxxx

briansanunusualnameforagirl said...

darlin let me tell you bout Richard woof Armitage...Vicar of Dibley love interest, some godawful army blackwatch type programme only worth seeing because he's in it...loving colour combos and your hair is looking luscious xx

Renia said...

Beautiful tights, bag and shoes! You look amazing:)! Kisses x x x x

Mrs. D said...

As always, a wonderful explosion of colour!
I watched the Hobbit last night as well. I loved it!

karensomethingorother said...

Oh my god. Richard Armitage. Oh my god. Say no more, wise Helga, say NO MORE! I LURVED The Hobbit, and completely shwinged for Thorin Oakenshield. Then I google imaged Richard Armitage, and I've been dying every since.

Oh, and my girlie and I were looking at your photies, and Ella said "Hello SEXY LADY! Where'd you get the fashion!?" She really approved.

Stacey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! I'm still waiting for the right moment to go & see it. I love your bright colourful ensemble, especially those tights.

Anonymous said...

You do look like a gloriously delicious ice cream sundae in your pastels!!!
I'm hoping to see the Hobbit- love Martin Freeman!!
So you like McKilkenny' s sauces????
We love them!!!!I'll have to send you some!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Have not seen The Hobbit yet, but will keep my eye out for Richard Armitage. Loving the floral legwear, twisty or not. I adore fish tacos - now that I saw your photos I'm craving some....

Glad your parcel finally arrived!

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful, my dear Heather.
Always hugging instints everytime I see your warmth.

CityScape Skybaby said...

I'm miles behind in the latest films Helga, and men obviously, as I'd not heard of Richard Armitage, I'll need to see what all the fuss is about as everyone seems very enthusiastic about him. You look beautifully turned out as usual, you don't look chocolatey at all and the food you've cooked looks amazing, those cheesy stuffed peppers look mouth watering. Hope you and G have a fantastic New Year! xx

Marla Robinson said...

My son went to see the Hobbit with his dad and they loved it! I love this look. That pink polka dot dress with the yellow jacket is glorious, and I am gaga for those tights!

Ivy Black said...

You chocolatey stunner you. I do love a polka dot frock.
Richard Armitage...phwaorrr. Check him out in Spooks.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Ha, my natural state is chocolate-smeared. I love how the oranges and reds heat up this smashing ensemble, and the long final shot with the light coming through the trees is just grand.

We also enjoyed The Hobbit, though wished there were more women in it - thankfully the internet is full of us!

Annie said...

I'm not too sure about 3 films out of The Hobbit, but I'll reserve judgement for now.

You look a sunny treat for us over here in the neverending rain.

Your food looks fantastic. Is there anything hot sauce can't do!

Very best wishes for 2013 xx

Krista said...

Pink polka dots, chocolate smears, hobbits and panty liners all in one post, how'd you do that? You colorful Goddess, looking beautiful as always, even if ya got a bit wonky with your tights and chocolate smeared on yer face, we still worship your womanliness!

Those tacos have me drooling! I hope you and G have a wonderful New Year!!!!

The Grande Dame said...

Pink polka dots, too too cute!! And those stuffed peppers look heavenly! Want!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Another vote for RA in North and South, rather than Spooks - If you lust after Colin, RA will set your corsets on fire in N and S, dahling!

...Or I will give you your money back, I swear!

Much lovelings in your sunnier climes, may your 2013 be vintage filled and fabulous <3

Miss Magpie said...

I know everyone else is saying Spooks but check out Richard in the costume drama from a couple of years ago called 'North and South' MEGA SWOON!!!!!

joyatri said...

I haven't seen The Hobbit but just googled Thorin Oakenshield. GULP! My next task is to email my friends to see who wants to go to see the film with with me. And I'm definitely stalking, er, I mean tracking down the rest of Mr. Armitage's oeuvre.
Now, where were we? Yes, lovely frocks, and tights and shoes. And hot sauce. I love a good hot sauce. I'm glad you're enjoying yours.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

For the record, I cannot eat chocolate without getting it EVERYWHERE! I ate a choco muffin one morning and about two hours later I looked down at my elbow and it was covered in chocolate! How does that happen?