Speak to me of your inner charm

Frigging hell, talk about opening a can of worms when I asked for some sewing/dressing room name ideas!
You lovelies crack me up!
From The von Trollop Va Va Voom Vanity to Helga's Hole (!), from The Boom Boom Room to my Nookie, from Lady Helga's Playroom to El Rincon de las Maravillas, from Helga's Altar Room to Helga's Happy Hovel........I am spoilt for choice!
It's exhausting just thinking about choosing just one!

It is intended to be as organised as possible, as I am prone to tanties when I can't find what I'm looking for......but it has a looong way to go still!
Um, yes, I suppose I do have a lot of black cardi's!!!
Not sure how many, but there are short sleeve and long sleeve and slight variations on the theme. Probably about 15 or so?
That's not weird, is it?!
Penny Rose, my immense collection of tights have just got their own set of drawers!
It's a "tall boy", and I will show y'all a bit more of our progress shortly!

Anyways, this was Saturday's outfit for prancing about the neighbourhood, doing the groceries, blah blah blah....

Frock-made it myself with fabric from Mexico
Crinoline-gift from my friend Amber
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-70's, gift from G
Hat-60's, opshoppedSunglasses-vintage Orotons, from speed dating demoness Sarah
Earrings-gift from G
Necklace-pendant from Oaxaca, strung by moi

And because it goes perfectly with the colour scheme, here's a fabularse Thai fish dish I whipped up last week.


More is never enough!

Doesn't my little jewellery nook look a treat?!
My new 3 drawer formica lowboy fits perfectly, and is now full of sunglasses, nail varnish and general crap (top drawer), pussybow and huge collar shirts (second drawer) and black cardigans (third drawer).
We are making huge inroads into sorting out the storage in my sewing/dressing room.
There's still a ways to go, but I'm feeling quite chirpy about the whole affair.
It won't be long before I am happy enough with it to give you a little tour.
In fact, calling this room my sewing/dressing room just isn't good enough.
It needs a name.
Helga's Boudoir?
The Den of Delights?!
What, darlings, shall I call this room?!
Your assistance please!


Signal when you get to the top

My bargain beacon seemed to be functioning rather proficiently today.
G and I were recently discussing how we would like to find a little funky nest of tables, as we rather admire the set our lovely friend Jo has........and after work today I popped into my favourite Sallies opshop only to practically fall right over a dear little set just inside the door...and they cost me a whopping $6!
Squee, I say!

I was game to try and take them home on my bicycle, but opted to get a taxi.
It just wouldn't do to end up arsing off my bicycle with a nest of tables on top of me and my arse displayed to the world, would it?!
Granted, it wouldn't be the first time I had accidentally (or on purpose, for that matter) displayed my arse to the world.

I also found a splendid faux (fauxfauxfauxxx) fur stole in a delicious caramel shade, just what I'd been looking for!

And, to cap it off, I had only been thinking this very morning that I wouldn't mind another brocade frock....and I came across this sweet little number!

I also picked up a dear little vinyl purse; I use these for sunglasses.
Haven't seen one with a side pocket like this before!
Thanks, Salvation Army, you saw me right today!

And did you notice I was double baggin' it?!
Thought so.
I do adore my little 50's wicker fishy bag from Two Squirrels , but it's so damned small!
So, for some added colour excitement, I also carried my 60's orange raffia handbag.

I also wore:
Frock-from awesome Ivy
Jacket-from a wonderful reader, Brenda ( from whom I received a most magnificent parcel of Joy this week! Thanks, sweetie!)
Shoes-a school fair
Earrings-from the sexacious Desiree
Necklace-Wasteland, San Francisco
Bow-vintage bow tie, from darling Tamera

I feel rather satisfied with myself, my bargain beacon and my scores and now have my second vodka/tonic (with ice and lots of lemon) in hand and am about to have a noisy jam with some boys!
Rock the hell ON!


Open your eyes and see, what we have made is real

Over the holiday period our lovely friends Nicole and Toby were in town (from Queensland) visiting family and friends. We had them over for a little dinner party one night.
 I frigging love having dinner parties.


The planning is the best bit, as I get quite excited when looking at recipes. I’m a bit obsessed with collecting all sorts of recipes from all over the place, for all sorts of dietary requirements. I have gluten and lactose intolerant friends, vegetarian and vegan friends and I like to think I can cater for all of them.
In fact, I like the challenge!
It's not like I'm a great cook or anything, I just enjoy it, and sharing food rocks!

The most bizarre and tricky think I ever made was a vegan cheesecake. I slaved for hours over it, and it was bloody disgusting.
Our vegan friends loved it, however!
It is really wonderful when I don’t have to worry about it and cook whatever I feel like, of course.
I get to do that most days of the week; Wolver G is splendidly open to almost anything I cook him.
It’s a good quality in a man, I feel.

