Half cocked and fully loaded, not even trying to sugar coat it

I'm having a long birthday weekend!
Tomorrow (Sunday) is my actual birthday, but we started celebrating the minute we left work yesterday!
My only wish for my birthday is for G to put up some shelves in my sewing/dressing room, so today we will go and get the wood for that, but yesterday we did a little second hand cd shopping, a little lunch and a couple of drinks, just to get the ball rolling.

Then I had to have a nap before band practice, hence my not getting my Friday Frock post up!

I did get myself some new (new!) shoes as a birthday treat!
I'd been coveting them for ages, and they were finally on sale, so I pounced!
I'd ordered them just after Christmas and they arrived just in the nick of time!
So of course, they had their inaugural outing yesterday!

I also wore:
Frock-70's, opshopped ('twas a maxi originally, I shortened it years ago)
Jacket-made by moi from a pattern Vix sent and some vintage fabric I'd been sitting on for years
Handbag-60's, a school fair (for $1!)
Bow-sweetheart Tamera
Sunglasses-gorgeous Sarah
Chain necklace-Indian traveller Vix
Pendant-cobbled together by moi
Earrings-the sexacious Desiree

Nix surprised me with a lamington cake last night!
Complete with Helga dolly decoration!!!
I'm a little hungover today from guzzling lots of red wine and bubbly, but I did manage to stay up until about 1:30am!
(The benefits of a nana nap!)

Unfortunately we had to make an emergency run with PeePee to the v.e.t. this morning (you know it has to be spelt!); the wee baby has a bladder infection.
Thankfully she will be back in fine fisting form in no time!

Tonight G and I are going out to dinner, and I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow except to laze about and go where the day takes me!
I just can't be arsed being organised and making plans!
We've taken Monday off, so maybe we'll pop out for brunch, or a little shopping, or both, or neither!
I am happy to keep my options open!



thorne garnet said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
Have a brilliant birthday :)
Poor PeePee, sending bladder healing thoughts her way.
You are a vision of lushness in that green and blue get-up.
I've just got back from a holiday in the sun and I am now seriously considering emigrating to a country that doesn't do cold winters.
Hope all is well with you and G.
Lot's of love,

PepperReed said...

Happy Birthday!!! You Fabulous Pillar of WomanHood!!! I hope your weekend is just Scrumptious! xooxxo

MistressCatgirl said...

Happy Birthday Helga! May you keep being bad-ass and awesome. Those shoes are awesome and match your purse perfectly.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Helga-Goddess!!! I hope your PeePee feels better soon, poor dolly. I love today's patterns and colours - you are so talented and amazingly skilled! Enjoy the rest of your celebratory weekend, much love! xoxoxoxo

Trees said...

Happy Birthday lovely Helga! I hope your weekend of birthday celebrations is amazing. Love that birthday cake with a mini Helga on top:D

Forest City Fashionista said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a birthday weekend to me. Have a Fabulous Birthday, you sassy wench!! I don't know what a Lamington cake is but it looks delish.

bonsaimum said...

Happy Birthday Helga. Hope PeePee gets well soon. :)

Punk Glam Queen http://ideefixemon.blogspot.com said...

All that green makes me very happy! And looks divine on you! Happy new shoes, everyone deserves a little splurge for their birthday! And an early Happy Birthday to you! XXX PS PeePee's "fisting" is so funny, I know it isn't to you, but ya gotta admit, it's pretty funny! Just like our Calliope who ignores feet unless they are in bed, then they must die! Ouch!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

This outfit is one of my all time favourites birthday girl! I ADORE that frock, & the wee jacket & accessories. Squeeness extreme! Those shoes are DIvine too....T-bars with cut outs...Mmmmm! I do hope PeePee will be back to some fisting action too. You don't want to miss those inappropriate paws! I send all of my love & best wishes for a Happy Birthday. I wish we were there to celebrate with you. I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend all about wonderful YOU! Xx

Little-Hat said...

Happy Birthday!
What a gorgeous, colorful little number...glad you shortened it! Brilliant idea!
Those green colors are making me miss summer...


Val Sparkle said...

Happy Birthday! Naps and free time are the best way to celebrate!

I love the handbag, and I adore the necklace with that little bit of a saucy Fragonard painting. C'est si bon!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Happy B-day!! Shoooeeesss! I love getting shoes *sigh* You look gorgeous and your birthday weekend sounds absolutely fabulous. (I had to google lamington cake-- now I know, now I want!)

Fiona said...

Have a lovely birthday doing nothing or something spontaneous. How lucky are you ...? I love Lamington's, something we don't get over here tho'. Hope PeePee's bladder is back to normal soon.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Happy b - Day! Love the green frock! And your New shoes!

Melanie said...

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, MY SWEET! I hope you laze and laze and laze some more, and then have fun putting up shelves to make your room fantastic!! Numscious cake, you lucky.
OOOh, I long to attend your band rehearsal. Would you let me do really guest bad back vocals and go-go dance or pirouette or cheerlead?

pastcaring said...

Happy Birthday, darling Helga! it sounds like the very best of birthday weekends, a little drink, a little lunch, a little shopping, a little nap, singing, cake, lazing, and hopefully shelving - and new shoes too! What could be better?
You look beautiful in green, love the print of that frock, and what a fabulous little jacket, you are clever. Did your old pair of navy shoes prove unrepairable? Oh well, your new NEW ones are divine!
Poor PeePee, with her pee pee problems, hope she feels better soon.
Enjoy the rest of your delightful weekend, my dear darling Helga, big snogs to you both! xxxxxxxxx

CityScape Skybaby said...