Frock-80's, Portland
(we were with that lucious Krista on Hawthorne St!)
Bow-from my gorgeous Sarita
Earrings-darling Tamera
White beads, red beads-opshopped
Pendant-Oaxaca, strung by moi
Shoes-Trade Me?


PS: The sweetest Squirrel had a birthday on Sunday!
Do pop over and wish her a belated birthday-I bloody well thought it was yesterday, so I've already been belated!

I'm not the way that you found me

 Frigging Blogger is being a total arsebiscuit lately, so I have to load my pix via Picasa...which isn't exactly reliable. So I am missing several pix I wanted to load, but can't do it after the fact; can't be arsed doing it all again and I am rather peeved.
To put it mildly.
I'll pop them on my Farcebook page, which I hadn't previously mentioned because I am sometimes a bit secret squirrel-like.
On a positive note, I had the funkiest dream last night involving Sarah and G playing in a big band at a burlesque show. It was quite awesome, but a little vague. I do remember now laughing with Sarah by a big rack of clothes....dammit, I wish I could remember better! I was supposed to be performing, despite having no clue, and I was planning to do something whilst lying down?! But I forgot when I was on due to being distracted by the band being so fabularse.
Dreams are such fun!

O, anyways, here's my scrumptious shoes and handbag.
I tried out this scarf and quite liked it!
One of you divoon wenches sent it to me, but my memory is falling out of my ear lately.

So, I met up with Jo at a vintage market my lovely friend Anissa organised on Saturday morning.
The venue was an empty lot on the corner of Kilmore and Barbadoes St in town. G and I lived in 3 different places on this block over a period of 10 years! The empty lot is just one of many after earthquake enforced demolitions.
Gap Filler is a community arts project that sets up all kinds of funky things on such spaces, and this is one of the spaces they've previously used.
They also have set up the "Pallet Pavillion", a space made of pallets, in which our band is playing at the end of the month, and G's band plays early next month, I think!

O, look, it's the divoon Christine of The Vintage Cupboard

Jo's rather elegant and classy engagement ring

I thought this lady looked rather sweet!

Fancy shoes!

Anissa herself!

I do love a market!

I wore:
Frock and chain necklace-from curry munching Vix
Tights and shoes-retail
Handbag-60's, a school fair
Scarfone of you sweethearts!
Necklace-made by moi
Sunglasses-from lovely Sue


Stroke a pocket with a print of a laughing sound

Strictly Ballroom, anyone?!
G and I popped into the Cranford St Savemart* on our way home from afterwork mission today, and I pretty much ran to this fabularse ballroom number.
Shame the bodice was rather huckory awful; it would have been spectacular on the sexacious Desiree ! Just as well, really, at $50 buckeroos I wouldn't have bought it anyways, as I am a cheap bitch!

Do I look a little different today?!

Yes, indeed I do!
I'm wearing a faux (faux faux FAUX! Love that word) fringe that Vix sent me a couple of years back. I gave it a good hacking, actually, to see if I would wear it more.
Oddly, I used to always have a fringe, despite a horrendous cowslick, but finally grew it out about 20 years ago. My hair is just too fine, and I don't have a huge amount of it, so this faux (FAUX!) fringe is just perfect.
It's the fringe you have when you're not having a fringe.
I'm thinking I look a little odd, but I'm just not used to it!
Wolver G told people who commented on it this morning at work that I'd gotten drunk and cut it last night.
He's such a kidder!
I was drunk last night, though.

It's my dream wedding frock!
Bahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa VOMIT.

I liked the fabric, but this frock was ghastly.
I walked out empty handed; nothing spun my wheels today!

I lie; my sexacious shoes spun my wheels!

This kids frock was pretty amusing, but just a little too hideous for any kids I know!

Now, this kids clown suit rocks....shame I wouldn't be able to get it over even one of my booboids.

Ooooo, great fabric, but another vile frock.
Must have been Gross Frock Friday and I didn't know it!

I wore:
Frock-made it myself with fabric from BellaBean Vintage
Cardi-thrifted in Utah
Tights and shoes-retail
Handbag-60's vanity case
Scarf-one of you lovlies sent it to me, but I am ashamed to say I can't remember who! And it was just recently! GAH!
Gold beads-60's, opshopped
Necklace-made it myself
Brooch-birthday gift from the sweetest Squirrel, whose birthday it is early next week-I'm such a twit, I can't remember which day, but it's the 21/22 or 23 Jan!
(I'm generally useless at dates)


*Savemart is an American styled sort of opshop supermarket.
We have 4 branches in Christchurch; they're all over the country.
They're not too bad, I have had some great scores over the years, most especially in their early days.