Happy Birthday Helga! It sounds like you've had a lovely time and your new shoes are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your room with the new shelves up and hope Peepee's bladder is on the mend. I love your birthday cake too, all cake is good but having one with a little Helga on it is even better. Enjoy the rest of your celebrations! xx

Kitty said...

Happy birthday wonderful one!!! have a great time.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Marla Robinson said...

Happy Birthday also! Love all the green in your pictures. So lovely. Your jewelry is so unique. I love it all.

Louise Mc said...

Happy birthday for Sunday beautiful Helga. It sounds like you have lots of fab things to look forward to, I hope they are all filled with fun. That cake looks lovely, and I adore the new shoes xx

freckleface said...

Aw look at you, birthday girl, looking so lovely in all your prints and your beautiful new shoes which match your handbag so perfectly. I do think a birthday season is so much better than a mere day. I hope it all proves a great success whatever you do or don't do. Capricorns are my favourite! Many happy returns dear Helga! xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday darling Helga!!!!
It sounds like the perfect birthday weekend: brand new shoes, music, food and our man doing that special crafty work that we needed for so long!
The dress is lovely, now that my hair is red I should consider to wear more green, it look fabulous on you!Those earrings are so pretty and I love Barbie Helga!!!
I wish you all the best
Lots of love xxxxx

lawyerdoll said...

Fab shoes... glad you got them on sale! Usually if I wait for something I love to go on sale, it is no longer there... at least not in my size :(

Adore the dress, btw

seƱora Allnut said...

happy birthday, dear lady!, wish you enjoy it to the full!
And love your new shoes and all that glorious green and blue shades under the sun!, you look pretty fabulous and your green bow is just perfect!

Ivy Black said...

Happy Birthday gawjuss. Sounds like a proper birthday plan....have a stonker.

Mary Lou said...

oh darling happy happy birthday to you, may all your dreams come true. and i know i already told you before but i loooooove you in green and blue it looks so gorgeous with your beautiful red hair!
enjoy this weekend!
big kiss,mary

Miss Magpie said...

Happy Birthday Dear Helga don't you look bloody gorgeous? Hope you have a wonderful day. x

Helen Le Caplain said...

Happy birthday Helga!!!

Love the outfit - and the new (new!) shoes xx


Sue said...

I do love your new blue shoes!! Worth waiting for. Happy Birthday Ms Trollop!!

two squirrels said...

Blue shoes and a birthday!!!!!! Total perfection!!!!!!
Happy happy Miss Helga day!!!!!! May your birthday be relaxing and filled with love.

Devil made in Heaven said...

Happy birthday darling Helga! I see that you allready had a great time. Your new shoes are great. I also love to buy presents for myself. :)
And that cake looks very yum! Wish I could taste a little piece off it.
But I am sorry to hear your sweet PeePee has a bladder infection. Hope she will be oke soon.
I am hoping that you are having a wonderfull day today!
hughs and kissis!

Stacey said...

Happy birthday! You look absolutely stunning!

Emalina said...

A belated happy birthday to you! You look wonderful and your cake looks delicious!

Mrs. D said...

Happy Birthday!
The shoes are great and look really comfy and they look like they're part of a set, together with the bag!
I hope little one gets better soon!

Hugs xx

Franca said...

happy birthday!

Vintage Coconut said...

Happy Birthday!! I am crazy about your beautiful outfit. *Oh and your new shoes*
I hope Peepee is feeling a bit better by now.

Sheila said...

Happy birthday, Helga! Today is my brother's birthday too!

Renia said...

Happy birthday!!!
You look beautiful! I love your shoes and bag! Kisses x x x x

joyatri said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a rocking and rollicking birthday weekend (between naps).
I had to google 'Lamington cake' as I'd never heard of it. It looks yummy and I found recipes for vegan versions so I can give it a try.
So sorry to hear about your PeePee. I hope she feels better soon.
I knew you'd like those 70s shoes I posted. That ad made me think of your colorful tights/shoes combos that I love so much.

Style Sud-Est said...

Happy birthday darling how old? Not more than 25 for sure!
Looking sparkling beautiful, here i go the french girl making up words!
Hope PeePee is alright!

Lucky you and your amazing sunny days and blue skies! Longing for summer!

Ariane xxxxx

Krista Gassib said...

Happy happy birthday you most gorgeous sexy adored gal you! Your hair is extra velvet red and your smile makes me wanna squeeze you super hard! I love you girl! I'm so glad your here on this earth right now and that I had a chance to kiss those lips. Power to your parents for having ya, we are thankful! Chris sends you birthday wishes xxoooo!

daiseedeb said...

HB classy lady. Very jealous of your little green jacket.
You wear it with great style.

; )

Ofelia said...

Feliz Cumpleanos y que la pases super bien y que estes muy feliz!
I hope you get to drink, eat, weal lots of color and enjoy the beginning of another year of living.
Carinos, Ofelia

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh such an exquisite masterpiece you are my love! I love this colour combo - and the green on green is FUCKING FABULARSE! Your new birthday shoes are divine. Happy happy happy birthday my love. May every day be gloriarse! Love you more than that dress and jacket! Sarah xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous lady. You look stunning in all that green, in that lush leafy park. The dress is stunning. Love the hair - but that necklace - it's absolutely amazing!! The new shoes are stunning! love the oclour. Love everything. Keep being beautiful xxxx

Anonymous said...

HappY Birthday you stunning sexalicious wench!!
LOVE the outfit-the print on the dress is FAB!!
Hope the pookie is on the mend!! It's terrible when our furbabies are sick!

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Those shoes are splendid!